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Racism In America

Updated on August 21, 2019
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Breanna is dead because of three Louisville police officer. They executed a no knock warrant breaking Into A Black woman home.

Trump Wants A White America

Racism in America is a nationwide epidemic that has affected the lives of so many people. People are being killed in the workplace, school, their homes, clubs, and bars because of hateful people who have been taught to hate. Donald Trump the president of the United States has a history of racism, Trump told the American people and reporters that he was the least racist person in the world but facts speak for themselves.

Do Trump Fear Blacks

Donald Trump called out a Black man at one of his rallies"My African American" as if he was owed by him. Trump is a racist and bigotry and doesn't care who knows it. Why is treating by people of Color

fears Blacks so whenever he gets the opportunity to blast a well educated Black he does it with pride After years of suffering throughout America Blacks are remembering what their ancestors had to deal with then animals was treated better than they were.

Blacks were treated with no respect and uses and abused because of their skin coloring. Some Americans will never accept that America don't belongs to white only. Racist in this country had cease, until Donald Trump decided to run for president of the United states. Every since Trump in a public office he is obsessed with race, he has a history of making racist remarks about black people. He was tired of fighting for people who came from shithole countries, he made a remark about Blacks being S.O.B's and wanted five black teenagers to be executed. From Trump reaction to people of color any one would say that Donald Trump the president of the United States is a racist and a bigot.

The president has opened up a partially close door to racist with his supporters following him. People in Trump party are racist saying slurs words just like the president of the United States. He has never came out and condemned racist acts in America, he lies and says he have a wonderful relationship with Blacks, they love them because he put them back to work This president has divided out nation young white kids are holding up Nazi signs, graffiti written on families door and on the walls of school bathrooms.

The President wanted to ban Muslims from coming to the States, speaking against a Gold star father son who was killed in Iraq serving his country. he made fun of Khan wife standing next to her husband, saying she was not allowed to speak the president. Trump accused Obama of being born in Kenya and didn't have the right to run for president Trump was proven wrong, next Obama was a Muslim, Muslims are nothing but trouble. Trump targeted Afro-American Athletics, for taking a knee when the National Anthem was sung, requesting these men be fired.

Trump didn't denounce the White Supremacist, the Neo-Nazis when Heather Heyes was killed at a rally demonstrating and protesting against hate groups. There are good people on both sides never denouncing the white man who ran Heather Heyes down. Donald Trump is none like any other president in history he wears the name of the president on his sleeves, with the idea that a sitting president can never be charged for a crime. For two years Trump has done nothing but walk around pretending he knows more than any one, knowing the lest. He puts America in jeopardy but blames democrats and the media.

Donald Trump will never be a leader for all the people, he wants something in this country that he will never have "A White World." Trump has criticized every race except the White race. America have no place for a mean hateful racist bigot, the America people will no longer tolerate the actions of this president. He is a old weak man who have no idea in how to lead America into greatness . Trump supporters has to realize that Trump will use them until he leaves office.


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