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I Am Here

Updated on January 15, 2020
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Kari enjoys writing poetry. There is a certain freedom in poetry because you don't always have to follow the rules.

I wrote this article in 2009. It hit its 10 year anniversary last year. I feel it is more relevant now than it was 10 years ago. Although the videos are dated, I think they are worth watching. They show that no matter how much changes, things remain the same.

Who Decided We Hate Each Other?

I Am Here

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

We are but a trickle in the wave that will come, must come,

if change is to happen. A tsunami to overcome the greed and hate

that tumbles us down and out, dams us in our place, surges over our backs

with care-worn worry. Like the waves brought forth by Poseidon’s trident,

a maelstrom swirls the world. Cleansing showers of truth must occur,

before our waterfall of tears overflow the oceans and drown us all.

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

As the flood waters well, I am here.

Tell me again, I forgot, who decided we hated others?

Who decided killing was good? Who sent us and kept us at war?

Ares, why did you infect us with your violence?

Why have you sent your vultures and dogs into our midst?

I didn’t hate, I didn’t want to kill, I didn’t want to overcome.

I don’t fight unless someone threatens me and mine…

mine family, mine friends, mine world…fighting is the last defense.

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

The war continues, I am here.

Greed-The Great Betrayal

I am not angry at my brother, my sister, my friend, my country.

I am concerned with the ones who perpetuate the greed, the

malinformation, the hate and misalignment…the ones who believe in

their own importance over everyone else’s. I am troubled by the ones

who feel their children deserve better than yours and mine. Who loosed

these wolves of Mammon on our world? Who bought into this Plutocracy?

I wish they were faceless, nameless, unknown…but I know too much and too many.

Friends, they called themselves as they tried to buy my soul.

Thinking the world was of one mind, they tempted me.

Soulless broken vessels leaking lies upon my ears.

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

In the face of betrayal, I am here.

You want to be Zeus

All alone on your throne!
All alone on your throne!

I am angry with you, my “friends”. I cannot condone your ways.

We are not alike and unless you change we never will be . . .

for I want not to be like you.

I refuse, I decline, I ostracize your way of thinking.

My thoughts reside on a different plane,

as far from you as another world, another universe.

You aspire to be Zeus, reigning from Mount Olympus.

I endeavor to be Prometheus, to give your fire to all mortals.

You look to Kydoimos, Eris and Phobos to cripple for gain.

I seek Metis, the Charities, Alethia to heal this world.

But beware Nemesis, my “friends”, for her day will come.

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

To share the fire, I am here.

You May Not Have Me

Still Happy!  You May NOT own me!
Still Happy! You May NOT own me!

My reality is foolishness in your mind, naïve and gullible.

Your reality is abhorred, despised, detested in mine. You worked hard…oh really?

So do I…harder than you will ever realize. I work to not become one of you.

My choice…my life…my soul! You work hard to have it all. You may take all,

but you will never have my soul. Use me as a workhorse, try to break my spirit.

Whip me, beat me, spit on me…you will never own me. Lock me up forever

and throw away the key, but I will still be me. And I will never join you.

Send me, as Persephone, through the gates of hell and still you may not have my soul.

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

My fate is mine own, I am here.

It's not a game!
It's not a game!

Do you think that silver spoon was the only one…do you have no choice?

I did, I do…I would rather struggle than be one of you.

When you speak to us with such contempt, know that I love.

When you look down from you lofty hospice, know that I live.

And when you justify your life to your children, know that I tell mine truth.

We come from the same place. We each struggle to stay upright as

we fight the winds of strife. We each labor for happiness.

I have found mine…can you have the same confidence?

One day our lives flash by in a second. Will you see contentment?

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

In truth, I am here.

Lay Down the Keys And Live

Know that however you cause anguish on me and mine,

if you would like, we would welcome you with open arms.

Celebrations fit for the prodigal son, light and laughter

could be yours. Just lay down the keys…the key of hate,

the key of greed, the key of pride. Shiny distractions from

real life. Lay down your shiny keys and join our world.

It is not perfect, but together we can make it better…and better.

Till our children’s children’s children can live without fear.

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

In forgiveness, I am here.

from rocky river to clear blue sea, we can overcome
from rocky river to clear blue sea, we can overcome

As the rapids disappear into the lazy river,

and the lazy river winds down to the great sea,

the day will come when we must all be together as one.

The day when humanity wins over greed, when humility

wins over pride. The day when the keeper of the keys is

no longer welcome unless willing to open the doors and

destroy the locks. The keys destroyed may we be free.

Read me like a book for I am here, now,

today I stand counted and accounted for.

With humanity, I am here.

A Dream for a Better World

© 2009 Kari Poulsen


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