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Proud Liberals

Updated on July 30, 2019
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I believe that God made us all different as a test of our faith. Our faith in him and in each other.

What is a liberal really?

Liberal: According to the merriam-webster dictionary one who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways. Marked by generosity. Given or provided in a generous and open handed way.

Socialism: Socialism, social and economic doctrine that calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources

Communism: Though the term "communism" can refer to specific political parties, at its core, communism is an ideology of economic equality through the elimination of private property.

So now that we have the definition of the words that are linked together to make Liberals appear to be a threat to the American way of life, we can flat out see that Liberals are not socialist or communist and that the right uses these tactics to keep their people in line.

Let's Get it Straight

Not every Liberal is the same, but roughly we all think along similar lines.

Taking care of the weakest

I believe that we as a country should take care of the weakest members, just as the bible says. We cannot call ourselves civilized when we neglect our children, our elderly or our disabled. No exceptions, excuses or limitations.

We believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege

And please don't interpret this to be Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act had problems, what wouldn't after being amended over 70 times after its inception. It was amended to fail and to make the pharmacies richer as well as the insurances. By the time Obama left office, it was no longer Obamacare, it was Republicancare.

A national healthcare system can work, more so when the politicians remove the lobbyists influence out of it. And we might have to pay a little more taxes, but as long as we all pay our fair share- rich and poor alike, we can get it done. If we have decent healthcare for all, it eliminates the exorbitant costs we spend on ER care.

Affordable education for all

Education should not be a privilege, it should be affordable and accessible to those who want to further their education. And it doesn't have to be completely free, but it has to be affordable. Because in the end, there is no excuse for these young adults finishing college with debt loans that are the total of a CEO payscale.

Don't take my money and give it to others

Surprised you with this one. Liberal's don't want to give away their money any more than anyone else. Especially for people that don't want to work for it. I just have a problem with people in our country literally starving to death, freezing to death or dying because they can't afford medical care, food or heating and cooling. We need fair wages, affordable education, healthcare and it could all be accomplished if EVERYONE paid their fair share. If you make a million dollars a week and have to pay 11% of your income in tax, then pay it. If you make 1,000 a week and have to pay 11% of your income in tax a week pay it. Equally. No more tax cuts for the rich and tax increases for the hardworking hourly wage winners so offset those millionaire and billionaire tax cuts. Wouldn't it be great to not have to worry about April 15 tax day ever again. A straight tax for everyone would keep the wolf off our back, lobbyists would be out of a job and Americans would be better off.

Equal pay for everyone

Liberals just want their employers to pay a decent liveable wage, so they aren't out there working two and three jobs to pay the rent and put food on the table, while the CEO's make 500% more a month. Companies that make billions of dollars a year, have employees working for them on food stamps to help make it through the month. This should not be the American way.

Liberal's believe in God

Somewhere along the way, LIberal's became heathens with no beliefs. That isn't true. Liberal's are not anti-Christian. They don't want to do away with prayer in school. We are not about Sharia law, never have been, and it wasn't until the Muslim communities started to build up in America, that the racism of their belief was heaped onto the Liberal as well because it was a fear tactic. Believe it or not, most of us attend church and believe in God. And for those that don't, it is their choice and we as American should respect it. We should battle the evil, intolerance and prejudice that we see everyday, only then can it disappear from our lives.

LGBTQ rights

Liberals don't believe that the LGBTQ community should have more rights than you. They believe they should have equal human rights as all Americans do. The right to healthcare, education, marriage,etc.

Illegal immigration is illegal

Liberals don't believe that illegal immigrants should come here and have everything handed to them. It's the law of our country. "Illegal -undocumented immigrants are not eligible for our programs" and if they are working here illegally, it is most likely because the employer is allowing it to cut cost and pocket more money. So, instead of looking at the Liberal as the root of the problem, look at the source.

Liberal's are not opposed to deporting those here illegally, but there are more human ways to go about it, detaining and separating children from their parents is traumatic. If they are picked up with a warrant and fact that they are here illegally, take them straight to the plan that sends them back, its been done that way for many years and its cheaper than putting them in camps. The one's that benefit are those with political ties that build these camps.

Regulations go too far

Liberals are not about over regulating anymore than the constitution is about keeping law and order and making things equal. We need regulations to keep from destroying our environment, if you are still suffering from the water issue in Flint Michigan, than you can understand what I'm saying. When our children get sick from foods that we eat that hasn't been maintained well at the processing plant because of lack of regulations, you will understand what I'm saying. Medications, pricing goes up til we can't afford them because our politicians are bought by lobbyists because we don't regulate what they can charge. It costs them $2 to make a pill and charge us $20, that is greed.

Racism is the evil that will tear America apart

Liberal's understand like everyone else that keeping our families safe and healthy is important. Liberals believe that as human beings we should all be treated with respect. Today, no matter where you turn, people are killing each other because of the color of their skin. Bigotry is at its highest level since the civil rights. When the leader of our country makes excuses for it and pushes it. It is the Liberal that calls him out on it, not because it's Trump, but because it's wrong.

Liberal's don't want your guns

The NRA and the Republican party made the 2nd Amendment the perfect lie. Liberal's want to take your guns! No they do not. Liberals want background checks to make sure that unstable individuals don't get their hands on them. Does it always work? No it doesn't but it helps deter some from getting their hands on them. Every day we hear about shootings and innocent people dying. If someone has a better solution, other than the lobbyists, Liberals are willing to listen.

LIberals believe in finding alternative energy that allows our planet to thrive

When Liberals talk about wind energy, Republicans make fun of them. Trump says "it doesn't work because they require wind and if its not blowing it doesn't work" It's this kind of ignorance that keeps the lobbyists funding the politicians for coal and oil. the wind industry is almost catching up to coal and oil in some places. Proving that it works, and it doesn't hollow out the earth and change its dynamics. If protecting the planet and its resources is wrong why are lobbyists pushing so hard to keep politicians in coal and oil states with full pockets?

Liberal women seen as equals

Liberals believe that women should not be treated as separate, but as equals. They should be paid the same as men doing the same job. Should be treated with respect both on and off the job. Today, there are five women running for the presidency under the Democratic ticket. Many have run throughout the years, too many to count on one hand. Can any other party say the same?

Don't call them Liberal like it's a bad thing

Being a Liberal is not a bad thing, a Liberal fights for America, for the constitution for the planet. When you call a Liberal a "liberal" it's a sign of praise and never a bad thing.

God created us all, everyone just a little different from the other. They say he tests us every day. Maybe how we treat each other is the ultimate test.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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