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Rebecca Long-Bailey: Vows to Abolish House of Lords.

Updated on January 13, 2020

Labour Leader Hopeful: Rebecca Long-Bailey.

As the Labour leadership contents rage on, the so-called continuation of Corbynism candidate, RLB (Rebecca Long-Bailey) has spoken. Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, RLB has vowed to scrap the 'House of Lords' should she ever be Prime Minister.

The House of Lords is an un-elected chamber where MPs, someone of note, etc, gets nominated to sit in that chamber, presiding over different bills, representing political parties. The issue of the House of Lords divides opinion across the political spectrum. Some see it as a place of resistance to the House of Commons over controversial bills, while others see it as a useless talking shop.

Many in the House of Lords, are hereditary peers often derived from the aristocracy. These members of the House of Lords have the right to sit in this chamber because their ancestors always have.

In the conversation with Sophy Ridge, RLB said she refuted the moniker of being called the successor of Jeremy Corbyn and everything he stood for. She stated she hated the disaffection of Labour Jews because of real or alleged anti-Semitism during the tenure of Jeremy Corbyn.

There needed to be "checks and balances" in politics RLB continued, obviously referencing 'The House of Lords' amongst other things. Many candidates have stepped forward to replace the outgoing Corbyn.

Two hopefuls who may not make the count, are Emily Thornberry and Clive Lewis. Leadership candidates need 22 votes from Labour MPs or MEPs to get through to the next round of the contest. Keir Starmer is by far the firm favourite and possibly RLB is not far behind in recent polls. Outspoken Brummie Jess Phillips could also be a contender or possibly deputy leader, as there is a vacancy there also. Tom Watson quit as Deputy Leader due to him feeling he was being forced out and other reasons.

Whoever wins the Labour leadership contest will be in opposition for possibly 5 years. In that time, the new leader will have to unite all wings of Labour and at the same time, reconnect with the electorate.

Current Leadership Favourite: Keir Starmer.


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