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Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Not Be The Democratic Nominee

Updated on October 19, 2015

Lead Dog

By the looks of things as they stand now Hillary Clinton is the odds on favorite to win the Democratic nomination for president of the United States from her party. Just as at this juncture in 2008 she has a commanding lead over her opponents and appears to be on her way to winning the nomination and running against the Republican nominee who at the present time, if you can believe what you see, will be Donald Trump (although there is significant doubt that his current lead will stand the test of time).

But as solid as Clinton's lead may look now there is a very prominent chance that she could lose her lead as she did in 2008 and once again end up as the former leading candidate. It happened once and there is high probability that it could happen again.

Hillary Clinton

No Clinton Zone

As quiet as it is kept American voters do not want another Clinton in the White House. Although Bill Clinton was good president outside of his moral dalliances in the Oval Office his flirtation with impeachment concerning the Monica Lewinsky situation along with Whitewater and other scandals left a bad taste in American voters' mouths and that will affect their attitude toward Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons even left the White House under controversial circumstances involving the pardoning of certain convicted felons and taking china and furniture from the White House.

To say the Clintons have worn out their welcome is putting it mildly. Truth be told Americans are simply tired of the Clintons being in the public eye and in public office. Truth be told quite frankly many Americans feel it is someone else's turn to serve and that the Clintons have had more than their fair share of time in the limelight. Hillary herself has been a state's First Lady (Arkansas), the nation's First Lady, a United States senator and United States Secretary of State and many people feel that is enough for one person. And I must say I agree. In the minds of many people for her to want to now be President of the United States is asking a bit much and just being downright greedy. And again I must agree with that.

To be honest Hillary's 15 minutes of fame has been more like 2 hours and it is time for her to step aside and let someone else have a crack at it. As the race continues it is very likely that is exactly what will develop.

Hillary Clinton Debating Barack Obama In 2008

America Not Ready -- Not Yet

An unspoken truth in America is that it is not ready for a woman president especially following the first African American president in American history. Truth be told America is ready to go back to an Anglo-Saxon male head of state. many people are thinking it but few people are willing to admit it.

As unfair as it may seem or be American voters are ready to return to their "comfort zone" of a white male in the Oval Office. They have been "outside of the box" for 8 years and they are more than ready to go back to what they have been accustomed to. Hillary's time in all likelihood may have passed. The 2008 election was the prime time for a "non-traditional" candidate to gain the White House and unfortunately fate and destiny chose Barack Obama not Hillary Clinton. Now, for all intent and purpose, that window of opportunity is closed.

Hillary Clinton At A Book Signing In 2014

Benghazi Handicap

An obvious and apparent truth that must be acknowledged and recognized is that the Benghazi incident has a death grip on Hillary Clinton and it is not letting go. It has dogged her trail since it happened and by the looks of things it will continue to do so. And you best believe the Republican political machine is going to do everything its power to make sure that is exactly what happens. And it is this incident and its never-ending relevance and existence that will be the primary detriment to Clinton being an electable candidate to the general electorate. Democrats may be willing to forgive her and overlook it but Independents and "blue" republicans probably are not going to be so generous.

Benghazi is an albatross around Hillary's neck and unfortunately it is very likely to choke the life out of her campaign and presidential hopes and aspirations. her performance at the upcoming hearings could help her case but it is more than likely it will not. Right now the truth is most Americans have chosen their side on the issue and are not likely to change it after her testimony.

Hillary Clinton On Meet The Press Discussing Private Emails

Non-Personal Persona

Hillary Clinton has always had a problem with her image in the public eye. She has always been perceived as aloof, distanced and detached. Even when her husband Bill Clinton was running for president in 1992 she came across as "stand offish" which was in stark contrast to her husband who was a very likable, personable individual. At the time they seemed to be polar opposites personality wise and it rubbed many Americans the wrong way. Her infamous statement about "staying home and baking cookies" offended many woman and mothers who took her comment as a slant against housewives and created a serious publicity problem for her husband Bill.

Everyone knows a president has to be warm, hospitable and personable but to this day these qualities remain issues for Hillary Clinton to overcome in the public's eye. And they are key issues for her to overcome to become president.

4) her detached/aloof persona is a turn-off to too many people---sorry but Hillary comes across as an aristocrat although she is from humble beginnings

The 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates

The Age Factor

A problem that exists with all of the most qualified Democratic candidates (Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden [even though he has not officially entered the race]) is their ages. Sanders and Biden are 74 and 73 respectively and Clinton will be turning 68 later this month. If any of them won the presidential election next year in january of 2017 when they would enter office, Sanders would be 75, Biden would be 74 and Clinton would be 69. That is a serious problem.

Everyone knows what a grueling job being President of the United States is. it is a job for the fittest and most virile candidate. All of these candidates, no matter how wonderfully they are doing for their age, are still elderly and are likely to develop health problems under the intense conditions of being the leader of the western hemisphere and the world. It is wishful thinking on thier part to think that they could perform the job of president like someone 20 years their junior. And it is this fact alone that pretty much rules out all of the most qualified candidates on the democratic side of the ledger leaving a younger candidate as a more viable option.

These truths may be bitter pills to swallow but they are truths that can't be ignored or denied and when the dust settles we will find them front and center in the discussion of who will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016 and the way it looks now it won't be Hillary Clinton..

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