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President Trump Reveals the Impeachment Whistleblower

Updated on December 29, 2019
Eric shaking Obama's hand in 2015
Eric shaking Obama's hand in 2015

Eric Ciaramella. That is the name that many Republicans and President Trump suspect is the man who blew the whistle on the infamous July 25th phone call to the President of the Ukraine just one day after the Mueller Report had cleared Trump of Russian collusion but found 10 potential cases of obstruction of justice. And now we also know, that an email made after the phone call from the White House instructed the military aid to Ukraine be halted until.....Trump got their cooperation about investigating the Bidens.

Since October, Trump has been demanding that the whistleblower come out and face the accused knowing full well who it probably was. But, Trump resisted in actually naming the CIA analyst in fear of getting into more legal trouble until Dec.26-27th, when his impulse crumbled and he leaked the name by retweeting a tweet that named Eric as the whistleblower to his 68 million followers! His own son, Eric, has been naming the whistleblower for sometime now.

Is what POTUS did illegal? That is under debate because under the law, only the Inspector General cannot disclose the name and remains unclear if it pertains to anyone else. But, it is illegal to retaliate. which has been happening in a variety of forms against him since many in the Republican held Senate have heard this name since October.

Eric, the CIA analyst, remains employed so far, but has received isolated death threats from some of Trump's supporters and Trump is almost alluded to the same when he called the whistleblower , a spy, and you know what they did with spies in the old days? Other reports have said that Eric's father indicated that his son does not have that kind of security clearance. Further, Ciaramella is currently detailed by the CIA to the National Intelligence Committee, where he works as a deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia. He reports to Trump’s acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire. He likely works closely with Alexander Vindman, a key witness Trump tried to silence. Both men have worked together under the Obama administration on Ukrainian matters.

If, Eric Ciaramella, 33, IS the whistleblower, an important fact remains that he was not personally listening to the July 25th call and had only heard of it via others, which we now know included Col. Vindman. One can easily connect the dots to all this. None of this degrades the abuse of power or obstruction Trump faces.

But, will this retweeting the whistleblower's name, get Trump further deeper into legal or impeachment peril when it finally gets to the Senate? You just know, Republicans will want to subpoena Joe and Hunter Biden and Eric Ciaramella.

Maybe there is no illegality in naming who the whistleblower is, but it is yet another immoral thing Trump has done.


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