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Presiding Officer - an experience in panchayet vote

Updated on July 27, 2013

Address Tag

I reached to the Distribution Center Recieving Center or dcrc or distribution centre and recieving centre where I met one of my staff who had reached earlier.The fourth polling officer was really dutiful and obedient.I was appointed as the presiding officer.My fourth polling officer was most obedient.He called me thrice that day.I phoned him reaching there.We greeted each other and I called my other three officers.First polling officer had gone to a hotel to give something to his stomach.Both the second polling and third polling officers were not arrived there.Some minutes they would have comme.
There was a sector officer to supervise our team.He came and wanted to know if all staff came there.I said-'no'.Then he recommended me to take materials and do what was to do.I went to the booth where money was being discharged.I got my money within an envelop and signed.I got the following information sheet.
VEHICLE NO :UP 00/0000
I returned to the spot where we sat .Reaaching there.I opened the envelop and saw 1450 Indian rupees of which 300 was for arrangement or contingency of the booth and 50 for phope call.Then I went to the mobile number registration counter where a phone number was given to which I sent my phone no for registration.There were some SMS codes which had been provided during our training.I got the information of which polling station we were to take poll.I sent the message -DC 10A to a no provided by election commission.
Now all members were there.

Voting Compartment

I went with my colleagues and took my polling materials.There were so many materials.But the most important things were
-ballots,yellow book,presiding officer's diary, paper seals,address tag(not so important)
Panchayat election is a three tier system election.So it is not so easy as other election in India.Gram Panchayat,Panchayet Samiti and Zilla Parishad construct this poll.There were separate ballots,yellow book,presiding officer's diary, paper seals for each tier.
We sat on a floor silent around and were comparing and looking sincerely.We counted ballots for each tier and checking serial nos.We were minutely observing ballots.We found a mistake on a Zilla Parishad ballot.There were different serial nos in ballot paper and in counterfoil.First polling officer went to show it to the D.C.R.C. counter.But he returned because a sign of presiding officer was needed.The joint B.D.O.(block development officer) was present there and he was quite helpful.He ordered the receiving officer to record the ballot no and take the signature of the presiding officer.He did what he was ordered.Returning on the spot I took a blank page and started to record important information.
I recorded the beginning and concluding serial nos of the ballot papers for each tier.I recorded the cancelled ballot no of Zilla Parishad.I wrote the names of Gram Panchayet,Panchayet Samiti and Zilla Parishad on it.I put the numbers of the paper seals down.
Then I went to recieve my police tag.There was a long que.I was given an army of four with one officer who was disciplined,strict and gentle.Sector officer continued to superintend us.Each [polling party was given a force of two in general but we were given four.I suspected the matter and wanted to know from my sector officer who said not to worry and promised to be there all the time around.We with the force reached the vehicle and sat on seats.We waited for a long time because some other party was not there who would also go there wih us.The presiding officer of that party was still in the que to take force tag.At last he came and bus started.

We reached the destination and saw the pandals. That was a primary school which was without electricity.I started official working.I started to write titles on every cover page and tried to make everything ready.I started signing on ballots from 9 p.m. and signed till 2.30 a.m. I slept only two or three hours that day.I woke up at about 4.45 a.m. and went to bathe in a pond .Returning we went to eat something in a nearby tea shop.I came back soon and started working .First polling and fourth polling helped me from first to last.He wrote the address tags and tried to fix these.But before that I had sealed the boxes with paper seals and asked the polling agents to sign on the white side of the paper seals.Then I locked the boxes.We started the poll just in time.Then I sat on a chair and took a table for keeping my papers and started working on papers.

Step By Step Works That I Did

  • I signed the ballot papers on the back side left corner as much as possible.
  • Form no 7 was hung up indoor and outdoor.
  • I kept form no 10 from the polling agents and check the signs which were previously provided.
  • Attached paper seals and took signatures of agents on the white side before that.At this time I filled up the paper seal account.I showed the paper seal serial in front of them before sealing.
  • I knotted the address tags inside and outside the boxes.
  • I read the 128 aloud.
  • Signatures of the polling agents were taken on presiding officer's diary in respect of beginning of the poll.
  • Some interesting points will be updated soon.

Ballot Boxes

polling officers are carrying ballot boxes.
polling officers are carrying ballot boxes.

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