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Regulations without representation

Updated on August 11, 2015

The amount of regulations being issued by the Executive Departments and agencies have had a free reign in initiating and publishing without the involvement of Congress to review and accept the language being created. The legislative branch of government has as one of its prime responsibilities to monitor the activity of these entities to ensure the laws and the Constitution are not being violated. They are the people’s representatives and they are currently failing in this responsibility.

I agree that Departments and agencies of the Executive Branch need to be able to function but when the impact of the rules and regulations is primarily negative Congress needs to exercise their responsibility. Congress already has the authority under the Constitution to perform this responsibility and the President does not have any say in this action. Too long Congress has been remiss in exercising this important aspect of their duties to not only businesses and citizens but the country. There are limits in what these entities can legally initiate one of them being they cannot create rules and regulations which amount to rewriting or initiating actions which amount to the creation of laws.

It is true that some actions have some legislative support with regards to the laws in place for which they have the responsibility to monitor and enforce but many have taken a weak connection and expanded their actions. This is totally without justification in many cases the latest of which involves the EPA and their actions to virtually destroy the coal industry which is a major source of electricity for the country. This is not their only target for our natural gas resources are also being impacted. The aim is to impose the philosophy to replace these resources with solar and wind methods of producing electricity in pushing the concept of global warming. Global warming is being pushed around the world but the evidence to support this trend as I call it does not exist. There has been some exposure that some of the data reported to support global warming has been manufactured but this has been largely ignored by the media.

I agree as a country we need to be concerned about the environment but the rules and regulations currently being generated amount to implementing policy not laws. The cost of regulations and sometimes rules to implement the policy of global warming do not justify the costs given the fact that there is little if any impact on improving environmental conditions. Statistics have been presented which can be validated by true weather records that we go periods of cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The weather is not the same from one year to the next. We have hot summers and we have cool and rainy summers. The same is true of winter. We have years where mild winters exist and years where we have severe winters. This contradicts the philosophy of global warming. Some will say this is the result of this environmental trend.

Rules and regulations by the EPA are not the only entities in the Executive Branch that have been impacting society through regulations. The time has come for Congress to accomplish the responsibility of monitoring actions by the Executive Departments and agencies. If decisions which have been made are not in agreement with the laws as written or with the Constitution appropriate action needs to be taken. In addition Congress should review these rules and regulations before they cause havoc to society and the business community. Rules and regulations have become mandates rather than guidance as they were originally intended by our founding fathers when our country first began. In some cases these actions amount to a violation of federal government responsibilities under the Constitution. The federal government was meant to be a support function not taking actions for issues which are outside of its jurisdiction.


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