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In the Time of Prime Ministers of India

Updated on August 24, 2015

Prime Ministers of India



First prime minister


Congress leaders believe in Socialism which features in planned economy. Five year Planning had been planned to be executed in reality from 1951 to 1956 .The expenditure was two thousand and sixty nine(69) crores Indian Rupees. In agriculture forty four point six(44.6) percent was to be used. Eight point three six(8.36) or 173 crore was for the purpose of industry. When after budget session Shyamaprasad Mukherjee had gone to Kashmir ,he died .Government published heart-stroke as the reason of his death though the supporters were not in the belief of natural death due to failure of heart.

Again for the second time Neheru was selected the Prime Minister after the Lok-Sabha election in 1957.According to Prasanta chandra Mahalanbis, stress was given to encourage establishment of large scale industry through second Five-Year-Planning in 1957.

Honest son-in-law of Neheru i.e. Mr. Firoz Gandhi opened the Haaridas Mundra corruption that amounted in one crore and twenty four lac Indian rupee.

A treaty was signed by Neheru and Chou –En-Lie of China in 1954.But China did not follow it. They supplied arms to the Naga rebel. That Dalai Lama came to India , ignited the relation between these two countries into enmity. India-China war started in 1962 .

Lal Bahadur Sastri

Jai Jawan,Jai Kishan
Jai Jawan,Jai Kishan | Source

Read and think deeply then answer it.

Who according to you is the best prime minister out of these three prime ministers?

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During Indira Gandhi, All Bahadur Shashtri and Morarji Desai

In the Time of LalBahadur Sastri :- Bankruptcy availed in the time of Next Prime Minister.Pakistan was in coalition with China.It was threatened that Pakistan would attack India.In western region Pakistan attacked though China din not join .Four thousand jawans were butchered in the attack.Pakistan was defeated though their damage was less than Indian loss .

The Guardian(a contemporary famous newspaper) wrote about Lalbahadur Sastri ,”A strong man indeed who is sure of himself.” His slogan was ,”Jai Jawan ,jai Kishan”(soldier and farmer are to be moved ahead and be the winners). Development in agriculture and force was first and foremost important to him.

In the Time of Indira Gandhi:-

Old Morarji Desai got 169 votes and his rival was a new in politics and young. She was Indira Gandhi who got 255 votes when an internal election was organized within Congress. With an object to make a separate state, separatist movement was being in force in Mizoram .Naxalite(Maoism) movement in North Bengal started and spread in several other states. Fourteen scheduled banks were nationalized with an Ordinance passed by Indira’ government. Winning 350 Lok-Sabha seats out of 518 was the most brilliant achievement in her carrier in 1971 Lok-Sabha election. Third India-Pakistan war started on 3rd December in 1971.Pak-battalion surrendered within 11 days without any condition to the Indian Army.

In the Time of Morarji Desai:-

Janata Party had come to power with the active leadership of Morarji Desai.Shah Commission was formed to investigate into emergency of Indira Gandhi.Charan Sing opened his mouth against the Government of Morarji Desai. Government fell. President Nilam Sanjib Reddi called Charan Sing to form new Government. But this also fell in two months.

In the Time of Indira Gandhi:-

Again Indira came in power .It was not so easy path for her during this time because this time some horrific ,inhuman activities were found ;assassination of Neli before Assam assembly election in 1983.Three thousand people were killed within 24 hours. The Problem at Amritsar gold temple arose during the ministry of Indira .

Indira Gandhi

Iron-woman | Source

During Rajib Gandhi, VP Sing, Chandra shekhar, Narasima Rao

In the Time of Rajib Gandhi :-

Rajib wanted technical development in India. Telecom facilities were brought into light in his carrier.Computers were also made available in his time. Riots and separatist movement were the principal obstacle on the way of development .Gorkhaland movement starded in Darjeeling in 1986.Country was burning against the burning of Rup Kanoar as Satee in 1987 in Rajasthan. Mirat Riots, bitterness between the President Gyanee Jailo Sing and the prime minister Rajibgandhi, Boforce corruption etc made the government of Rajib weak. But the maximum seats were borne by Congress party in the next general election though they held the role of opposition.

In the Time of Biswanath Pratap Sing :-

A prime minister of 11 months bore most eventful term.27% reservation in government service and educational institutions suggested by Mandal Commission was positively executed and processed by V.P. Sing .Students’ rallies were seen against this decision in larger towns. Rajib Goswami ,a student burnt himself on Rajpath in Delhi on 15 September in 1990.

In the Time of Chandra Sekhar :-

Chandra Sekhar became prime minister with the support of Congress on November10 in 1990. Congress withdrew support with the objection that the government appointed a secret investigation team against congress.

In the Time of Narasima Rao:-

Pamulaparati Venkat Narasima Rao became prime minister in 1991.Dr Manmohon Sing imported an economical revolution. License for industrialization made loosened. Investment was encouraged.Ajodhya debris ,riots around the whole country ,share corruption, arrest of Harsad Mehta,twelve(12) explosions in Mumbai in March in 1993,Jain hawla corruption made the exit of the government sorrowful.

Atal Bihari Bajpeyi


Chronological List of prime ministers

Prime Minister
Jawharlal Neheru
Lalbahadur Sastri
Indira Gandhi
Morarji Desai
Charan Sing
Indira Gandhi
Rajib Gandhi
Biswanath Pratap Sing
Narasima Rao
Atalbihari Bajpeyi
Atal Bihari Bajpeyi
Manmohan Sing

During Bajpeyee,Gujral,Devegoura and Manmohon

In the Time of Bajpeyi:-

In 1996 Atal Bihari Bajpeyi took oath as the prime minister of India. But the government failed to prove the majority.

In the Time of Debgoura:-

The president of India called Hardanahalli Doddegoura Debgoura just after two hours the resignation had been submitted by Bajpeyi to show the majority and form the government. He was unable to take any determined decision with the support of thirteen(13) different parties.

In the Time of Gujral:-

Wth the support of Congress Inder Kumar Gujral tried to sweeten the relation between Bharat and Pakistan. Congress withdrew the support.

In the Time of Bajpeyi:-

After 1998 general election, Atal Bihari Bajpeyi was selected the prime minister of National Democratic Alliance only for 13 months. Pokhran atomic explosion was his one successful step for his government. Jaylalita withdrew her support but as the supervisory government he had to ascend to the battleground of Kargil.He won the battle.

He won the election for the next time .Ruffians or the Jangees or the terrorists tried to kill the mps by attacking the Parliament .Godhra train killing, Gujrat riots made Atal to take determined decision .Bharat Uday slogan did not work for them in the next election.

In the Time of Manmohon Sing:-

Congress came in power .Who would be the prime minister?Sonia Gandhi? No.She denied.Gentle,honest Dr Manmohon Sing obtained the throne.


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