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Promise Zones?

Updated on January 10, 2014

How utterly creative, but foolish to label, Obama's latest political initiative. Promises? From Obama and the federal government under his auspices? Obviously someone didn't think this whole labeling of another bureaucratic mess in the making through before trotting Barack Obama out in front of the teleprompter. Just another photo op that they feel is sorely needed in view of all the walls caving in around this administration?

I always have to remember where Obama came from. I mean where he entered politics because his original birth place and background up until then still remain hidden behind a sealed curtain. Chicago is the place where they outlawed guns for everyone but the outlaws. The courts, and common sense, are now beginning to stem that tide.

I'll begin with this video where he made 7 "promises" in under 2 minutes and not one of them was true, nor will be.

"Because When I'm President" blah, blah, blah...

That was before he was elected my fellow Americans. Those promises were how he got you to elect him in the first place and he knew damned well that he wasn't about to keep any of them. The quote from Louis Brandeis is a classic since he never said any such thing. A constitutional professor he claims? That was a lie too.

Lets get to these latest "promises." These are "zones" where Obama, the consummate politician, sees inroads to be made. There were five (5) of them and he sees the opportunity to be political minus any reality. He sees a vision where there are 5 Economic Promise Zones where children are propped up by federal monies to achieve the same success as more affluent children. It has never worked before so how is it that he expects it to work now? Because his name is Barack Hussein Obama and he will make the oceans recede and heal the planet? Hasn't worked out to well for him so far now has it?

I just have one question before I go on. Why wasn't Detroit, or any of the other cities run down by Democrat administrations, on his bucket list?

Anyone Smell More Bureaucrats Here?

I made myself suffer through his speech yesterday because I had penned the failure of the "War on Poverty" the day before and wanted to see what wild eyed, socialist idea he was going to pull out of his battered hat anew. I came away with more Nanny State stench all over it. We live in the land of opportunity only in his view it can't be achieved without Big Brother ushering in the new age of dependency. If you haven't figured out that Barack Obama is purely a political ideologue may I suggest you turn your light on.

Here's a totally worthless cliche he spouted during that speech: “They’re neighborhoods where we will help local efforts to meet one National goal: that a child’s course in life should be not by the ZIP code she’s born in, but by the strength of her work ethic and the scope of her dreams." Notice that he failed to give out his youth enhancing zip codes. The America I grew up in wasn't predicated by zip codes. It was defined by tour grit and determination to get up off your butt and seize the initiative.

The promise I was made, having grown up poor myself, was that with self-determination, initiative and hard work I could be anything I desired to do or be. That turned out to be true because I wasn't going to be all about hand me downs. I had a caring parent and there is where Obama missed the boat. The federal government will never be a substitute for effective parenting.

What was disgusting to me was where he claims he got this idea. Here we have a community organizer pretending to be the President of the United States without a lick of experience to be that person. He claimed that this brain storm was a result of his being a community organizer in south side Chicago. Anybody reading this been there lately and seen what there is to see? Did you take your gun with you when you went down there?

He went further and made this claim: “And each of these communities is designing from the bottom up – not the top down – what it is they think they need, and we’re working with them to make that happen. And each of these communities is prepared to do what it takes to change the odds for their kids.” Since when has any federal program been bottom up? What has kept these five communities all theses decades from doing what he claims they desire to do? Fact is they just haven't done what needs to be done so lets have Nanny do it for them? Like spending over 16 trillion dollars to design the perpetual welfare system that was created. Lets just throw good money after bad.

Then we have a nut case in Congress wanting to change the terminology of "welfare" to "transitional; living assistance." Good grief we have bred generation after generation of these "transitional leeches" into society. No transitioning to it Shelia Jackson Lee. Lets just change the name to give them a warm fuzzy for living their whole life on the dole.

Sorry Barack Hussein Obama I'm not sure how any more "promises" are going to go over coming from your teleprompter through your mouth. You spent your first two years lying to the American public to get your name on a piece of garbage legislation known now as Obamacare. We can keep our health insurance policies, doctors, hospitals and all the other promises you made can we? No we can't so keep your "promises" and "zones" to yourself. The federal government pouring good money after bad has never been the answer.

Plug the politics into Obama's motivation and you'll obtain an accurate picture of why he does anything, and I mean anything. I think we need to promise ourselves that this nonsense we see going on in Washington DC needs to cease. What is wrong with our entire nation becoming a "Promise Zone" based upon self-determination, proper education and getting the federal government out of our business and not more deeply into it? Obama's answer always seems to be throwing our tax dollars with strings attached, thinking that is the answer for prosperity.

That stinking thinking has created an enormous amount of debt for our heirs to shoulder. So lets just pile on some more huh Obama? it always all sounds so good but reality is much different now is it not?

Now did you hear the latest? The unemployment rate dropped to 6.7% with only 74K jobs added in December. I have a bridge i'll sell you if you're biting on that hook. So lets just deceive the American people again shall we?

Please share this if you will.

As Always,

The Frog Prince


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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Worrying about if I'll have a homeland to return to I am astounded by want goes on there. I was indeed an ominous and sad day when Obama appeared on the horizon.

    • profile image

      Stu 3 years ago

      It will never end. Obama doesn't think We the People can do anything, and he thinks government can do everything. All the federal government can do is do everything wrong. We will never get our economy moving and federal debt under control unless federal government learns to "do less with less." Sadly, most GOP's in Congress are as much against this concept as the typical progressive Democrat.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Figured out nothin, just reworded what you say in your hub which as usual is right on the money! But what can anybody really do about getting the truth out there when the media is so in the tank for this administration who we know sits around thinking up how they can couch everything they say to help the media find a way to promote it knowing all the time that if they can't spin it favorably "their" media will just ignore it as they have all the "phony scandals."

      Next time y'all encounter those brain dead wackos out there who pretend Fox is some sort of unbalanced, lying right wing news organization ask them to explain the "obnoxious" double standard in how journalists have covered Chris Christie's traffic scandal in two days, versus the scant number of stories on the Obama IRS controversy over six months.

      "The big three networks alone devoted 44 times more coverage to this story in one day, one day, than they devoted to the IRS scandal in six months." IN ONE DAY FORTY FOUR TIMES MORE THAN OVER SIX MONTHS!!! "the two controversies aren't even close in importance. One is a lane closure on a highway. It's obnoxious. It's petty. It's beneath the governor's office. It's a scandal. It should be covered no question about it. The other one is using the most feared arm of government as an intimidation, even a persecution arm against the citizenry of America. There's no comparison. Yet one gets 44 times more coverage than the other. Makes no sense. And this week we learn that the woman who has been put in charge of the criminal investigation of the IRS scandal is a major donor to Barack Obama! Making a mockery of this investigation.

      No coverage by anyone.

      Read more:

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 3 years ago from Arlington, TX

      tsadjatko - I believe you have it figured out to a T.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Promise Zones? Ironic isn't it, President Barack Obama, the winner of the "Lie of the year" and who actually tops this “Top Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list for 2013 by Judicial Watch as the driving force behind so many of the misdeeds. The article says "This is Obama’s seventh straight year on the list, dating back all the way to 2007 (in 2006, he earned a “Dishonorable Mention”). He is a master at catch-me-if-you-can, corrupt politics. This year, he has again acted as a one-man Congress, rewriting entire sections of federal law on his own. Not only is his administration secretive and dishonest; its callous disregard for the rule of law undermines our constitutional republic."

      Promise zones are nothing but his final hope to actually fundamentally change the meaning of "promise" which we are expected to believe actually means:

      "to promise - telling people whatever they want to hear to achieve one's political goals."

      Promise zones? Just another excuse for bureaucratic government growth and political jobs for more democrat operatives getting out the vote of more uneducated, uninformed democrat voters who are brainwashed to believe it is their right to depend on government programs for all their needs.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 3 years ago

      Promises equal votes in the hands of people who always have their hands out. I had to force myself to listen to his speech. As always it was filled with empty words. Tell me something, given all the harm he has caused why hasn't he been impeached?

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      As always very well laid out. I had a chat with an ex-extreme liberal Berekely 26 year old grad. And she shook her head and said, "it just seemed like the government could fix things, but over and over it just @#cks things up". I almost felt sad for her ideal bubble being burst so resoundingly by Obama. But at least now there is hope anew to return to reality.