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Pro-Life Responses to Pro-Choice Arguments

Updated on February 16, 2019
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I am a follower of Christ and have a passion to share the good news of the gospel with as many people as possible.

Life is Precious:  Thank God that your mother was Pro-Life
Life is Precious: Thank God that your mother was Pro-Life | Source

The abortion issue brings out passion on both sides. The Pro-choice side proclaims a woman’s so called “right to choose” that has led to over 54 million babies having their heart beats stopped. This is a national tragedy. We are no different than Germany under Hitler. We can make up fancy terms like “pro-choice” to hide the fact of what is really going on, murder. What astounds me is the outrage of Michael Vick fighting dogs. Do not get me wrong, I love dogs, but at the end of the day it is a dog and not a human life we are talking about. Where is the outrage? Can we be honest? We all know what is developing in a woman’s womb. Ultrasound technology has created a window to give us a peak behind the curtains. As we look, we see a baby with its own DNA at conception. The baby’s heart begins beating less than three weeks after conception. The even greater reason that we know it is a baby in the womb is that is what comes out nine months later. We can lie to ourselves and say that it is not a baby, but we become self-deceived.

Honest Abortion Testimony


My heart breaks when I think about the millions of babies who had their lives ended without ever having a chance to be born. My heart also breaks for all of the women who have chosen to go down this road. I pray that they will find comfort in Jesus Christ. I want to end this practice by changing people’s hearts and not condemning anyone who has had an abortion. If you have had one or pressured someone to have one, there is forgiveness available through Jesus Christ.

Praise God for Ultrasounds

Exploring Pro-Choice Arguments

Let us take a look at some of the arguments that Pro-choice supports make.

Argument: Freedom for Women

This argument says that a woman cannot be free unless she is able to make her own reproductive decisions. There are several problems with this argument. First, a woman has control over her own reproductive decisions apart from rape or incest. Actions have consequences. If I eat at McDonalds every day, I am not going to be healthy. If a woman chooses to have unprotected sex then she could become pregnant. It is not difficult to understand. The second problem is an even bigger issue. If what she is carrying is a human baby, what else could it be, how can we deny it the right to life? If the baby was killed as part of an attack on the mother, 38 states would add a charge of murder for killing the unborn baby. When two rights conflict, the right with the higher value should always win, the right to life.

Argument: We do not Know When Life Begins

This is absolutely ridiculous. The argument says that if we do not know when life begins, we should be able to go ahead and murder the baby. That is the dumbest argument that I have heard. Did we somehow forget that abortion stops a beating heart? Logically speaking, this argument makes the case for life. If we cannot determine when life begins, we should error on the side of life.

Argument: The Fetus is Part of the Woman’s Body or a Blob of Tissue

This is a clever argument designed to dehumanize the baby in the womb. A tumor is a blob of tissue. Internal organs are part of a woman’s body, but a separate living being that has its own DNA at conception is not part of a woman’s body, but a new life that is developing inside of the mother. The damning answer to this argument is that we know that what is developing is a baby because we can see into a womb thanks to ultrasounds which give us a clear picture of what the baby looks like at each stage of development. Its heart begins to beat after only 18 days in the womb. Brain waves can be detected at 42 days. At around eight weeks, all of the baby’s organs are present. The baby also has its one of a kind fingerprint and is able to suck on its thumb. The pro-abortion advocates also try to say that it is not a human because it relies fully on the mother for life. Last time I checked, a new born baby as well as toddlers on up rely on their parents for life. So is it okay to kill them if they become an inconvenience?

Jane Roe aka Norma McCorvey

Argument: Every Child a Wanted Child

This argument argues that it is unfair to bring an unwanted child into the world. This argument does not cut it. If you are grown up enough to have sex, you should realize what the consequences could be. We live in a real world where decisions have consequences. President Obama tried to make this argument back in May 2008 on the campaign trail.

“’Look, I got two daughters – 9 years old and 6 years old,’ he said. ‘I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I do not want them punished with a baby.’” Barak Obama

Since when are babies punishments? Babies are a gift from God whether they are planned or not. The rational here does not make sense. If you make a mistake, it is okay to end a life. We would not apply this to any other area of life. If someone says that they made a mistake and married the wrong person, why should they be punished the rest of their life. A typical answer nowadays is that you could divorce them. In the case of an unwanted pregnancy, give it up for adoption, not kill it.

Argument: If Abortion is Criminalized, Women Will Seek Illegal Abortions

This argument says that if abortion is made illegal, women will have back alley abortions that are unsafe. I guess bank robbery, murder, theft, assault and battery, and all other crimes should be legal because people continue to commit them anyway. At least we will be consistent then. This argument is just dumb and ridiculous.

Randy Alcorn

Argument: Many Pro Life People are also Pro Death Penalty

Any Pro-choice advocate that makes this argument is admitting that a baby is being murdered in the womb because they are trying to equate that with giving the death penalty to a criminal. Logically, that is what the argument says. Death sentences are given to people who have been convicted of committing a heinous murder. This is where the argument breaks down. The convict is guilty of taking another life. The convict had a choice of whether or not to murder someone. The taking of the convict’s life actually lifts up the value of human life because it says that if you kill someone it will cost you your life. A baby in a womb is an innocent life who has never done anything deserving of

All of these arguments try to appeal to your emotions. A “woman’s right to choose” sounds so noble, but if we slow down and look at what the choice really is, the stopping of a beating heart. All of these arguments fail because what is inside of the womb is a baby created in the image of God.

© 2013 Eric Cramer


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