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Red Flag Laws and What they are Really About

Updated on August 7, 2019
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Betty is a Biblical scholar who has been sharing her personal studies since 2007.

Red Flag


What A Red Flag Represents

In my home state of Florida, a red flag on any beach is a warning to swimmers of severe and dangerous conditions.

The Democrat's are calling for serious "Red Flag," laws, and the fact that they are pushing so hard for these laws should concern every American as the democrat's are taking the United States of America into very dangerous waters.

The Democrat's Red Flag Laws

After the recent shootings in El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio, the democrat's have been demanding "Red Flag" laws.

According to the New York Times:

What are red flag laws?

They are state laws that authorize courts to issue a special type of protection order, allowing the police to temporarily confiscate firearms from people who are deemed by a judge to be a danger to themselves or to others.

In case anyone hasn't been paying attention, democrat's, along with their propagandist news networks have been calling the President of the United States of America and all his supporters, "White Nationalists." Which automatically places all Trump supporters under the Red Flag Laws.

Yesterday, Nicole Wallace of MSNBC outright lied when she announced on her show that President Trump want's to "exterminate Latino's."

Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker have all been speaking about Red Flag Laws to remove guns from "dangerous Americans" for months. Meanwhile, they are calling all Trump supporters "dangerous Americans."

Yesterday Cory Booker demanded that President Trump not hold any more "racist," rallies.

A few days before that, Bernie Sanders chastised President Trump after he denounced "white supremacy." Sander's stated that the President "must stop criticizing," the fact that the democrat's are flooding our nation with illegals, and they are using Taxpayer dollars to do it.

Do you see what is unfolding right before our eyes?

To All American's

We all want to see gun violence stopped. Not only the violence that we witnessed this past weekend, but also the gun violence that happens in Chicago Illinois on a weekly basis.

CBS Chicago reported on Monday that over this past weekend:

7 Killed, 46 Wounded In Weekend Shootings; ‘It’s Destroying The Fiber Of Our Communities.

The shootings in Chicago this past weekend were mainly "black on black," crime.

These shootings were mostly not reported on major news network's because they do not uphold the democrat's "white nationalists" narrative.

Power Grab

The Red Flag Laws Are A Power Grab

If you are a Trump supporter, you fall under the "Red Flag," laws.

If you are a Christian, you fall under the "Red Flag," laws.

If you speak out against the democrat's policies, you fall under the "Red Flag," laws.

If the democrat's get their way, they will strip all American's of their First and Second Amendment rights.

This does not only apply to Republican's. It will affect all American's.

If the people of Baltimore speak out against Elijah Cumming's robbing them of millions of dollars meant to better their community and help them overcome poverty, they will be under the "Red Flag," flag laws.

Wake up America. Time is short.

Turn back to God before it's too late. If the democrat's get their Red Flag law's passed, they will have silenced all of America and next we will see the demonic New World Order complete.

Pray for our President and our nation.

All American's of all races need to stand united.


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