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Racism / Low Blow From Low People

Updated on July 13, 2010

Do you mean to tell me that Attorney General, Eric Holder can step in and throw out a conviction as he pleases and that's not racism and a slap in the face to every white person in America. These guys calling themselves Black Panthers that were standing in front of the voting precinct carrying night sticks and intimidating voters were convicted and it was thrown out by Eric Holder working for Obama. I want to know what  or who does he think he is and where is the NAAWP. You mean there is no NAAWP. Well when and where do we start this program to protect ourselves from our "gansta government".

Oh yea! One of these Black Panther clowns wants to kill White Cracker babies and their mom's. I thought that would be a hate crime in itself. But, that's OK with "our" Justice Dept. my friends.... Here is the O'Reily Factor showing the video of the BP's (not to be confused with British Petroleum but just as deadly)

Now the NAACP is going to say the Tea Party is made up of racist and it is full of black citizens, my friends that just want the government back.  You know when you have nothing else to use because the whole party is suspect, you dig as deep and create as many lies as possible. Eric Holder is a sad excuse for an Attorney General and needs to step down. Just like when he condemned the Arizona Law and had not read a word of it and in fact it is already a Federal Law. Where is the justice?


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    • ginosblog profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from USA

      Yea. Your right my friend. It's OK to threaten to kill White Women Crackers and their babies and make up lies about concerned voters (Tea Party). In my opinion, if there are so called "racist" in the Tea Party using signs, the Dems probably placed them there for this exact reason. That's the trust I have in this "Socialist" / "Communist" filled party that is leading our country right down the toilet. That's why they don't teach Americanism vs Communism in schools anymore. The US is represented as a mistake that they have to apologize for and it is disgusting that our President won't even represent our flag or National Anthem. If he did not have an alternate reason, why did he run for President? He has at least 32 Czars making $170,000.00 and he just created one more, in a time when he is supposed to be helping the economy. If you are Obama's friend, you have money in the bank. That's what he is about.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      11 years ago from America

      Haven't you heard? It's ok to be a liberal hate monger that threatens death! Of course if you call someone nappy headed you should be fired from your job, even though your just a radio DJ!


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