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Crosby Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Updated on February 17, 2015

In America the law states that every man, woman or child is innocent until proven Guilty. Bill Crosby one of the most powerful Black man in television 15 woman have came forward accusing Crosby of spiking their drinks and molesting them. It seems like every day another women tells her story to the media, with no concrete proof.

Being young handsome and a star its possible that some of these women had conscientious sex with Crosby thinking he could could help them with their careers. If not why wait 40 years to tell the world that Crosby,is a rapist?

Rape is a very serious crime that effects every woman man or child who has experience these act of violence.Some are deeply effected and scared for the rest of their lives but15 or more women went on with their lives until Now.

Celebrity's, talk show hosts , protestors are all taking digs at Crosby because of the allegations made against him by 15 or more women.

It time to leave the Crosby family alone, it took years for these women to come forward, with their stories, about Crosby. Is this about justice or Money or to destroy A powerful Black man.


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