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Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi In United States of America

Updated on September 27, 2014

Obama Waiting For Modi


Narendra Damodar Das Modi


USA and India, World's Two Great Democracies

World’s two largest democracies meet each other . India is the largest democracy while United States of America is the world’s largest economy. Two great leaders of these two great democratic countries are going to meet each other. World is watching them and waiting to see what new equation is going to be formed in world’s politics from now on. United States ‘ Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said,’’ There are few places in the world other than India and United States where the son of a tea-seller in a small town can rise to be the Prime Minister or the child of a Kenyan father can rise to be President .’’ This dircts us to think about the depth of democracy in these countries. The welcome reception was just like a rock star had come to theirs place. Britney Speer , Michael Jackson or Shakira get such kind of warm welcome from the mob.But this time a foreign dignitary , Narenndra Damodar Das Modi received a reception that can never be thought of . People were shaking hands with the Indian PM, some came with sounding conch . All were enthusiastic about Modi. Some one said , '' He has shaken hands with me , he is a PM of a country and this type of act makes him appear like common man. This is amazing. ''

Obama and Modi


Schedule of Modi's Visit In US

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his journey on Thursday late evening with an Air India Flight for a five day visit to United States of America. He will attend official meetings, business meetings, public meetings and general meeting of United Nations Organization. He will meet Mahinder Rajapakkhe,the President of Seylon ,Sushil Kairala,the Prime Minister of Nepal, Shekh Hasina ,the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. He will sit with more than 15 US organizations. He will fulfill 50 addresses within his 100 working hours.

He landed on John F Kennedy Airport in New York onn 26th September.

On 27th September he delivered speeches in an ongoing general session at United Nation’s general assembly. He delivered his speech in Hindi language .Atal Bihari Bajpeyi , former Prime Minister of India ,once delivered speech in Hindi here. But before that Modi visited memorials for 9/11 terror attack. After that he will be directed towards United Nations’ headquarter to deliver speech in Hindi in the 69th annual session of General Assembly .

28/9/14 :- He will deliver speech in house-full Madison Square Garden near Manhattan arena .It has the capacity of 18600 audience ,but till now 80000 registrations have already been enlisted to watch Modi’s lecture. This speech will be lively telecast from Madison Square Ground in Times Square. There are so much enthusiasm for this event among the Indian American. Theyare anxious to watch their Indian Prime Minister in their living country. Modi has stated his curiosity for this event ,’’I keenly await the opportunity to meet the Indian American community at the Masidon Square Garden in New York. Their success in diverse fields, their contribution to the United States of America , their abiding bonds with India and their role as a vibrant bridge between the two largest democracies is a source of pride for us.’’

Transport authorities in New York has planned to drive extra trains on this morning for crowd management as there will also be an open giant screen outside the Madison Square Garden to show live telecast of Modi’s lecture.

On 28th September India’s ambassador will host a reception for Narendra Modi .Then Modi will meet several corporate magnates.

On 29th Modi will address a US Congress session where his speech is awaited since his coronation in Delhi for the demand of the representatives from both the houses. Then he will meet Bill Clinton, the former president of America.

The decade’s history will be made when Modi will meet the No One international leader Barack Hussein Obama . Modi himself is so curious to meet Obama. He said ,’’His life’s journey is a remarkable destiny to the rights and opportunities that democracies provide ,and an inspiration for people around the world.’’ The meeting between Barack Hussein Obama and Narendra Damodardas Modi will be the greatest moment in this decade. Narendra Damodardas Modi will be hosted by Barack Hussein Obama who never did such kind of reception for an official of an alien land in his past years of Presidency .The private dinner is being discussed internationally as Modi is in fasting for Navaratri(a Hindu Festival)

On 30th Sepetember both Obama and Modi will pay homage with flowers to Mahatma Gandhi , the great Indian as well as international leader who always did peaceful movement and wanted peace for future generation.He is noted for his ‘ahimsa’ theory.

Modi Comes

Speculations of a Meeting Between Obama and Modi

Modi has gone to America to bring American businessmen to India for investment with the slogan "Make in India" ,providing them a "Zero Defect; Zero Effect" policy . The terror ,the horror threatened by extremist al-Qaida and such organizations will elaborately be discussed , as appended by the international thinkers. Obama will try to get Modi’s support for the destruction of ISIS which recently has released a threatening video to America in youtube. Their will be a time for the discussion of WTO. Nuclear deal will be put on dishes by Obama. The matter of Afghanistan , specially their future will also be discussed. Stretching of Trade relation between India and America will strongly be suggested by both the heads of both the countries. USA needs a strong international political support and Modi needs a better economy in India .This is also a need of America. Undoubtedly USA is the largest economy in world but it seems that the economy has been degrading here. This is world’s effect. But Us needs to hold its position. So it needs development. So they are widening their business over the world. In spite of ego ,they are now developing a good relation even with China . Recently US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel came in India .He said ‘,’’ Delhi does not need to choose between Washington and Beijing .’’ It means India can do business with China .It will not hamper the relationship between India and Amer


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