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Recession Reality

Updated on July 30, 2011

21st Century Good Times?

Are you amoung the many who have felt no relief from the recession? ..even though our esteemed American experts & scorekeepers insist that the recession ended in June, 2009 ..and even though they've also declared that you are doing just fine now, and enjoying good times.

It's difficult not to choke over even writing that statement, since everyone I know, and even strangers I speak with in public places, say they are stuggling as much, if not more than ever! Thus, it appears that surviving the so-called 21st century 'good times' is the new American way of life..

Real-Life Reality Survivors?

So, maybe it's time we get down to the brass tacks of not just learning to deal with 'doing without', but accepting the reality of life for average people in this new century. Maybe it's time we take a longer, harder look at how our grandparents & their children survived the Great Depression. The first thing that comes to my mind, is remembering the stories of how the people came together, shared what they did have, and learned to improvise for what they didn't have. Though we are a different, more cynical society today, I believe that we can do it, and must do it.. if for no reason than making an effort to attain a semblance of security for our children. Afterall, they've known nothing other than recessionary times.. and they will carry the residuals of this mess with them into their adult-hoods. They are the ones who will, otherwise, want to know why their parents & elders didn't at least make an effort to change what has now become a real-life reality survivor show..

a more positive note????

Also, remembering the old-timers' stories.. and on a more positive note, (for us), our times are not as bleak as theirs were! If you are reading this hub, you are doing much better than many of your neighbors, etc., since owning a computer, and paying for internet service has become (or is rapidly becomming) an unatainable luxury for many Americans today. Hopefully, none of our children are wearing cardboard in their shoes yet.. and we haven't sunk to having to eat our pets. Though, I dare say homelessness is at an all time high since the Great Depression, and that many Americans are currently living in even less than sub-standard conditions, such as abandoned properties, shacks, chicken coops, etc..

There, but for the grace of...

I can understand that one might wonder why someone would paint what may seem to some, a dismal, seemingly negative, 'downer picture' like this hub.. However, now and then we must not just see or hear what's going on around us, but we must take a long, hard look at it.. and realize that 'There, but for the grace of whoever or whatever it is that we believe in, go we' ..for until we accept reality, we can't begin to change it.

My next hub will be advice and tips for surviving todays' Reality..


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    • G.L.A. profile image

      Geri Anderson 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank You Danette! We'll get through these times.. together!

    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 6 years ago from Illinois

      Nicely written hub. I too hear from many people I talk to that they are not experiencing any 'upturn' in the economy. Curious to see what tips and advice you'll give in your next hub.