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Privatization Now: The Only Moral Option for Veterans

Updated on October 25, 2016

What's up with the VA (Vuh)?


How to Free Up the VA

Secretary Hillary Clinton’s proposal for an even more socialized Veterans Affairs (VA) demonstrates the presidential candidate’s cluelessness regarding the free enterprise system. The long waiting periods and the cover-up of these delays demonstrates the disastrous nature of the VA. But that doesn’t mean that the Republicans have a better plan for healthcare. Their idea of medicine would still be replete with regulations and controls. They would only retard the growth of government medicine, specifically the VA. With a completely private plan, medical providers would view the profit motive as the essence of their care. Because they would endeavor to reap the financial benefits of aiding veterans and others they would more readily and ably do their jobs.

While there would be mishaps and entanglements within the free market structure, these impediments would be minimal and the personnel would work thoroughly to mitigate and possibly eliminate them. Secretary Clinton is harming veterans more than she feels (there’s no evidence that she is thinking). Her assessment that a private system would be a “betrayal” illuminates her poor understanding of capitalism. Under a laissez-faire capitalist system, veterans would find the medical care to be of the highest order. They would receive care because of the notion that it is the responsibility of the medical professionals to trade their services for a fee. Providers ought to trade not just “some care” but all of their medical expertise. The introduction of a private system for veterans would signal the necessity of the government having hands off in the economy. And that would imply the privatization of all markets within the health sphere, including Medicare and Medicaid for civilians and veterans alike.

Though she asperses the name of capitalism, she fails to realize that it is the only moral approach to medical care. The VA is filled with ambitious, courteous, and focused individuals. By unlocking them from the bondage of red tape, bureaucratic nonsense, and a socialized system, staff and patients would be immersed in a more healthful experience. Without Secretary Clinton’s imposition in the marketplace, the veterans who preserve their own freedom and defend others as a consequence might just be afforded the proper care and excellent attention that they deserve.


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