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Is Our Society Doomed?

Updated on April 24, 2018
Kristoph M profile image

I am a Freelance writer that works on a lot of blog posts, copy and other unique content. I am also a passionate fantasy writer.

Society is only doomed if the path it is currently on isn't diverted soon. What kind of doom that awaits us is only a whispered prediction. However, that isn't to say that our society isn't functional. Is it possible to be dysfunctional while still functioning? Of Course! That is exactly what is going on right now.

As a society we are progressing to different heights. Whether or not these heights will be positive is yet to be forseen. Now you may be asking, ' what's so wrong about society anyway?', well I plan on answering that question intermittently

We Are The Problem

Our Destination

What is our destination? Well, as a society we wish it to be a tolerant 'whole' that functions with minimal issues and controversy. Issue with that is, that will never happen. There will always be conflict in society. Mass media and social media see to that with their racial and sexuality focused articles that are constantly causing disputes. Keep the people fighting each other, they won't fight the man. Our destination is, simply put, a societal collapse.

What Are We Doing?

What is driving us to our destination, how did our course get set to destruction rather than flourishment. We as a society have become so corrupt because we as people have confused the simple fact that it isn't about us as individuals. There was once a time when society did what was best for society, then people started getting greedy with personal gain. Now everyone wants their special treatment. How about a list, yes a list sounds like the perfect way to name off some of our problems as a society.

  • Too Sensitive
  • Overly Judgemental
  • Too Focused on Identity
  • People requiring special treatment
  • Lack of Discipline
  • A Incarceration over rehabilitation mindset
  • No trust
  • Media Interference
  • Political Involvment
  • Religious Involvment
  • Education System failing

These are all problems that can be addressed in future articles. However, just from the over view it is easy to see why society is on a doomed path.

Second Chances

One of the biggest downfalls of society now days is a lack of forgiveness. We are so caught up in labels and outside views that we forget to give understanding and chances. Maybe those who have done wrong can do right in the future.

Incarceration over Rehabilitation

This is a very touchy subject for felons and people who are recovering from drug usage. We as a society condemn those that have performed actions of questionable ends. Whether you are a felon fresh out of the pin, or a drug addict who was recently discharged from rehab. We need to be more understanding of the pasts of people, because it is just that, the past.

How can we progress as a society if we label everyone with hindering titles. We debilitate the ability for people to change their ways by focusing on punishing them instead of helping them. There are exceptions to this thought processes. Murder and rape are unforgivable, as is abuse. However, there should be programs that help with the rehabilitation of someone who is willing to truly change.

For those who are mentally ill, we need to stop making them outsiders. Depression, bi-polar, suicidal, and other chemical imbalances that can control someone's life and choices aren't looked on favorably. That much can be somewhat understandable, however, how can we condemn without trying to help first. Even from a Christian stand point, we are supposed to love each other and not judge them. I personally feel that we need to revamp the entire judicial and mental health system to better improve society, and reintroduce these people who made poor choices to the world. Forgiveness is needed.

In Conclusion

To bring this to an abrupt end for now, we as a society are doomed to keep spiraling downward with the way everyone is. We blame society, but we are society. Casting blame and hate changes nothing, a smile and a kind act does. Maybe if we all did one good deed a day, we could improve the world greatly. Thank you for reading, let me know what you think about society. If you can think of anymore downfalls, let me know in the comments below.

© 2018 Kristoph Mac


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    • Kristoph M profile imageAUTHOR

      Kristoph Mac 

      7 months ago from St. Louis, Mo

      Thank you for your Input Mr. Happy, I do appreciate the feedback and I am glad you enjoyed it. The special treatment statement was focused towards people who require the red carpet everywhere they go. Mainly targeting the spoiled generation.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 

      7 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      "Well, as a society we wish it to be a tolerant 'whole'" - I propose not to be tolerant. You see, "tolerant" has a negative connotation, as in: I don't like You but I will put up with You. So, I propose to be accepting and understanding. Life is not always going to be as we like it. Things are not necessarily going to go our way. They simply cannot be that way. There are almost 8 billion humans on this planet. What if each one of us wanted things to go "their way"? Haha ... yes, let's be understanding and accepting to those around us and to Life in general.

      "People requiring special treatment" - not sure what You mean here. There are people with disabilities who will always need "special treatment", as one quick example.

      "We are so caught up in labels and outside views that we forget to give understanding and chances." - Great point here.

      "We debilitate the ability for people to change their ways by focusing on punishing them instead of helping them." - Another great point here. For example in Canada (where I am writing from), this year (in about four-five months) cannabis will become legal for medical and recreational use, nation-wide. Yet, police are still arresting and charging people with possession of cannabis. It's really sad because this affects people in their work, travel, stigma, etc.

      "I personally feel that we need to revamp the entire judicial and mental health system to better improve society" - yes, this is very important. Here in Toronto we just had a guy drive a mini-van on a busy sidewalk two days ago, killing ten people and injuring many others. The investigation is still going on but the police did not say anything about terrorism. The guy it seems had some psychological problems. Those, we do not address enough. Statistics say that one in three people in Canada have some psychological issues that they are dealing with: that's a third of the country's population!

      "We blame society, but we are society" - Haha, I wrote an article not very long ago here, talking about Government. I basically said the same thing: we continue to complain about Government but Government is us. It is never going to change unless we take control of it, from the hands of crooked politicians, only there to fatten their pockets.

      I'm an optimist. I think we can manage but we have to fight corruption and take money out of politics. Climate change is another issue that threatens geopolitics. As, weather patterns go to extremes, we will have more bad harvests, migrations of people, etc. So, we either work together, or we join the dinosaurs. I think our choices are pretty clear.

      Thank You for your article. An important discussion to be had, on where we are going. Cheers!

    • Bills Place profile image

      Billy Haynes 

      7 months ago from Paragould, AR

      I grew up through the 90's, I experienced what it was like when technology mean Nintendo Entertainment System, followed by Saga and Super NES. Only high class people had 'cell phones' in the form of a 'car phone'.

      I also got to grow into technology as it advanced, thinking it was great. Now, skip ahead about 20 years and technology has really taken off. You have elementary kids with their own $800 cell phones, various gaming systems with multiple platforms and once they release a good selection of games, here comes the newest version.

      You would think technology would have helped advance society as well, but it seems to be the opposite. Instead of making newer generations smarter, they feel and act entitled, meanwhile the most important thing to younger generations is social status - so let's eat tide pods, snort condoms.

      Yep, pretty sure doomed is the best title.


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