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Proroguing Parliament: Protests and Provocation.

Updated on August 29, 2019

It was speculated some time ago, that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, might close parliament, to get a no-deal Brexit through. A critic at the time was former Prime Minister John Major, although he himself did it.

So now the news is out, Boris has got the Queen's permission to close said chamber of debate. It seems Boris, has landed a major blow to his remainer opponents, something that has left them reeling.

It is quite obvious, that Boris, will now have the way clear, to make sure the UK leaves the European Union, come 31st October.

With parliaments closure, there will be no way, that opponents of a no-deal Brexit can stop the juggernaut, that is, Brexit (short of a miracle).

Boris, speaking to various news outlets though, has stated, that in the run-up to 31 October deadline, there will still be time to debate, Brexit. There may even be time for the European Union, to negotiate a trade deal, with the UK.

Boris's opponents in the Conservative party, however, are not taking going to take this news, lying down, however. Philip Hammond, ex-Chancellor, under Mrs May, has raised his opposition to the closure of parliament and no deal. Other rebel Tories, are also it would appear spoiling for a fight, over these issues.

Opposition parties, Labour, Lib-Dems, SNP, Greens, etc have already met to say they will oppose any no-deal Brexit. It seems though with Boris, closing parliament he has taken them by surprise. Certainly, the opposition parties will have to re-think how they can possibly mount a challenge to a no-deal Brexit, or, even stop Brexit (deal or no deal)

Time is short for those wanting to oppose Brexit (deal or no deal), and, whatever they do, they will have to do it fast. One way could be a legal challenge, anti-Brexiteer businesswoman, Gina Miller, is taking legal action, against Boris.

Jeremy Corbyn has requested a meeting with the Queen over this, as has Lib-Dem leader, Jo Swinson. However, the requests made by both leaders for an audience with her majesty may have come too late. Mr Corbyn has described this action by Boris, as anti-democratic and a smash and grab policy. Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, has called Boris, "A tinpot dictator". The Welsh Assembly, in Cardiff, will be reconvening, in emergency session, in Cardiff.

People are calling Boris's actions undemocratic, but if you think about, to Brexiteers, it is not. In 2016, when the leave campaign beat the remain campaign by 52% as opposed to 48%, the leavers won, fair and square. So Boris, perhaps in his mind (or for ulterior motives) is carrying out the democratic will of the people.

However, remainers argue that in closing down parliament, Boris is stopping the debate over Brexit, thus this is undemocratic, to them. Last night, Remainers, took to the streets, protesting over Boris's action, some describing it as a coup.

Remainers, whether they be MPs or ordinary citizens, have called for civil disobedience, mass protest and resistance.

In the run-up to 31st October, one can only suggest and speculate, as to what will now transpire.

Two Opposition Leaders Opposed to Brexit and No-Deal.

Lid-Dem leader: Jo Swinson,
Lid-Dem leader: Jo Swinson, | Source
Labour leader:  Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader: Jeremy Corbyn. | Source

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