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Proposed Qualifications for the Next President

Updated on January 20, 2017

Instead of campaign speeches and debates, presidential hopefuls should be required to complete a year-long educational boot camp in which they study history, psychology, and strategic planning.

To complete their studies, they'll need to pass the basic American citizenship test. If they do so, they can move on to the next phase, planning.

Hopefuls would then be required to map out campaign plans and decisions for the full four years they would be in office. They would be given categories for critical decisions, and they would fully outline and determine what type of presidency they would run.

Hopefuls who pass the test and planning phases would then be given a simulation to oversee in which their campaign decisions are acted out over the course of four in-game years. Whoever's society survives, thrives, and manages the least amount of strife and war should then be elected president.


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    • pameladragonborn profile image

      Pam McElprang 14 months ago from somewhere in the mountains of Idaho

      I said it earlier on social media, and I'll say it here. We're not upset that our pick didn't win, we're upset because the other side chose someone who thinks quoting from a Batman villain is a good idea on his first day in office.

      Trump is simply not qualified to run this country, and you're absolutely right that we'll see the effects of his uneducated mismanagement.

    • profile image

      Ghary Manningh 14 months ago

      Just not a respectful, decent or honest man. He has no business in the Presidency of the United States. He is a boldface liar and spins all his lies with bigger lies. He is only in the office to build legislation that will help him profit off the backs of American tax payers. He will build more loopholes in tax code for the super rich. Watch and see the country get worse. God Bless America.