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Priti Has Supporters!

Updated on March 7, 2020

Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has quite a reputation of being a maverick and on the right. She was thrown out of Theresa May's government for visiting Israel without permission from the government.

She is currently attempting to bring in an Australian immigration points-based system. There have been rumours by Sir Philip Rutnam, that Ms Patel is a bully. Mr Rutnam quit over Ms Patel's alleged treatment of staff around her.

Mr Rutnam is allegedly suing the government, over Ms Patel's belittling, swearing and other misdemeanours she supposedly said, and did, towards her staff.

However, 100 people from various backgrounds and professions, have written to the Daily Telegraph defending the Home Secretary. Ms Patel is up against it right now, however, these 100 people have said Ms Patel is nothing like how she has been described by Sir Philip Rutnam and others. Ms Patel's defenders say she is the victim of a smear campaign.

Her defenders have said, "She expects high standards and is always professional". They also describe her, as, "compassionate".

When Boris appointed her Home Secretary, there were a few raised eyebrows. In Prime Minister's Question Time, Beleaguered Priti Patel sat beside Boris, facing her accusers. Boris said that an investigation had been launched into these allegations against Ms Patel. But for the moment, Boris said he had all confidence in her and was standing by her.

The question has to be raised however, seeing as that this investigation is being controlled by the cabinet office, is this investigation impartial? However, if it is just a smokescreen for Miss Patel's alleged outrageous behaviour, then what's the point? The investigation should be independent of the government and with careful investigation and an evaluation of the available evidence, so a correct outcome can be reached.

I suspect Boris will not let Ms Patel, go easily, after all, she is one of his planks, to bring about what he wants for the UK

Boris' Baby.

With all the allegations surrounding Priti Patel, the UK leaving the EU and the on-going Coronavirus, it would appear, Boris, has had the time, to procreate.

Yes, while the country is beset with homelessness, poverty, a failing NHS, food banks, and other blights, old Bozo the clown is getting engaged and married to his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds.

Like some royal announcement of a high profile member of the royal family with a child, Boris has become an expectant dad, will marry his girlfriend and it will be all happy ever after (or will it?).

Let us hope for Carrie's sake and the young Johnson to be, Boris, this time stays in this marriage.

Boris has quite a reputation of sowing his wild oats. When asked by Nick Ferrari, one time, on how many children Boris had fathered, Boris stuttered and didn't answer the question.

It is easy to see why Boris, is often compared to Trump. like Trump's wife Melania, would Carrie even look twice at Boris, if he didn't have money?


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