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Red Rock, White Man: The Caucasian Quest for Exploring Mars

Updated on November 15, 2016

This Side of Mars


In Another (Red) World

Now that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has discovered liquid water on the surface of Mars, what possibilities will spring up regarding this finding? How will the human race relate to the once thought of barren land that is millions of miles away? The root of the imagining mind comprehends the notion of life on this planet and the endless thought of what could be. It’s a significant detection which brings to the fore the idea that we may reach Mars in a manned mission. The red planet has to offer us the potential to dream and wonder about the lands beyond our atmosphere. But the real question is will Blacks and browns be ready to visit the red planet? What will be the outcome of the discovery of the life liquid that appears in streaks? The Blacks and browns who inhabit prison houses might actually be the first in line to enjoy a first class trip to Mars. For all the studies and tests that must be administered, the guinea pigs would have to be Negroes and Hispanics. Or they'll stay here on Earth. As the white man has raped and pillaged the landscape, he will leave the earth in the hands of darker skinned races and he might take the yellows and the reds along with him. The Blacks and browns will fight over turf, the colors of their shirts, and anything else that depreciates in value. For those who do not support the space race or the exploration of our solar system and the universe at large, they don’t have to worry about going along for the ride. They will have to squabble over the rubble left by whites. They will have to fend for themselves without the supervision of the white man. His burden will be lifted as he becomes the sole force to lay down laws and establish order on the red rock.

Though it has been established upon previous explorations that water once flowed over the vast channels of Mars, it was locked in ice caps. It's no wonder that the film The Martian (2015) features a white man being sent to Mars and faced with the reality of surviving on his own. Whites would not allow a Colored or Latino/a man or woman to be projected as a thinking person of action. Black incompetence and brown misunderstanding will keep these peoples grounded on Mother Earth. The confident, cocksure attitude of the white man will propel him to greater heights. Life will imitate art. Except the future for travel to Mars will be filled with missions that will be successful and well planned and coordinated. Reds and yellows will merely serve in roles to assist and aid the white man in all of his endeavors. And that white on white hate will spill out onto the Martian surface, oh yes. He will implement laws, devise constitutions, and bring about property rights. His vision for a more perfect union may be materialized with the efforts of his most prized possession: the white woman. She will encourage him to take into account that their very existence rests on his ability to employ reason. Will Blacks and browns be able to make do with the leftovers back on Earth? Maybe. First, they will have to find a way to not be distracted by spinning rims, low riders, and bass laden music compositions.

With the news that a destination with water sources and potentially dangerous salts piques the interest of math and science leaning whites, yellows, and reds, Blacks and browns could care less. They're too focused on the latest pair of Air Jordans and what player to pick for their fantasy football teams. No, African Americans and Spanish speaking peoples in the United States view this revelation as simply the white man preparing for the day he leaves them behind. So, it's up to Blacks and browns to turn around their stagnancy. They ought to study STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and see if they qualify for Mensa. They ought to acknowledge the legacies of Guion Bluford and Ellen Ochoa. Such inquires into the minds of Blacks and browns who came before might spark their brains into wanting to learn more.


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