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Presidential Election Is A Joke

Updated on June 12, 2016

Everyone keeps asking me, "Who are you voting for?" For the longest time, I had no idea. Now, I realize that I don't want to vote for anyone. It isn't just because Hilary and Trump are the two main candidates because I didn't want to vote for anyone when it was still a toss up. Everyone listens to these politics give these big speeches. They listen to them promise that they are going to make all kinds of big changes. Reality is that no one knows what is going to happen until it actually happens. I mean take a look at when Bush was president and he said he was going to get Osama. Did he? No, and Obama said the same thing, and Obama did send the troops and kill Osama. Now two presidents said the same thing, but only one achieved it. Does that necessarily mean that one was better then the other? No. Things happen for a reason. They happen out of coincidence most times.

What I am trying to get at is, everyone in the country wants to listen to what the politics say and believe them. In reality, there is always a vote. If many of you paid attention in any government class you would have learned that. You would have learned that there is a vote for every bill, and every decision that the president makes. The president can't literally go around doing whatever he wants like most people think. That isn't how things work.

That is why I think this years election sucks. They are basically buttering everyone up, so when they fail, no one will be as mad. Hilary, yes, it would be nice to have a woman president, but it should be one that is able to see through people, and see them for who they are. It should be a woman who wants to protect other women and children against all the sexual males that think it is okay for them to harass and attack us. Trump, well we need a president that isn't a complete douche to everyone other than white males.

What is your opinion on the presidential election? Please don't be rude to anyone for what they believe.


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