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Protect Criminals-- BAN GUNS

Updated on July 20, 2013

How Dangerous Are Guns?

  • When was the first murder?
  • How was it done?
  • When were guns invented?
  • What good purpose do they serve?

The Bible tells us much about violence in early times-- indeed it is quite a history book. Here we learn about the first murder, when Cain became angry and slew his brother, Able. We don't know how Cain did it, but we do know there were no guns available.

From the beginning, we have had both good and evil in our world. God has provided everything we need and more. Some people use all that has been provided for good, others use those provisions for evil. For example:

  • Earth is full of mountains- some admire the beauty from afar, others climb, build small cabins, ski- do wonderful and fun things, while evil people would push someone off a cliff, or hurt them in other ways a mountain would enable.
  • Earth has many bodies of water that can be used for good and fun-- yet there are those who would drown someone they were angry at.
  • Earth has many rocks and deserts. Rocks can be used to build houses, fences and other good things, but they can also be used to kill. In Bible-times, certain people were stoned to death. Sand can be used for good, but also someone could be knocked unconscious and buried alive to die.
  • Earth has trees, plants and animals. All can be used for good, but some tree limbs have been made into clubs with which to kill, some poisonous plants have been put into food to get rid of someone the cook didn't want around anymore, and the same goes for poisonous insects and animals. They have sometimes been put in places where they would kill certain persons. God has enabled man to know how to make some drugs for healing, but those same drugs can sometimes be used for killing.

Over time, man has worked hard to learn, discover, and improve his life, but those things are not always used for good. From rocks and clubs, other things were invented-- sling shots- the bow and arrow, rope that would not only lead a horse and round up cattle, but hang a thief. The thirst for a better weapon has never stopped, so today we have a large array of guns and bombs, with nuclear and Lazar weapons being perfected.

Time has changed a great many things. A hundred years ago we had facilities in which to house our mentally ill, but now most of them are allowed to run free, as are many of our criminals. Many parents and society in general, have stopped teaching personal responsibility and instead push for laws that will control weapons rather than people.

Recently on TV, I heard an official who was trying to help get guns banned, give a speech. He said that we should ban guns because if it saved even one life, it would be worth it. REALLY?!! Using his line of reasoning, we should ban forks because it might keep someone from becoming overweight and dying of heart failure. We should ban steak knives so someone wouldn't be stabbed to death in the kitchen. Most importantly, we should ban cars and other vehicles. That way no one could drink or text and drive. Lives would surely be saved.

No matter what is banned or what laws are put into place, evil will find a way. Adam and Eve had no way of knowing their son Cain would kill their other son, Able. We cannot know the heart of men, so even if we have some locked up because we see them as a threat, others will be free to act out and lives will be lost.

Wish I could speak with the guy giving his speech on why we should ban guns. I would like to point out that if guns were banned, it would indeed save a life-- probably many lives-- all of them criminals, because the good guys couldn't fight back. To reduce crime, I believe there should be more guns, not less, and our schools and knowledgeable parents should teach kids and others how to use them. If a criminal with a gun knew he might come face to face with a good guys gun, I believe we would see less killing, not more.

To me, evil is like weeds in our garden. You might decide to weed your flower bed and you might be successful-- you might have a beautiful flower garden and enjoy it's beauty until winter-- weed free. Then comes spring and when your flowers come up-- surprise! WEEDS!! Where did they come from-- you had removed all of them and certainly didn't plant any-- now you have to weed again, and again, and again. The guy who said a job well done doesn't have to be done over, never had a garden to tend!

Yes, we need rules, laws and instruction in society, but most of all, we need to constantly weed the gardens of our life.


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    • Talk N Share profile image

      Talk N Share 4 years ago

      You are right on, O'ppy. Those who do crime are called criminals for a reason-- they don't care about laws and will do whatever they want to do in that regard. In the past, America was the most wonderful Nation in the world and we could trust our government, media, and others who were looking out for us. Apathy set in and things began to change, primarily because most of our people stopped caring on a personal level and left decisions and voting up to others to do, which of course includes the dishonest as well as the honest. I believe apathy is a dangerous thing and could very well destroy our great nation. It's sad

    • Oppeakra profile image

      Oppeakra 4 years ago from Min, USA

      I agree. These evil people that murder other people wont stop, as well, from shooting people just because it is illegal to have a certain type of gun. I want to tell these people that think that banning guns will make the world a 'safer place' that these evil people will do what ever it takes to do what they set out to do. Kill. These people have been planing this killing for sometimes, years upon years. Banning guns is not a solution, it is creating the problem. Guns don't kill people, people do.