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Redistrubution of Wealth by Merwin

Updated on October 16, 2011

My good friend Les said...

Les Scott

Let me get this straight. If we increase taxes on the ultra rich, they won't be able to create jobs for the rest of the country (notice I didn't say for me ;). I'll bite on that.

So, the richest 1% now own 40% of the wealth in the U.S. and the last administration lowered their taxes. When should we expect those jobs?

I am gonna throw my opinion into the mix a little, here is the way that it makes sense to me.

It is all about cash flow, if the affluent have the money to invest in projects that generate jobs, they are more likely to do so because of their abundance. They do so because they want their wealth to grow, and because by doing so the wealth that they have has another tax shelter. Also with good cash flow they are more likely to buy things for themselves that are fun for them, which may also create or keep jobs.

I do not begrudge the rich their blessed abundance, it is their desire to have more, that does create jobs.

Beyond that, I would remove or heavily modify, most of the government restrictions that are killing the small businesses. If we are really serious about redistributing wealth in this country let us begin there.

Just one example might be government sponsored workers compensation for small business employees. Have our government supply these types of “necessities” until any beginning small business reaches a certain level of success, and then incrementally pull away that sponsorship. This would allow that small business to grow to a level of strength to support their responsibilities. And this may be applied to most of the government’s positions that strangle the life out of attempts at wealth building and or the redistribution of wealth.

Yes I know, helping small businesses is not really “redistributing wealth”, but if someone wishes to “talk turkey” about the benefits of socially (forcibly) redistributing wealth, we have the former Soviet Union as a great model, talk about a tiny percentage of the Nation having all the wealth… the wealthy in that country never had to stand in line for toilet paper.


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    • conradofontanilla profile image

      conradofontanilla 6 years ago from Philippines

      In my country redistribution of wealth is more straightforward. It involves land that had been awarded by the Spaniards to its favored subalterns during colonial times. In developed countries, redistribution takes a different hue. Health care is intriguing because it also entails redistribution of wealth not just health care. Before health maintenance organizations proliferated in America, a corporate president found that health care bills took 39% of corporate earnings for the year which showed an increasing trend. The president said, that is too much. It ate into profits meant for shareholders. He wanted it to be zero, which, of course, was an improbable target. I just wonder, is health care not a part of the human apparatus to enable workers to make corporations earn profits? Isn't that 39% for health care a redistributed wealth?

    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 6 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 Hubertsvoice...

      Sorry I did not read your comment until today... I like it and agree 90% percent of it, or more. I went to your Hubs the other day and became a follower of you keep up the good writing.

    • profile image

      Hubertsvoice 6 years ago

      An up vote comes from me, even though the words redistribute wealth make me cringe. If it wasn't for wealthy people owning businesses I probably wouldn't have been able to find a job to feed my family when I was young. Thank you wealthy people for sharing your wealth by creating jobs so I could earn a living. If the crybabies would spend more time working either for themselves or some some filthy rich person who needs employees, instead of spending all their time protesting, some wealth would be redistributed that way. Get a grip people, create a little wealth for yourself so someone can complain about it. No, I am not filthy rich, just filthy from all the BS protesters are throwing around. Thank you CoauthorU for letting me rant on your hub. I'll return the favor some day.