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Refugees problems and the reasons

Updated on June 12, 2017

Talking about the refugees problem

Welcome to our article (75), Refugees problems and the reasons

Dear readers, today the world is facing a real problem, because there are too many refugees, these refugees can cause some problems in the country they go to live. Therefore, we need to ask ourselves, what could be the reasons there are so many refugees. You see, it is necessary to know, what are the reasons, in the hope that we could find a solution, therefore, we must look closely at all those things that may cause people to become refugees.

Now apart from those people that run away from wars, and some natural disasters, which we can class them as real refugees, there are refugees of convenience, which become refugees to find a better life for themselves somewhere else. These refugees that are looking for a better life, they are not real refugees, because they have not been displaced from a violent happening at all, but they become refugees because they think that it would be better for them if they do. It might also be the sign of the times, because there are so many refuges, other people want to become refugees as well, but that is not the only reason.

Having said that, because we want to find out more if we can, in this article, we are looking for the reasons why so many people become refugees, for this reason, we need to look where they come from, what they do in their native country of origin and other things, that would make these people become refugees. We believe that we may have a good idea, if we follow the news about these refugees, to see where they come from and the reason why they become refugees. But sometimes the news doesn’t tell you all the reasons. Then, we may have to imagine it ourselves, if we can, using our own imagination and intelligence.

We want to understand what is happening, because lots of violent things that happen in the world today are cause from refugees, just about every day in the news something has happened that involves refugees, so, let us start thinking at the reasons, and then if there is a way to avoid some negative happenings.

Some refugees from Africa being rescued in the Mediterranean Sea.

Being a refugee is dangerous, but everyday there are overcrowded boats full of refugees from Africa in the Mediterranean Sea. This time they are being helped from another boat, because the overcrowded boat would sink with all these people on board.
Being a refugee is dangerous, but everyday there are overcrowded boats full of refugees from Africa in the Mediterranean Sea. This time they are being helped from another boat, because the overcrowded boat would sink with all these people on board.

What could be the refugees reasons

By logic reasoning, we know that people become refugees, when something violent happens where they are living. We understand that, but that is not the only reason why people become refugees. So, we should ask ourselves what are the other reasons, so to speak. Now, let our imagination run wild, and think about anything that can cause people to become refugees.

If we leave behind those refugees that are war refugees, and those from violent natural disaster that happen in the world, which we must agree that they are the real refugees, then, the rest of the refugees might not be real refugees, because they are not in danger and fear for their lives, like when violent events happen. So, these people that become refugees have another reason to become refugees, but what is the reason nobody seems to know, so, we must imagine it ourselves, what could be the reasons.

One of the reason why people become refugees, it is that where they live have become overcrowded for various reasons. So, there is not enough work and they are not organized, so, they are not able to overcome their problems, since there is not enough work, there is not enough money, therefore there is no future. When people see all these things, they see no reasons why they must stay where they are. I know that because when I was younger, in the small farm that I was working things were changing, so, we figured it out that there was no future in farming the way we were farming then, for this reason I migrated to Australia. Anyhow, that was my reason for migrating, but there could be many other reasons.

Today the reason for people moving to another country legally; or illegally by becoming refugees may even be an illusion, to some of those people. Because these people believe that they have been left behind in their country, so, they believe that if they move to another country, they will be better off and live an easier life. But it does not work out that way, all the time. Sometimes they might even be sorry for themselves for leaving their country of origin.

Anyhow, there is reason to believe, that some people become refugees, because they believe that where they are there is no future for them; whether the reason is a political reason, or it has some other reasons, it is hard to say. In fact, it could be just about anything. Some people that live in the western world, might believe that some religions could be the cause, why people don’t progress as much as they could, if they had their minds to find a way, how to live a better life for all their citizens. So, we should ask ourselves, whether religions could contribute to their unhappy way of life. So, let us look at religions the way we see them from our own point of view.


About religions and refugees

Since we are looking at some of the reasons, why people during their lives become refugees, we should say, that we who live in the western world, see this trend, which is that most of the refugees come from Africa. Now, Africa is a large continent, it has the potential to be a very good place to live in, but some of the inhabitants are not happy to live there, so, they become refugees and move to Europe. But what are the reasons for becoming refugees we should ask? Are their countries overcrowded and for what reasons? Then, is it the climatic change that is effecting their economy? Or, is it their way of life, which leads them to live an easy way of life, believing that everybody else is living that way. So, they don’t make the effort to work hard at whatever job they can get, because they think that it is easier to grab things from whoever has got them, which is called robbing. When things like this happen, those countries that practice that could only get poor, because people need to produce things through a good system, which will reward the worker that produce them and the people around.

Having said that, if that does not happen easily in any country, then, one should ask what are the reasons that holds them back. Today it is a lot easier to find out anything people want through the internet, so, they should learn what is holding them back, and then apply whatever need to be done to overcome their problems. If they cannot do that, then there is something wrong in their system. So, one could say that this is the reason why there are so many refugees today.

Looking from far away, we could say that the leader of these countries, where the refugees come from, have failed the people; because they have not been able to lead their country in such a way that would produce enough wealth for their citizen to live a good life. This failure could be political, or it could even be of religious origins, because sometimes religions want people to live a certain way of life, which make them look only to the spiritual side of things, instead of leading them to live a good earthly life. Therefore, religions could be to blame, if that is the case. So, we need to ask ourselves, whether religions are partly to blame, in the case of refugees.

Anyhow, I believe that this article is becoming too long, so we will be talking about this issue in our next article, where we are going to ask, whether religions could be partly to blame for this people becoming refugees.

See you next time.


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