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Reasons to be Alarmed About Earth Changes and What to Do

Updated on December 28, 2011

Why are there so many hurricanes and other extreme weather patterns all around the world?The Gulf Stream has been so greatly altered lately, and many in the scientific community have discovered that our weather and climate is being altered drastically. The excessive burning of fossil fuels and wastes from factories creates a hazardous condition affecting the air that we breathe and water that we drink. Wastes and chemicals, along with oil spills, have caused a slowing of once fast moving warm water currents in the Gulf that affect weather, a climate globally. and the food chains that we all depend upon, are all major problems to be faced.

The protective barrier that once encircled the planet called the Ozone Layer, has been decimated by the excretion of wastes and burned chemical proliferation of many huge factories around the globe, and more recently discovered to excess, in China. We know of these harmful effects, yet we seem to do little, if anything, in preventing or at least curbing these activities. World organizations that have met, have not been so determined in enforcing the dumping of wastes products into the oceans, controlling air pollution and many other negative activities carried about by countries around the world. We have allowed political issues to prevent appropriate response to these severe problems.

Not only does this affect the Gulf Stream which is responsible in maintaining a constant climate and the provision of valuable fresh waters that help grow crops, but also may well have a dire effect upon wlild life and fish, that we are all so dependent upon for feeding the people of our world. Killer hurricanes and tornadoes have become vastly increased in number on a yearly basis, and even earth crust changes have been brought about by our wasteful habits and carelessness in oil spills and exploding nuclear weapons. The wanton drilling of deep wells all across the continents and use of explosives and chemicals harmful to our environment, all have contributed to our very self-destruction. our own country has tampered with experimentation that have had harmful results, also on weather, and we have seen a big change in climate patterns.

Scientists have proven that the warm ocean currents that our planet so depends upon, have been severely affected by our lack of care. Global warming is a real and continuing threat to civilization, as we now know it. The European continent is also gravely affected by these changes in the warm water currents provided by the Gulf Stream. It is all being altered at an alarming rate.The pumping of raw wastes and bad chemicals into oceans by some companies, has killed life that we all need to sustain human life. Fish, krill, that other larger fish need to consume and plankton, that is so important in the natural food chain, and in creating oxygen that provides the air we need to survive, is being destroyed on a daily basis. Commercial enterprise is being drastically affected and several fishing fleets have been shut down altogether. The melting of huge tracts of ice and glaciers is progressing at an ever increasing speed and is also brought about by poor habits and pollution in the oceans waters around the globe. Underground and ocean geological changes are affecting the earth crust and causing quakes and eruption of volcanoes at an ever increasing rate about the globe. These are all influenced by our experimentation, wasteful habits and neglect in what we should be doing for our future world and its people.

Why do we complain about bad weather, drought and all of our water sources that are seeming to dry up all over the globe, earth quakes, and tsunamis, poor oxygen levels over or near large cities, strange new viral problems and diseases, and world wide panic? The fact is simple, if we really take the time to examine them. We are doing it to ourselves. It is not simply nature and a natural progression of events that have been going on, since time began. We are responsible in the greater part, for all of the most recent dilemmas.

What should we now do to change these harmful events that seem to plague us all?

Stop drilling in deep water for oil. Stop pumping chemicals and waste products into the ocean's waters. Stop deforestation and removing the valuable greenery that helps provide the good oxygen that we breathe. This also kills off many bird and mammal species in our food chain.Cut down on huge factory wastes and burning fossil fuels. Use alternate sources for transportation and commerce such as wind and solar power. Cold fusion also has many great possibilities. Concentrate on the most critical problems and help to solve them first, such as water pollution and air pollution. Develop new and more cost efficient methods in distillation of salt water into fresh water. Use electric cars more and electric forms of transportation in large cities. Monitor ocean currents much more and make the right decisions in policing wasteful dealers on the seas and those from whose factories pollute around the globe. Take the appropriate action needed and quit debating about what to do!write letters to congress, make phone calls, write editorials, contact friends and family members and get them to help. Sign petitions and have community discussions about how to solve some of these problems. Make E-mails and get on the internet with others of like interests in helping solve these great problems that threaten our future existence.

We have one earth and we are responsible for it!. We must leave our children and theirs, a cleaner world and more safe for them all to grow and thrive. We are the stewards and caretakers of our world, and we have the responsibility in keeping it safe. This is a world wide responsibility and not for just one country to deal with. It must be agreed upon by all of the world's peoples for our very survival! What a shame that we have developed to a point in our civilization, only to possibly destroy ourselves before we can fully appreciate our achievements! What legacy do we leave our descendants? It is up to us right now!


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    • Writerexpert21 profile image

      Writerexpert21 6 years ago from Pakistan

      Well If its sign of qiyamah(Judgement) then we should repent of our bad deeds. May Allah Take us to right path and let us help and pray for each other :)

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 6 years ago from United States

      I received a notice that I had excessive number of tags on my hub, however, they are all related to the content that I have written..thank you very much!