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Racism in America

Updated on June 25, 2019
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I expect a better-educated society will create a better world. Only when we decrease our beliefs, we can be free.

Racism in the USA

Nowadays is easy to dream of a melting pot society. The global village idea is every day closer. The educational level of the American nation has been steadily increasing over the last 60 years. America has become a more tolerant and open society. As an illustration, there are bankers, doctors, scientists, singers, Senators, etc. from each ethnic group. In addition, the US has managed to assert that is entirely possible for people from different creeds, beliefs, colors, economic status, educational level, physical appearance, sexual orientation, nationalities, ethnic groups, etc. to live together in complete peace and mutual respect. Important to realize, everybody is under the same laws, with the same rights, and with liberty and justice for all. Accordingly, we accept there are several privileges that the person has to gain and work hard to enjoy them.

We have learned so far that the more educated a person is, the more tolerant he becomes. In fact, there is a strong negative linear correlation relationship between education and racism as well as justice equality and racism. By the same token, science has proved that human beings share 99.99% of genes. Therefore, the Superior Race Theory has been widely discredited. Every day there are more among us who want to respect others. Most people recognize that behind any skin color, there is a truly lovely human being; the apparent differences between us are set by our educational opportunities and our hard work.

Discrimination Free Society


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Melting Pot Society


How Frequent Is Discrimination and Segregation in America?

Unfortunately, there is another side to that coin. Racism is still a social illness and a huge problem globally and in the US. On the negative side, some people believe that the skin color determines who you are. Frequently, the government’s security forces promote racial profiling; there seems to be a strong racial bias in police pullovers, cars, and pedestrians search. The things went from worse to worst after the multiple terrorist attacks and the immigration waves from war-torn countries. No to mention, hate speech has become commonplace in the public sphere, which is dangerously increasing xenophobic in our society. Moreover, The presidential campaign is openly promoting racism and segregation. The media is exalting a new wealth or economic caste and discriminating against the others.

We are facing an extremely high risk of social exclusion. Currents political events are challenging our basic structures. The immigration waves and population growth are compromising public finances. Public services are overcrowded. The educational gap expands among rich and poor. Because of economic hardship, high school dropout rates are rising. The US graduation rates rank 22nd out of 27 developed countries. The maximum dropout incidence is among the African-American and the Latinos population. The bad government policies and inadequate budget management have been hidden by blaming them on the minorities’ growth. People are avoiding going to museums on weekends because it’s too ethnic. Our extremely competitive lifestyle is creating a dangerous separation among us.

The Future Looks Bright


How Can We Decrease or Eliminate Racism?

However the future looks bright, there is light on the horizon. A new generation has grown up in a multicultural and multi-ethnic environment. The Internet and social networks have shrunken the world. Our youngsters have friends from every corner of the earth. Today is easier to learn about different cultures. Formal education is integrated, our kids are assimilating that everyone is a precious and unique human being, that we are all needed to make this World a better place. This new generation doesn’t see any superior race.

I think we are moving towards a more free and diverse structured society. I am optimistic about a more rational and better-educated generation. The technological developments and new discoveries will help us to get a better understanding of our universe and ourselves. The evidence-based knowledge that is spreading every time faster is dismantling the wrong theories. The promotion of social responsibility and social empathy are flourishing committed citizenry around the world. More communities comprehend that the more diverse they are, the stronger they get.

The future of racism still unclear, we are facing a colossal threat to our basic social structure. We need to do our part If we support the end of racism. Everybody has to speak up with friends, family, and fellows about it. We have to promote rational thinking. We need to search for the real reason that encourages it. We have to demand a solution to overcrowded public services and look at the figures to find the truth behind it. Human being nature tends to reject whatever he fears. Lamentably, this rejection generates segregation. The only solution to decrease fears is knowledge. Better education is our best bet to an egalitarian and racism-free society. The best thing everybody can do is to follow Gandhi’s example and “Be the change that you want in the world” The more tolerant you become, the more tolerant the world becomes.

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