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Radio Frequency Identification Chips- Survival for the Non-Conformist

Updated on May 16, 2013
bar code in palm
bar code in palm | Source

Is it time for RFID CHIP implants ?

The technology is here today. The technology is available and is being used around the world. The RFID CHIPS are being used in retail, warehousing, trucks, roads, merchandising, ordering, receiving, tracking of people and animals, transportation and other uses.

Many people who have read Revelation in the Bible think of some kind of control that will come about with the Beast System, including some type of monitoring system. This RFID Chip could track movement, medical situations and history.

One of the most important part of controlling people, resources, animals and movement is information. During WWII, Hitler and IBM worked together to gather information on ethnic and special interest groups ( JEWS ) to round up these people and place them in concentration camps and work camps, resulting in thousands of deaths. .

The time is becoming to a place in history where RFID Chips ARE being used to replace currency, track financial transactions, track movement of the populations, govern actions of the people, vehicles and criminals.

Why NOW ?

The timing is perfect for an arrival and carrying out of the RFID CHIP on everyone. The financial scene is pitiful, the world's economy is tanking, all the countries are trying to battle constant monetary value changes daily and the import and export values adjust hourly. The total collapse of the world's economies could bring about what was called the Phoenix Theory, in which, out of ashes, comes forth new life.

The Bible mentions the Beast, the Beast System and how people can not buy or sell during a time of tribulation. There are many reasons that people can not buy or sell. The availability and supply of food have always been reasons for rationing and control. A total electrical grid collapse would throw people back into the dark ages and prevent food, water and supplies from being available.

Many countries are on the brink of financial collapse, including the United States. The infrastructures have grown to the point of collaping because of its massive tax burden and because of repairs and replacements. Countries are fighting for resources, including water, food, energy and clean air. The governments are having problems with civil disorder, riots, disobedience, corruption, crime, money laundering and counterfeit currencies.

The concerns of the governments involve control of the people and populations. Without control, the governments can not rule or take money from those who work and distribute it to the ones who do not work. The governments must have control and have the power, information and knowledge to control the populations. To do this, the governments must have data bases, ways to access the information and easy communication of this information. Computers and the RFID CHIP have been instrumental in completing this process.


The Just In Time System was started back in the early 80's in actual timing but was on the drawing board way before this. The CEO's and Big Business wanted ways of saving money, resources, payroll and time. With JIT, the merchandise, supplies and orders were ordered only when the back-stock became low. No back-stock was held in large warehouses or backroom areas, but would be ordered automatically by computer when the stocks were low enough for an order to be generated.

This provided the way for RFID Chips and Bar-codes to come on to the scene. Back in the 80's, the wasteful time of pricing each item quickly fell to the wayside and marking each shelf, bulk-stack or skid with a price quickly took place. Employees did not have to go and order each and every item on each shelf because the Point-of-Sale Registers would now keep up with what items had been sold and then automatically restock those items.

With RFID Chips, the warehouses and distribution centers could now just scan a complete pallet or skid of merchandise and the scanning would tell the computer the exact amount and quantity that was coming in or being shipped out of each and every item. Each item, with a RFID Chip, is totally different than others, so each item can now be tracked and traced.

This technology is also being used for cell phones, clothes, trucks, cars, gifts, pets and HUMANS. Sometimes the chip remains active, even after it has been purchased, so that the chip can be tracked and traced.

Education system

The Education System now more than ever wants to track and control the actions of children and students from birth all through life. One of the ways is called Profiling, in which a log is kept for each student and entries are added each day about the behavior of that student. Over time, the poof of the type of individual will emerge and that will be the outcome of that student, for the rest of the student's life.

With the RFID Chip embedded into the student, the type of student, the grades, medical history and life history could be known with a scan. The simple trip to the restroom now becomes a track and recover mission. Each student's times, actions and footsteps can now be traced within inches. The lunch that is served in school now can be paid for by just walking through a scanner. The admission to the sporting events and concerts can now be paid for with swipe of the hand with a RFID Chip implanted in the palm, an ID card that has a RFID Chip or nano-chips that have been injected with vaccines that all students are required to take.

The admission to classes, the payment for books, assignments, the completion of assignments, return of library books, the voting for officers and riding on the bus could all be part of the RFID Chip technology.

The students are being indoctrinated in public schools, TV programs, radio stations, music, fellow students, teachers and also parents.

The use of RFID Chips is being promoted as safe, reliable and responsible way of life. The easy transfer of e-money and funds make the student more accountable and responsible. The control of the student to only go to the events and places that the parents approve of makes this a great tool to control their children. The student can be tracked and traced at all times. During a time of kid-napping, children could easily be found.

It seems that the school systems are being the target for villians. The children in public schools are being taught how to take cover, hide, and seek a safe haven within the school building. Lock-downs are frequently completed and each student, as well as teachers, are educated as to where, when and how to gather in a safe place and lock all the doors. Each visitor, student and teacher is being profiled, researched and positive identification must be proven. Back ground checks also must be done on all staff, teachers and workers that are involved with the school systems.

With more and more school events, the time is NOW that some type of tracking, monitoring and tracing children, parents, step-parents and all people working within the school systems will take place. Any person that buys and sells certain items will soon be a red flag for concern. It does NOT matter to what people are doing with the items, it is the fact that these people were buying restrictive items. These items will be the focal point and people will be tracked and even the conversations, cell phone calls, texts, and e-mails will be monitored and recorded.

Each time that the media covers a certain event, it means that more of the population will be follow the events. The basic reasoning is that there are certain happenings going on with the students, teachers and faculty. The media does not seem to wonder or search for the real reason behind why people do the things that they do, but focus on the agenda of the media and government, thus more tracking takes place.

The resulting image presents children, teachers, police, parents and workers are in danger. The out-come thoughts are to control the buying and selling of items and tracking of people and merchandise. Other out-come thoughts are to control and protect all the people involved in the operation of the schools. By restriciting the access to schools has been in effect for some time, but even this type of control has oversights. The common ideas that RFID CHIPS would prevent the unlawful entrance to schools, control the buying and selling, track anyone that is on school property, allow scanning of all students and to quickly access anyone's backgound information for criminal activity, buying activity and for deviant behavior before entrance to the buildings and grounds is being presented as law.

WHY The Medical System ?

The Medical System has many uses for the RFID Chips. No matter how people can think of uses today will no doubt grow many times over. The RFID Chip can be implanted into humans to track and gather information as well as provide information.

Now with the advancement of the medical insurance, medical procedures, government control, medicare, medicaid, vaccines, pandemics, viruses and H5N1, more information and tracking is needed to keep the tabs on all humans and animals. With biological agents, such as anthrax and government grade biological agents, the government must have the utmost surveillance on all people, hospitals and doctors.

The airlines transport people and animals from diseased hot-spots around the world to the most populated areas of the globe. When a disease or pandemic breaks out, there must be some way of tracking those people and controlling the spread of the bacteria, viruses or spores. Vaccines would have to be monitored to prevent others from contracting the agent and spreading the problem more. Some people do not believe in vaccines and refuse to take them. The RFID Chips could tell who has and who has not taken a certain vaccine in a matter of seconds.

The governments are having a difficult time dealing with fraud, dishonesty and corruption in the medical fields as well as skyrocketing medical costs. The RFID CHIPS could track, update, cross-check data and prescriptions, medical complications, diseases, overdoses and supply information during emergencies.

The use of RFID CHIPS could reduce or eliminate the buying of illegal items and the manufacture of dangerous concoctions and chemicals. For all the people that are on government assistance and support, the RFID CHIP could track and control the doctor and hospital visits, the medicines that are dispensed while tracking the actions of the patient.

Any person that has a rare blood type, the medical field could track and monitor the person for a possible transfusion request. Anyone who has been diagnosed with a STD could be tracked, traced and be observed for contacts, transmissions and the spread of diseases.

With STANDARDIZED HEALTH CARE, EVERY PERSON WOULD HAVE TO BE MONITORED, TRACKED AND TRACED. Repeating, everyone's information would have to be entered into a computer, tracked and followed from infancy to after death. This would be almost impossible by entering information into books, files or documents like in the past. This would have to be done in an instant and has to be also entered into a data-base computer system. Some people would call a computer like this a "Beast-Computer-System", because it could cause all to bow, to prevent people from doing certain things and controlling the lives of people.

The Welfare System

The Welfare System is a way of taking from those who have and work for what they have and give it to those who do not have, not able to have, not able to work. not willing to work or have fallen through the social order.

Dishonesty has gripped the government and social scenes, causing waste, un-needed taxation and lots of red tape. Fraud exists throughout the welfare, medicare and food assistance programs. People go from one agency to another then to another getting benefits and handouts from all of them. People in dire need actually go without because some exploit the hand-out and give-out programs, leaving not enough for all the people.

The women with multiple children are receiving assistance and entitlement for the children which do not seem to have a father. The time is NOW to have the RFID CHIPS installed in the recipients of welfare, medicare, food-stamps, entitlement programs and assistance programs. The people could be scanned to receive medical benefits, scan to receive food and then be scanned to find and trace the fathers, mothers and responsible people.

There are people that really need help and assistance, but the government is becoming broke, going deeper in debt and borrowing more money to avoid bankrupcy. The tracking, monitoring and tracing the actions of those on the receiving end of welfare must be accountable.

Some people have no clue about welfare, medicare and entitlement programs. These systems are failing due to dishonesty, corruption and fraudulence. People are hard to track, monitor and govern to what they buy, how they live and what they eat. The step that will be coming in the near future is THE RFID CHIP. The RFID CHIP will trace their actions, be connected to data bases to connect them with kin and responsible persons, trace their movement, govern what they buy and sell, allow scanning at certain points thoughout cities and allow scanning to access complete medical information.

The Terrorism and Government Enemies

The Terrorism and Government Enemies are reported almost hourly on the news. Threats from hostile governments, insane people and those who are trying to destroy. There are reports of heavily armed, military dressed people storming into buildings, campuses and theaters killing numerous people.

The problems grow, but most of the people in the world are not terrorist or enemies but just law-abiding citizens that keep items for personal defense. When there are laws, RFID Chips embedded and restrictions that go against those basic ideals, then something must either be understood as being changed for the better or make adjustments in the laws to accommodate those basic foundations. When the governments start considering ciitzens as corrupt, evil, terrorist, enemies should be the time that the citizens should start looking into who is the government and what is their purpose.

Control of the thoughts....control of the minds... control of the media... control of the information...control of free speech.... means control of the people too .

The Religious System

Most Christians have been taught that Jesus will come back before the MARK OF THE BEAST and the Beast system. Why would Christians be warned not to involved or take the mark if they would not be here? If someone said that there are sharks near the surf at the beach and to not to go in swimming, would you not believe that there are sharks really in the water and that that the person had reason to be in the ocean?

The Christian people seem to be in denial and would not believe that anything could happen to them. All of the 12 Disciples of Jesus, with maybe the exception of John, had their lives ended in cruel, painful ways. What makes these Christians of today think that they are more important than the Disciples that died horrible deaths?

The RFID CHIPs are here ! These chips are becoming and are part of the lives of anyone who buys, sells and consumes. The Christian People are warned over and over not to become involved in the system. The governments of the world spend great wealth in controlling the people, movement and minds. NOW, the time has come to put RFID CHIPS everywhere, including trucks, cars, merchandise and yes, even the people. The governments must have control, must track every movement and must track the wealth.

Churches are not teaching preparation for the future, for not getting the chips and not being part of the Beast System. Most of the people in churches do not even know of the technology that is part of the world, but are being consumed into the world evils.

Corruption has become part of the organized religions and money has become the main reason for the churches' existence. The organized religions have warnings from previous writings but refuse to heed the warning and to prepare for the duration of the end.

Now, the churches are even becoming part of the ideas that they had taught so long to resist. The churches are now accepting credit and debit cards, cashless transactions and e-payments. Some of the churches are now requiring their workers to receive a RFID Chip for identification purposes.

Terrorism and War

It is harder and harder to tell who is evil or who is a friend, neighbor or relative. Whether it is a visitor from another country or a teacher, it is hard to recognize a person to be a terrorist or a person who would do bodily harm.

The RFID CHIP is being used to track cars, trucks, vehicles, cell phones, merchandise, the buying and selling, movement and every other way that can be used to monitor of those people of interest. These are people of interest.

The data bases and computers are compiling information to what people are buying and selling by using advanced technology of profiling. The data bases are tied together for quick access of information to search certain criteria relating to a person, purchase, merchandise, destination, affiliation, accounts, money, exchange or other information deemed necessary.

Also the ECHELON system can monitor all cell phone calls while the computerized system can pick out certain words that would alert officials of possible activities. The officials then can pull up the data bases of purchases, bank accounts and selling history to track and follow the suspect in question.

The use of RFID CHIPS can track and monitor suspects around the globe, as long a scanning is accessible. The Chips can also be implanted into the person, into the garments worn or can be traced with the person's cell phone to track, monitor and to trace the person and activities.

The technology is reasoned as providing PEACE AND SECURITY, but there are always loopholes and false suspects. The information given with the RFID Chips and data bases put all and everyone as suspects, none exempt. Everyone is being traced, tracked and monitored as terrorist, anti-social and crime committing persons.

Commercialism, Cell Phones, Retail and Tracking

Commercialism, retail and tracking has become part of the way businesses do business. The companies now follow people by putting RFID CHIPS in products that people buy so that they can track the customer's buying habits. A RFID CHIP can be inserted into a coat then the coat would be worn to other stores. Mrs, X would buy the coat for $50 and wear the coat to go to another store. The scanner would pick up that code and then gather the information to what she bought at that store and then another. If paying by credit or debit card, the tracking goes even further as to the address, the income level, the types of merchandise being bought, race, area codes, telephone numbers and more information. So now, the companies can target those who spend on certain items, that have a certain income level, have a certain education or those who travel the world.

The store cards do the same tracking, but within the store level, but still gathers information for the purpose of commercialism. The information goes to databases, but with new laws, the information could be accessed by the federal governments for the purpose of tracking, tracing and information profiling.

In the movie, the "Conspiracy Theory", the so-called Federal agents that were involved in the MKultra brain washing experiments tracked by using the cell phone and by pulling up information through data bases to what book that the guy bought and at which store. This movie was made years ago and the technology has grown to locate precisely the location, the tracing and tracking of the person, satellite surveillance and cellphone computer recording.


Questions to ask yourself:

Will you take the RFID implant? Do you think that the government controls your life? Do you consider yourself a non-conformist? Do you consider the Bible's authority of being wrong to be in the beast system?

Can you survive without buying or selling from a store? Do you think that you can survive without Social Security, Welfare, medical attention from an organized institution, a retirement check, bank account, without cash or without modern transportation? If you can not, you might consider yourself in the beast system. If it seems that the government is in control of your life, your decisions or your future, you might consider yourself in the beast system.

Questions like this will bring about debate and concern, but people are in the world, controlled by corruption and dishonesty. These people want control and wealth. They want to control each and every part of the society and lives of others. People are in this world, are part of it and must either find another place to live, a different lifestyle, educate themselves of how to live without the system and do it or fall in the place of the beast society.

If you are going to be a non-conformist, it is going to be a hard road, a very narrow and rough road. Not being able to buy or sell with out some sort of id is almost here. The cash transactions are drying up and the cashless society is almost here. Going to the doctor, hospital, dentist, getting driver's license, fishing license, owning a house or getting certain items are getting more difficult do obtain and process, especially with out some sort of government issued id. State id's are becoming required to have RFID Chips installed in them, so in the near future, tracking and monitoring will becoming evident everywhere.

In the near future, obtaining food, water, clothes and medical attention without RFID Chips or proper Federal Id will be almost impossible. Having vaccines could be mandatory and those not conforming to the laws could be enemies of the state. With more and more people that are on Earth now, which is now more than 7 billion people, the less food and resources will be available to divide out to the multitudes. Economic problems will also become a factor for those without a required RFID CHIP. Without being able to buy or sell, there will have to be other ways of obtaining the required items for survival.

All people will have to decide what the future holds. Each person will have to decide how important it will be to have medical coverage, doctor visits, food, water, gas, car, transportation and anything else that might be desired.


Did you know that this type of technology existed before reading this article ?

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Could you survive in this world without being able to buy or sell ?

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Do you think there is any relationship to Revelation of the Bible to the RFID CHIP ?

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Do you think that a person could survive in this world with out bowing to the government rules ?

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Do you think that it would be wrong to have a RFID CHIP implanted in your body ?

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    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 5 years ago

      Some Christians like to think they'll be caught up in the air (The Rapture) before things get too hard (during end times), but that sounds like wishful thinking to me. As you mentioned, why else would we have been warned about the mark of the beast, and not being able to buy and sell during the last days? I will do some research on my own about this Obamacare/microchip thing. I'm not surprised by it, but this is the first time I'd heard that it is law. Thank you for writing such an informative article. I also watched some of the videos. This stuff scares me, but it is always better to be forewarned. Voting up!

    • profile image

      Unknown 5 years ago

      The US GOVT is going insane i am sick of their crap


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