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Protecting Yourself from Getting Robbed: ATM Machine Safety Tips

Updated on April 29, 2017

The ATM machines we see around us every day are a godsend for busy people. No longer do people have to go to the bank and stand in long lines just to withdraw a few dollars. But years ago, before the arrival of ATM machines, waiting in line was the norm for people with bank accounts. Thank God those days are gone.

The ability to get quick cash and make quick deposits are two of the most outstanding features of the ATM machine. In addition, the machine provides twenty-four hour assess. You can also find ATM machines in several locations.

ATM Machine Locations

  • Bank Lobbies
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail stores
  • Drive thru
  • Along the sidewalk in some busy downtown areas


I have been using them since the day they came out. However, to avoid trouble, I am very careful about where, when and how are use them.

Our goal is to keep ourselves protected from hurt, harm, and danger. Thousands of people are robbed daily at ATM machines across the nation.

The convenience of using an ATM machine and the speed in which you can withdraw cash may deceive you into thinking that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to getting our money and going on our way. However, human preditor-wolves are always watching for vulnerable and unsuspecting preys. People who like to take money from others will wait night and day until the perfect time to strike.

ATM Safety Awareness Check

Do You Take Extra Safety Precautions at ATM Machines

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Therefore, we must be ready for the unexpected ill-will that others are willing to heap upon us for the sake of robbing us of a few dollars. Before using a ATM machine, you will be wise to take the following precautionary steps:

  • Assess Your Surroundings
  • Determine the safety of the location
  • Identify suspicious activities


Assessing Your Surroundings

When searching for an ATM machine, always assess your surroundings. Avoid going into areas where crime occurs on a higher level than in other places. For example, going into an oppressive area may appear to be safe, especially if you don’t see anybody around. However, the absence of people can be the most dangerous condition. These are opportune times for criminals to strike.

The danger of deserted areas is that there is no one to see what is going on. If you get assaulted and need medical assistance there will be no witnesses.

I once got robbed because I made the false assumption that the neighborhood was safe due to the lack of visible people activity. But in many inner-city neighborhoods, the reason the streets may appear empty because people simply don’t feel safe enough to come outside.

So, make sure you assess your surroundings if you feel a sense of uncertainty and lack of comfortability, leave the area and search for another location.

Determine if the location is safe

Although you may find a safe-looking street where people appear to be harmless, you must still be very cautious. Streets can be safe but the location of the ATM machine may not be safe. For example, a street may be swarming with downtown shoppers, but the location of the ATM machine may be around a corner and out of view.

People can easily sneak up behind you and grab your cash or demand money without anyone knowing what is going on.

Make sure the ATM Machine is fully in view where others can see if anything goes wrong while you are withdrawing cash.


Identify Suspicious Activity

Believe it or not, many novice ATM users just don’t pay attention, especially if they feel that they know the area quite well. Even if you are a family with the area, always look around you for suspicious activity, such as:

  • A person hanging near or around the ATM for no apparent reason.
  • Suspicious people sitting in an automobile and looking toward the ATM location
  • A person who appear to be following you
  • People whispering and moving closer toward you

If you see these activities get out of the situations as soon as possible. Pass by the ATM machine without giving anyone an indication that you wanted to use it. Following this advice will go a long way in protecting yourself from being robbed.

The bottom Line

Set safety as a priority when using the ATM. A robbery can occur anywhere, even in good areas where crime seldom occurs. Nevertheless, there will always be those areas where the risk of being robbed is much greater.


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