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Protests in Germany Over AFD.

Updated on February 6, 2020

Thuringia Premier: Thomas Kemmich.

In the small German state of Thuringia, the controversial Alternative for Deutschland party has helped oust the far-left Premier of the Left party (or in German Die Linke). The far-left Die Linke Premier was ousted by one vote with the help of the AFD.

The Free Democrats a liberal and business-friendly party became the ruling party of Thuringia. But they need to form a coalition with someone to actually rule the state and the new Free Democrat Premier (perhaps in name only) Thomas Kemmerich has refused to do so.

Kemmerich has refused to form a coalition with the AFD given their nationalistic politics. However, just who can he form a coalition with if not the AFD? Could he form a coalition with another party?

A controversial member of the AFD who has been likened to Hitler, Bjorn Hocke, congratulated Thomas Kemmerich on becoming Thuringia's new Premier. At the moment it was announced the AFD had helped Kemmerich to power, there were protests outside the state parliament.

The protests were against the alleged racism of the AFD, who are accused by many on the left in Germany as being racist. Many have accused the AFD of being Nazi-like in their policies, though some in the AFD, would say are they not a racist party. What has given the AFD popularity was the thousands of immigrants and migrants Angela Merkle let in from Syria and other places. At first, many Germans were happy to help these people and no doubt many refugees were happy to be in Germany. However, many migrant men started raping and attacking German women, for some Germans, this was enough.

The AFD like UKIP and the Brexit Party in the UK spoke a language the ordinary people could get with. The AFD was all against non-European immigration into Germany and also against the perceived Islamification of Germany and Europe. The AFD surged in popularity until today where they have become the opposition to Angela Merkle in the Bundestag (German parliament).

The protest also broke out in Berlin over the AFD involvement in Thuringia. As said above, the AFD is an alarming party, but there are the extremists, yes, but there are also moderates. The AFD has featured a black supporter and even a member who has converted to Islam. How many Muslim, black or ethnic people vote for or are members of the AFD is not known, but there must be some.

Alarmingly there have been attacks on synagogues and mosques, again whether you can blame the AFD, is open to question. However, some rants from the likes of Bjorn Hocke may obviously influence people to take the law into their own hands.

Of course, the far-left, in the shape of the Die Linke party is also strong in Germany. They like the AFD, have a strong showing in the German parliament.

Germany is a country where the population (like many other parts of the world) is turning against the old parties. They are looking to parties like the Die Linke and the AFD and their populist agenda.

Not just in Germany, but in the UK with Brexit and in the US with Trump, other places too, we live in strange times, when it comes to politics.

AFD Politician: Bjorn Hocke.

Bio of Hocke.

1) Born 1 April 1972.

2) Born in Lunen, Westphalia.

3) Married with 4 children.

4) Served in the Bundeswehr (Germany Army).

5) Attended law school in Bonn but did not complete the course.

6) Once threatened a ZDF journalist in an interview.

7) Has threatened another journalist over comparisons to Hitler.

8) Is fond of quoting Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' in his book.

9) Thinks Islam in Germany should be restricted.

10) He is against multiculturism and immigration of non-Europeans.


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