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Reflections: 9/11

Updated on September 10, 2011

Written September, 2001

September eleventh just won’t go away.

It’s one of those nightmares that’s darker by day.

The blue sky exploded, and everything changed.

The landscape was altered, our lives rearranged.

Each one of us never would be quite the same.

At first , we weren’t even sure who was to blame.

The enemy struck without showing his face:

A coward’s assault on the whole human race.

The victims weren’t offered a time to prepare.

One minute they lived, and then.... no one was there.

Grey, fluttering ash-flakes soon flooded the sky,

An eerie pronouncement: yes, many did die.

And what of those victims who still live and breathe

In search of a loved one.... for how can they grieve

While searching the streets of Manhattan in vain

With photos, and candles, and dashed dreams.... and pain?

Reflect on the children who don’t understand

How this could have happened in their cherished land,

How Evil, from depths of its darkened non- heart,

Could take all that Goodness and tear it apart?

America still is the Land of the Free,

Despite those who simply don’t want it to be,

While We, still the People who we were before,

Now pause, and remember.... and think.... a bit more.


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