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Psychic Uniting of the Left and Right (An Attempt at Getting Past the Rhetoric)

Updated on June 11, 2012

Nature, as we know, is not so lavish with her boons that she joins to a high intelligence the gifts of the heart also. As a rule, where one is present the other is missing, and where one capacity is present in perfection, it is generally at the cost of all the others. The discrepancy between intellect and feeling, which get in each other’s way at the best of times, is a particularly painful chapter in the history of the human psyche. – Carl Jung – The Undiscovered Self

The big problem facing Americans today is that we have projected our incapacities onto State authority, seeking to annihilate religion, and totally surrendering our intellectual capacities by not dealing with our weaknesses, or admitting them, either to ourselves or each other; or one group to another. And the State, as always, is often too willing – for power only – to see this growing rift between groups grow wider. That is because State authority strives for atomization (destruction) and isolation of the individual for power. As Carl Jung put it, “The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the State becomes, and vice versa.”

True prejudices can only be recognized within ourselves and in others when we doubt our own supposition and compare it to facts. In Marxist countries, while this self-reflection occurs, it strives to serve the purposes and laws of the State rather than individual relations. What follows then are tighter and tighter controls on groups, group resistance, violence and then terror. [One of the sure signs of this developing in our country today is the increased lack of privacy and spying on our citizens by our government.] Under State control, socialistic policies increase prejudice between groups because it nurtures a conformance for the “appearance” of non-prejudice, thus masking and creating tensions by a cloak of “goodness” that blind the individual from seeing his or her own shadow within. What this does is simply put a “lid” on an individual’s propensities that doesn’t make their feelings go away; rather, the opposite occurs and we see this happening over and over again, not only in the political groups, but in the splintered groups that make up this country. What we need in this country is not socialism – what we need is rapprochement (a state of cordial relations) and understanding by WITHDRAWING our mutual projections on each other.

As history was not enough a lesson, this was also the historical and factual truth with the rise of Hitler, in that Hitler could not have risen to such great heights UNLESS the political construct of socialism (with its non-thinking, herd-like nurturance of a people) allowed it. The end-result of socialism thus achieves, not racial or religious equality, but the equivalent of “putting a lid” on the “collective” unconscious of individuals or people in groups against “the other,” which “other” as target is manipulated, depending on the brainwashing tactics government engages in and consensus among persons with no strong convictions of their own.

Which is why we in the United States will never be like the socialistic countries in Europe and Canada; in fact, by the way our government is handling matters now, it is perhaps more likely we will sidestep socialism altogether and become anarchistic. Why? The media is exploiting the lack of knowledge and education in many of our people – mostly, the young – and creating greater rifts between both political parties and our people that does not have to be. I believe it is being done deliberately in order to bring down the auspices of Capitalism altogether.

What can we do to close the gap and take the reins again? In our present day, more than any other time in history, we have the capacity if we choose to truly look at who we are as individuals. That is because at our disposal are hundreds of years of study in all fields of politics, psychology, arts, sciences, history, and religion, that evidence man’s acquaintance with himself and his society. It is no longer that we must entirely rely on an institutional education, especially when education in our society is failing our children and leaving them unprepared intellectually to challenge and cope with the closeness of our world today (which parents are at a loss to cope with as well), and the cost of it is far greater than the return on its investment.

No longer also is the Middle East a distant land with its own set of standards, politics and values separate or totally divorced from our own. We as individuals, although a microcosmic cell in the whole of this universal life, are partakers in the psychic lives that shape our political and economic landscape, even our communities and all personal endeavors, and, above all else, ourselves. Whether we care to admit it to ourselves, our true desire is to find our own individual self, our private self and peace within, which is really what everyone is seeking (even those in our country who now tout power and control and communism as an ideal are seeking it). We might be a member of a group right now, but when we tire of it, what then? Where shall we go and what will become of who we are and what will become of our children?

Likewise, in support of the anti-Capitalist agenda, the Left-wing and terrorist groups share much in common: the hate of freedom and the individual himself. Both strive for a more “collectivist” society and both also hate modern man. The former is united against religion and all its tenets of individual responsibility, and the latter, the terrorist groups, hate both Christianity and Jewish religions for the same reasons: But notice that they effectuate one another’s causes and, yet, if a terrorist were asked if they like the “Democrats” (Liberals) more than “Republicans” (Conservatives) they invariably say “neither,” thus committed to America’s total annihilation, and also Israel’s.

In our own country, we are seeing the same attitudes shaping our daily lives between individuals. The subject of “income distribution” is one example. But most Americans, when honest and truthful with themselves, are simply not persuaded that ALL rich people are unlawful, greedy, or amoral, or that the rich owe them something. Likewise, we are not persuaded that ALL poor people are lawful, greedless, or moral. Yet, this is what the media is promulgating with shocking success! They are telling us that all rich people are “greedy” and “selfish.” Any reader of this hub knows this black and white view of rich people can ALSO be applied to some poor people we know. For we know that the truth of the matter is in the fact that there are individuals who are poor who are greedy and there are individuals who are rich who are greedy, and there are individuals who are poor who are not greedy and there are individuals who are rich who are not greedy. We as Americans learned from our youth that you take each person one at a time, and irrespective of religion, everyone, believer and non-believer alike, agrees it is wrong to judge another. But that the Left is succeeding to achieve a consensus regarding all rich persons as unjust, says more about the psychic sickness they are promulgating to fit their communistic goal, rather than what they themselves believe, or that they care about the poor, and the fact that this is accepted on face value says a lot about our country and where we are headed.

This conflagrant thinking says to me thus: It is not they (the rich) that really bother these people; but that it is their own need for power to combat their own feelings of inferiority that promotes greed in their hearts that bothers them, which they are PROJECTING onto others. As Carl Jung aptly says from his psychological perspective:

“It is in the nature of political bodies always to see the evil in the opposite group, just as the individual has an ineradicable tendency to get rid of everything he does not know and does not want to know about himself by foisting it off on somebody else.”

So instead of reconciling their own jealousy of others and love of money within themselves, they would rather totally destroy people they feel pained to look upon that arouses or provokes their own despair to reflects back at them their own greed. Solution? Why not look inside ones self and demand OPPORTUNITY and creation of OPPORTUNITY from our government to achieve your inner potential rather than look outside one’s self for the answer? Why are we becoming a people that compare themselves to each other as though we already live under communism? Is it barbarism?

The truth resides in the individual and his “psyche.” As Americans we take for granted our rights as individuals, and being unacquainted with the consequences of a more socialistic transformation (being educated as to its positives rather than its negatives), are becoming more and more complacent about surrendering our freedoms and way of life. In other words, because we do not see ourselves as we truly are, we do not realize how we are being hoodwinked by communist sympathizers. Why then are we on the path of usurping all that we have gained in all our progressions as a society simply because of what we “see” as income inequality only and not the bigger picture? This anomaly, to me, has more to do with “psychic” factors than any truths about the economy. We have all heard the arguments from both sides about the economy, but the economy too is not its own master and its staleness reflects the ongoing rift between us. But I see that “rift” reflective of emotional needs more than I see it a failing of capitalism.

Thus, our economic problems are only “symptoms” of a greater “psychic” disease. Moreover [and critical to mention], evidence of this “emotional” sickness extends and is made apparent and parallel too to the new hate we see of “pretty” women today that everyone, it seems, takes with a grain of salt. Like it is no big deal!? What? If this be sustained as a “collective” truth, then that would mean that the outward appearance of someone is valued over and above and beyond all other attributes of life, success and happiness, and it means then that there is no escape from prejudice for anyone! And it means also that those who espouse communism as superior to capitalism, but who embrace this attitude, are categorically failing their own communistic ideal and headed down a road that gives no guarantee that the hate of them could be next. So where are we headed?

For if we judge the outside of someone as the most important thing to hate, there is no system of governing sufficient on earth to sustain itself with this sickness! This is truly “wacko” stuff. Does anyone really believe we can have a socialistic or communistic government with this kind of thinking?

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (or needs)” is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. In German, "Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!". In the Marxist view, such an arrangement will be made possible by the abundance of goods and services that a developed communist society will produce; with the idea that there will be enough to satisfy everyone's needs. [Wikipedia]

My question to the Left is this: Do you really believe you can create a Marxist society when the people most supportive of this change, and who support the Left-wing political ideology, are the ones least tolerant of others with power, even associating “power” with “good looks”? Most socialist countries are falling apart, but at least they have been around awhile and one doesn’t see this kind of hate in their countries! In fact, I dare say that socialism survived as long as it did BECAUSE of capitalism. Now that we see socialism failing, we must ask: Who are throwing the stones? To those on the lower tier of the Leftist Movement, do you really believe that those ON TOP care about you? Some members of Congress are communist sympathizers. Do you really believe that the society they want us to have will allow you to work less if they are to achieve the auspices of POWER they seek? Nothing in history supports this view as possible. There is simply NO MODEL for a successful transition from a multi-cultural Capitalism as great as ours to Communism. Why? Because we Americans are unique individuals and in our heart “Capitalists,” even when we are chagrined to admit it, will not be conformed to another’s dictates; and, if we be so convinced, it will undoubtedly affect one or the other national origin, racial or religious group.

It is shocking that the lower tier Left actually believes this. The opposite is true about communism and always has been, and it is this: you will have to work HARDER and LONGER, and your dreams and success will depend entirely on the approval of the State (which we are also seeing develop now in the job market with “job selection” in the “politically correct” corporate culture work environment). But the Liberal Left’s touting of “fairness” to all is a lie to get your vote and to stay in power – that is all. That is all they want! Period. [One is reminded of the National Socialist Party and the fact that in its early inception, there were many Jewish members who truly believed their party was the ideal, which we all now know the true horror and its perpetuated lie.] When we look at what happens when power is handed over to a “few” the problems we face in this country go far and beyond the scope of mere “income distribution” and the economy, and it is terrifying. What the greater concern should be to all of us are the “psychic” manifestations that are contributing and resulting in our being convinced of these lies.

So why are we being hoodwinked by this show of “fairness” when we know it is a lie? Do we really believe this transformation can occur if enough controls are in place to make it happen (irrespective of the tenets of “freedom” ingrained in our souls as Americans that refuses to let others control us?) without it provoking terror or violence? Since Capitalism comes from our historical and religious precepts, and since 80% of our country believes in God, is it rational to even think or imagine that our whole country will obey an authority simply because we live in an age of technology that wills upon a mass people forces that require they accept and comply? I say, “Nonsense”! Won’t happen. There will be nothing but chaos. Even if Socialism usurps Capitalism and the State takes over, whomever rises to the top to control everyone else will be usurped either by force or violence by either outside forces or another inside force AT SOME POINT. Why? Well, the answer is simply:

Because Americans Never Tolerate Someone Else Telling Them What To Do! AND Those That Make Up the Unions and Those On the Lower Tier of the Liberal Base KNOW This But Won’t Admit It, For To Do So Surrenders POWER

In addition, while capitalism may be intrinsically “religious,” it is also DEEPLY individualistic, so its calling allows for those who do not believe in God to prosper the same as those who do believe in God. Indeed, capitalism – when it operates unhindered to produce an unemployment rate of 5%, let’s say – does more to help the poor, feed, and house and clothe more people than any other system ever devised. So, why is it failing in the eyes of the socialist? THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER:


Meaning that the only motive for usurping capitalism comes from a prejudice towards those with religion. Why is this so? What does it matter if one is an atheist in America? What does it matter if someone is religious in America? [I was an atheist when I was young and I didn’t care if another believed in God. Likewise, the philosopher Voltaire was an atheist who did not care that others believed in God.] How can anyone be so affected by another UNLESS the hate of religion comes from something psychic and imagined? To each his own, right? Yes, but only when we individuals make it so, not only in our political view, but in our daily lives. Capitalism is very tolerant of both the atheist and the religious. In fact, it is our mixed bag of many that has produced and produces even now more creativity and achievements in science, medicine and the arts than any other country in the world.

Capitalism’s precepts are founded on individual conscience (morality), consciousness (intellect) and responsibility (material). Both the secularist and the moralist or religious know that as Americans, and at America’s core, its success and reliance on individual efforts requires “self-knowledge,” education and discipline of character, more or less. It is intrinsically touted as “freedom” because its very precepts do not allow one man power or control over another. But since its success is independent of control by persons in authority, it is despised by the hard left-wing political party in this country even though its success is unparalleled in world history – and they hate it because its success is intrinsically based on religious and individual precepts they cannot control, and is thus inclusive of the co-mingling of various religions, races and creeds – and atheism also. Why? The individual is free and free is the individual.

We have much to lose and much is at stake. The rift between the intellect and feelings is growing wider and wider. As individuals, our intelligence must be true to our feelings and the facts before us, honest to history, honest to each other, honest with ourselves. It must not be at the exclusion of others or what works best for all. We must stop projecting our feelings onto groups and intellectually unite as individuals to fix a country and not be blinded by ideology, prejudice, or our own psychic sickness. We do not have to be “lovey-dovey” to each other, but we do need more cordial and intellectual in our dealings, and who we want to lead our country.

The world is not coming to an end – not yet. For me, I envision an Intellectual Age, and I am not alone. But to succeed in any aspiration of envisioned unity, we must have work opportunities that involve us again in the business of living and get past the emotional hurdles affecting our ability to govern ourselves. If that hope could be fulfilled in this country, great things lie ahead for all Americans as individuals and as a nation.


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