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Reducing Homelessness

Updated on September 28, 2010

How can we reduce homelessness? The problem not only lies within the economy, but it lies with the individual as well. Many people are not homeless by choice, although, there are a number that choose this way of life for whatever reasons rather it be political or environmental. Reducing homelessness starts perhaps within job market itself. Education people on the dangers of ending up homelessness.  It’s no secret that many people are only two or there paychecks from being out on the streets. If you look around, you’ll see that the cost of living is constantly on the rise yet the wages aren’t. People aren’t learning or realizing that they need to watch their spending habits and perhaps even learn how to scrimp and save.

As for those who are already on the streets, how can we get them off the streets. Most of these people have lived on the streets most or all their lives and that has a psychological effect on ones mindset. They become so used to begging for spare change, they forget or don’t think about what they can do to get themselves out of that situation. Many times, one’s mindset goes unnoticed and it becomes impossible for individuals to move forward. The government really can only do so much. We have homeless shelters that offer meals , but many times, those meals run out or they don’t have enough to feed everyone.

Perhaps hiring social workers to get involved would be beneficial. Starting a non profit organization to get involved and perhaps help these people and their families get off the streets. I say non profit because I work for a non profit organization specializing in natural gas vehicle production and our funding is through grant money only. These days there are a number of government grants available, we just need to know how to use them. Perhaps this route would be one of the most beneficial ways to help reduce homelessness, that way individuals can get the counseling and help they may actually need to move forward in life and not at a stand still.


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    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Supporting NGOs is always a good thing. Thanks.