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5 Reasons Why I Should Ride a Horse Over Driving a Car

Updated on April 26, 2012

A Nuclear Explosion

A nuclear explosion
A nuclear explosion

Should I Ride or Should I Drive?

A valid question one must ask as we move closer toward World War III is: Should I learn to ride a horse, or should I continue drive a car?

Why is this a valid question?

If you stay current with the news, you may have heard of the escalating threats from Iran and North Korea against anyone that opposes them. Many call their empty threats "sabre rattling" despite the fact that they do consider western countries (including the U.S.) their enemies, and would destroy us in a moment's notice, if given the chance.

One reason to keep us around is that we continue to pay for oil in the Middle East. We are dependent on this resource, and as long we continue to pay, there is no need to start war.

An Old Gasoline Can

Old gasoline can
Old gasoline can

A Fine Horse to Ride


Dependence on Oil & Gas

Let's say that World War III began, and our enemies set us back to day one by shutting off our electronic capabilities.

Would this shock us and wake us up to the reality that we are dependent on oil and gasoline?

Perhaps this is reason enough to start moving away from oil dependence, and start moving back toward energy independence.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to have to make a fire every night by rubbing two sticks together.

So consider the following reasons to make a contribution to moving away from oil & gas.

5 Reasons to Ride a Horse Over Driving a Car

Here are five good reasons to switch to riding a horse over driving a car:

  1. An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Shockwave would kill a car in seconds. However, a horse would survive in a post-apocalyptic energy-deficient scenario.
  2. The byproduct of a horse is manure – good for the soil. The byproduct of a car is carbon dioxide – a toxic pollutant.
  3. If more people switched to horses, we would be less dependent on oil and the countries that supply it.
  4. Horses promote more of a social life. People can talk to passing riders way easier than talking from car to car with the windows rolled up.
  5. The upfront costs, lifetime repairs, interest payments, maintenance, and fuel is cheaper if you buy a horse, than if you choose the automobile counterpart.

Why Should I Change?

You don't have to live under a rock to see that the world is not a nice place, and there are countries that consider the U.S. a threat.

It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to know that the U.S. cannot continue to "spend its way out of debt." That never works.

If you don't want to have to wake up one morning to a nuclear fallout, you don't have buy a horse to take action. Instead, consider electing a leader that values all human life and does not support wealth re-distribution.

Find out who will stand up for people's individual rights to religious freedoms and will not simply make political decisions with personal motives and hidden agendas.


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