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Updated on January 6, 2013

Whoever does not think that racism is prevalent in America is in great denial. Racism is quite active, although for a while it seems to have been covert for the most part. Since we now have an African American President...who has been re-elected by the way, thanks to Mitt Romney and his "foot in the mouth comments recently published." there seems to be a more overt expression of racism as if to attempt to send a message that Obama being in office does not change the fact that we are all still niggers. I overheard a terrible joke recently that even some of you may secretly find funny. One person asked another, "what do you call a black general...nigger. What do you call a black CEO...nigger, what do you call a black president...nigger." I then walked around the corner to which they both snickered and kind if went into hush mode. I simply walked passed by them and said..."yeah I've got your nigger." They had the nerve to react with shock that I said the "N" word around them. As if they did not just finished calling our president one. Moreover, these were active duty military men. Racism is alive and well in America and we African Americans must stop cowering to white people or they will continue to act as though they are supposed to treat us as they do. I have experienced people driving and when they saw that I am Black and I would attempt to get into the lane next to me they would literally prevent me from moving into the lane. Well I am not that I drive a big red truck and will move into the lane when I need to do so and that is that. are being rather naïve to think that there are only a few racists in this country. I would venture to say that many, many White people what I would like to call "closet racists." What I mean by that is they will say and do things when they think it is safe to do so and when they are in public...and to pretend to be politically correct...they will act differently. The truth is that Black people are still followed around inn stores, we are still arrested first, and the media will still reveal the name and face of a Black suspect quicker than that of a White or even Latino one. The Trayvon Martin case is a travesty...The Olympic gymnastics team was a joke in how they down played Gabbie's all-around gold medal. Had it been the White girl who won that medal they would be parading her around as they have done to the others in the past. Nevertheless, one by by sport...Black athletes are excelling. In addition, for the record, Black students have significantly narrowed the achievement gap to almost nothing in recent years. I teach high performing magnet students the subjects of Physics and Chemistry, where my students are from all backgrounds and ethnicities and are all awesome, hardworking, excellent students...ACADEMICALLY! I have just today seen the movie Django. What a disturbing movie. They use the word “nigger” and “bitch” seems like every four or five words. Moreover, both are used toward African American characters and by African American actors’ characters. If that movie disdained White people in any way, or any other ethnicity for that matter, there would have been protests by now. God forbid if the movie disdained White women, there would be an outcry like the one we have never seen. However, from the ratings of critics and viewers, that distasteful and despicable movie is doing quite well. Shame on Jamie Fox, Samuel Jackson, and Carrie Washington, as well as the other Black actors and actors who participated in such an example of exploitation they must know that they already have enough money that they did not need to make such a movie. Yes, racism is alive, active and well in America. Thank God that the American voters did not put that fool Mitt Romney and his friend Paul Ryan in the White House. In addition, Republicans as well as those other White people in congress need to get over it. We have a president, voted in by the American people and all ethnicities and his name Barak Obama. However, not to worry Mr. Romney, you along with John McCain will forever be the laughingstock of your white friends behind your back, as the two who was beaten badly by the black guy…well we all know what they will really call him. Then that is another topic for another Hub. America is wonderful.


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