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Redemption: The Long Road Ahead

Updated on November 7, 2012

A Cause For Concern

Here in America, the day after the 2012 Presidential Election is only the beginning of the next chapter of our journey to our total economic recovery. With an incumbent President there's no lame duck session to go through, so President Obama can hit the ground running to continue what began January 20, 2009. Hopefully the US Congress will get their act together with all of the new faces, coming into Congress in January 2013. Minus a few Tea party agitators out of the picture, maybe both chambers of Congress and the country as a whole can avoid what could surely be an impending financially fiscal cliff.

Clearly with the House Republicans failing at their once stated mission to make President Obama a one term president, cooler heads will prevail and we'll avoid another debt ceiling debacle. With the removal of a few dissenting voices that only stirred the divisive riff within our nation's leaders, maybe now they'll return to doing the business of the people that sent them to Washington in the first place. Which is to the best of my understanding, what the framers of the US Constitution intended to put in place under our system of democracy. Besides the senior legislators know that in Washington, in an election season their job security is proportionate to how well they do the job representing their constituents.

While the Republican Party maybe saddened by their candidate for President of the United States, losing to the incumbent president. Deep down in places they don't talk about in public, the GOP leaders had to know that their candidate was tremendously flawed. Yet they thought enough of him and showed such utter disdain for the voters, to give him the shot at the title. They weighed their options and thought that he might have the best chance of beating President Obama however slim the odds were, due to his potential political shortcomings. Clearly his shortcomings turned in to political landmines (liabilities) that ultimately caused his campaign to implode or come unhinged on election night.

As an independent by personal preference, I leaned toward the democrats because President Obama clearly was the best option in this election season. I could be "the I told you so" guy, but there's no need for it at this point. Mitt Romney is or was his own best & worst political ally/liability, but for the most part his consistent nature of flip-flopping on important issues left voters with a lack of trust in his questionable moral character. While I must say that through the course of the campaign I've enjoyed writing about the stark contrasts between the candidates in this particular Presidential race.

Now is not the time for Republicans to be sore losers, but the opportunity to change for the better their overall Congressional approval ratings. Not to be left alone and out in the cold are the disappointed Republican voters / supporters, it's time to put on your collective big boy pants and deal with the fact that Mitt Romney lost in a fair & square race. Because we the people of these here United States, exercised our right to vote on whom our leaders should be in a democratic way. Just because President Obama won his re-election bid, the world will go on unless our heavenly father says otherwise so deal with it!


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