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Reign Of the Technocrats; Who Will Save the World's Politico-economic Model?

Updated on April 11, 2017

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Play 'Reign of the Technocrats' Synopsis

‘Reign of the Technocrats’ Synopsis

Technocratic governments are the in-thing nowadays. In a future United States of Africa, Musa dreams that the world axis will clash in a focal point: Africa. China is the next superpower. It has increased its ideological reach all over the world. It is no longer possible to overlook the country, as Lang, the country’s representative in the Manila summit says.

The UN is lobbying for a single technocratic country. Calypso, a foreigner from Greece is a philosopher who has evolved his views and tempered them into technocratic-democratic ones after meeting Musa, before meeting the UN Ambassador and then the technocratic President of Greece. The UN touts him as the best foreign candidate to stand for the election in Africa to neutralize regional, tribal and clan politics.

The problem of ‘Reign of the Technocrats’ is to douse the fire of technocracy at its extreme. It has led to the fall of governments in the west yet it is still the best choice for many. How can this happen? Only Calypso can define a world order where technocracy works for the best of all.

But there is the dissenting, albeit moderating view from China. Though the country does not back technocracy, it says its people are real technocrats. The governments in the west are just using the term as their cloak yet they are not true technocrats. Lang decides to introduce mechanized agriculture into Africa where the educated class farms and manages while the uneducated distribute and sell. This he borrows from the ‘Wealth of Nations’ where agriculture achieves perfection through immaculate division of labor. In other words, he has the draft for making Africa become industrialized through mere agriculture.

There is climactic lobbying between Lang, US secretary of State and UN Goodwill ambassador to win the heart of Musa. Musa only believes in Calypso but promises all the others to go by their sides.

It takes two to tango and that is what happens in Manila when the Chinese accept their defeat cordially but are waiting to play their cards in an uncertain future for the new USA.

A dramatic announcement during the Manila conference shows that Calypso has won but as a philosopher, he can’t accept the results because they are philosophically false, hint of globalization and work against nature.

And Musa wakes from the dream where he has dreamt of how technocrats will in rule in 2094.

The Play






MUSA, chief African diplomat in the UN summit in Manila with two souls for the east and the west

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR, the chief representative of the world situation, firm but biased

LANG, top Chinese official in the Manila summit, tactical, persuasive and patient

US SECRETARY OF STATE, American representative in Manila and the holder of the democratic mantle

CALYPSO, the Greek philosopher-technocrat, and a leader, the man behind the ideas discussed by diplomats in Manila

PRESIDENT of GREECE, a true technocrat, compromising




The dream begins…


SCENE 1: INT. Office, Thika, Kenya. Day

MUSA: You tell us that the world is tilting its axis towards the developing world, aren’t you. I guess that refers to…Africa, er?

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: You seem so eager that your continent is reaping the fruits of recession in the West.

MUSA: Sure Mr. Ambassador: With your heartwarming views I can jump to conclusions. Which reminds me you still haven’t answered my question, if you don’t mind.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: We’ll come into that slowly.


What we first need to evaluate is the state of Africa.

MUSA: The notion has been there we have to admit. Of a United States of Africa. Not from what one can call democratic quarters, I fear, but well, it is time we made the deal come true.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: He, he, he, he. Am not referring to that either. Dictators come and go.

MUSA: What do you mean Mr. Ambassador?

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: What I mean is the butchery, child soldiers, rape, dictators, pirates; you name them, which continuously plague your continent.

MUSA: Well.

UN GOODWILL AMABSSADOR: Give a man a chance to finish. What I want to know is how the UN, which is a body that has changed its strategy towards the continent since the fall of governments in the West, can change its ways as it becomes the new West.

MUSA: The ‘new west’?

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: You got me right. You are the new west. But can we do this when there are a lot of discrepancies between the poor and the rich, the child soldier and the rich solder fighting in Somalia? Just go to a beach like Mombasa in Kenya and you will see how westernized that beach has become. It is even better than, say, our reclaimed land in Amsterdam. Then take a trip to the banks of River Congo and report to me what you see. It is such discrepancies that the UN finds obscuring our hope for making Africa the new west.

MUSA: The new west.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: What we need is a technocrat like the ones rising in the West.

MUSA: I don’t understand. Well, I need to consult my government and hear its say.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: I came here because of the fact that your country is the most democratic country in the previously labeled Dark Continent. The global body would like to test the waters here. I hope to hear good response from your government soon.

MUSA: I will be sure to be passing your recommendation through parliament.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Do it at all costs. The future of the world is at stake. If we don’t do something now, (in a whisper) the East may take over.

MUSA: I understand your fear Mr. Ambassador.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Don’t act so important my friend. It might be you next going under the recession that has knocked down so many businesses in the NYC, London, Chicago, Berlin, Rome. Well, the list goes on. But do you have an inkling of my next fear?

MUSA: Yes, what is that? Put it forward I will surely consult.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: My next fear is that your decision making is one of the usual run-of-the-mill kinds.

MUSA: I understand.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: You better consult fast. Otherwise your slow-implementing parliaments may make me wait here for a holy month only to disappoint me. Do you know what the East will be doing in the meanwhile?

MUSA: Sure. China will be taking over the world.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Quite right: With what?

MUSA: Communism?

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Off the mark. With cheap consumerism and cheap politics. Technocracy in the West will die a slow death. You are the bridge to China and to you we lay our claim. Adieus and consult soon.

MUSA: (standing) See you in a few days time Mr. Ambassador. I will consult immediately I leave here. I am sure the government officials following our teleconference already know the threat by now.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: I don’t complain, ha, ha! (Exit)

MUSA: (sotto voce): And you tell me that wonders will never end...Somebody knocking…Oh do come in Surajo. Anything new other than the news of the Ambassador meeting the Premier later this afternoon?

SURAJO: No, just popped in to say that Mr. Calypso from Greece is waiting outside.

SCENE 2: Same as Before. Day

MUSA: Shove him in. Am sure he has something interesting to say.

CALYPSO: (bows) aahhgh, makes me wonder that even the weather here is like that of Europe now.

MUSA: The poles have switched directions. Way back in 2013 they said Antarctica would one day move north to Africa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! But do I say. Welcome my friend, long time no see. Any change in the Greek situation?

CALYPSO: Am sorry to say that things remain the same. I have been sent by her Excellency our president, as a philosopher you know, to study the state of Africa.

MUSA: It is long since there was such a visit from a country that we usually punned as ‘it is Greek to me.’ He, he, he, he!

CALYPSO: Actually, it is deeper than you think. Old-fashioned puns aside, I have realized that there is no new details that show a hint of improvement. And so I came.

MUSA: (guardedly) so you came?

CALYPSO: This is no diplomatic visit as Madame President, as you know, is a diehard technocrat. No wonder we never announced I was coming. I just had to send a wire to your secretary and here I am.

MUSA: Does it mean that I should take this as a secret visit?

CALYPSO: You can take it the way you like. It is not going to change anything about the Greco-African relations. I was once the latter-day big game hunter here. In fact I killed the last lion in Nairobi National Park and thus dishonored myself.

MUSA: No regrets. God will provide new species…Er, I heard that caused a scandal back in your country and that made you the special adviser to Madame President?

CALYPSO: It is hard to believe but it is true. I have banked my success on infamy. We destroy to build, as her excellence would say. What would your Excellency say?

MUSA: (guardedly). Oh, she said that?

CALYPSO: She endorsed me as only a business mind would. She ascribes her selecting me not because I killed the last lion in the continent but because I am a philosopher. A pragmatic one, that is. She depends on me to predict tough decisions. She does not even refer any matter to the cabinet before she talks to me.

MUSA: But then, you saved your country back when it was under recession.

CALYPSO: That I did but just then, we coerced with good old Europe to change the threat from the East. That is how I was sent to Africa secretly to re-orientate the upcoming New USA to the technocratic West.

MUSA: You may find me foolish to laugh...but in these times, are you on such a secret visit here?

CALYPSO: Why, though I killed the lion, I’m still a worldly citizen. A lion is not a man and nobody gives a damn about that. So this is not a secret visit per se.

MUSA: So what is your business here?

CALYPSO: Remember you evaded my question? I told you what my commander thinks. What does yours think?

MUSA: I don’t need to remind you here, Mr., er, Calypso, that in these days of the new Scramble it is a state policy to stay mum on government issues.

CALYPSO: Here is from me to you.


Friend to friend. Philosopher to philosopher. Diplomat to diplomat.

MUSA: Well, my president thinks that the world should continue on its natural course.

CALYPSO: The way it began, leaning to no side?

MUSA: Exactly. Neither the West nor the East impresses my president much. Top secret, though.

CALYPSO: The state of the universe is not the same as it used to be. I had thought that progression happens abruptly. The reason I killed the lion was to see whether new life of any form would still sprout and bring back a new lion of Africa. I wondered, who knows, but a zoo somewhere in the west may have a preserved species of the lion that can perfectly replace the one I slew.

MUSA: Too bad none has ever been found.

CALYPSO: But am sure there is. I have lived long enough in this continent to know that exclusive big guns who own the country hide treasures richer than the combined country’s economy. So I can’t believe that there is no cub, eating some ten billion dollars Yuan worth of meat somewhere that is blood and gore of what I killed.

MUSA: You may offer double the amount of Yuan and still go nowhere.

CALYPSO: It was time I changed my theory then to progressive pragmatism, don’t you think?

MUSA: Is it a test or what is it?

CALYPSO: Don’t be so guarded about me. People have been taught to be guarded when am around but what am simply trying to know is you mindset. Otherwise I won’t be able to get back in Corinth with concrete answers to my technocratic president.

MUSA: What kind of answers do you seek? Political I guess.

CALYPSO: Well, you answered the first question of what your president thinks. He carries the nation on his shoulders and that may help. The next question is, are you personally for the west or the east?

MUSA: I stand for the republic.

CALYPSO: Personal opinion?

MUSA: Personal opinion.

CALYPSO: With your candid answer, I assure you my friend that you have changed my opinion. Big things are coming.

MUSA: Now for a tour of our beautiful country.

CALYPSO: There is no time for that…but well, why not?


SCENE 1:7 P.M. Presidential Palace, Corinth, Greece.

CALYPSO: Technocracy is not the way forward Mrs. President. That’s my honest view.

PRESIDENT OF GREECE: See these medals? I got them from a politician that I snubbed. I actually snubbed him because all he knew was dictatorship, politicizing and writing manifestos. I was a career person and I received medals from him for being a career person in his ship of fools.

CALYPSO: You don’t tell me that you were once a sycophant if you don’t mind my saying it?

PRESIDENT OF GREECE: Come on. You need not fear. You are my Special Advisor Calypsos and you need not fear saying it straight.

CALYPSO: Only that there are limits to talking to the royals you see.

PRESIDENT OF GREECE: Royals my foot! You see, this issue that am discussing with you needs a whole parliament to decide. The fate of western alliances like the European Union, the Eurozone, not mentioning NATO and the United States lies in this decision. But as a career person I’ve come to a technocrat like myself to get answers. So get speaking. Out with it!

CALYPSO: That is the European hero worship…er… I can’t…

PRESIDENT OF GREECE: Remember my dear that they call you the greatest genius in Europe since Einstein.

CALYPSO: (clearing his throat) I will need a muse to solve this puzzle. What I need is to save the world and not Europe alone from China.

PRESIDENT OF GREECE: No! Save the cradle first. Save Europe before going anywhere further. Civilization and decorum as we know them today began here.

CALYPSO: I will do this. Whatever I say will be published in journals and newsletters will carry my name on them. But I don’t fear. Now I speak my mind.


“I Alexander Calypso, under the command of her Technocracy Mrs. President, who sits beside me as I give this technical manifesto, have decided to lay my cause before the feet of Europe. The truth is that the riches or exponential development of Africa won’t have a saving grace over what the world is undergoing. We are in a political bubble that only independent government can avert. Africa is so diverse. There is a war here, a famine there and unimaginable riches elsewhere. It has taken ten decades since most countries got independence to reach their dream economies. This has taken place amid strife and dictatorship. Which poses the question: will we wait another century to streamline these economies following the natural cause or move in with war machines to force governments elect only technocrats? The second option, my global audience, seems the most ready but by it, we accelerate a political catastrophe and a retaliatory game between the east and west that will live forever.

Thus, I cast my dice to say that let China take over the world, infiltrate it with its cheap products and manifestos. What we need is to let economies grow and revamp naturally. We also need to see the better side of the orient. They have a culture similar to ours such as operas. The technology is a global one. The cars they produce we use as they use ours. The food they eat we also eat. They are our brothers as we are their soul brothers.

Technocracy is not the answer. I beg to finish by saying that let the world take its cause as it has always done. Revolutions come naturally and I believe that only the leftist politician, the real brimstone and fire politician can see what is right for a whole country, continent, world or universe.

And not an office technocrat. An office person who only applies mathematics to rule people with souls. Propaganda, wars and demagogue-politicians are what we need on this planet.

And with those few words Madam President, I have committed my final blasphemy for/against Europe.

PRESIDENT OF GREECE: Cheers. Well-spoken. I was a sycophant once as you put it and now am ready to become one again for your cause. See you later in our next meeting my friend Calypso.

SCENE 2: Same as before. Evening


CALYPSO: Hello, is that you my friend Musa?

MUSA: Have just watched your landmark speech and decided to send the congrats.

CALYPSO: A minute does never pass before the world is on my shoulders. So you were watching my move all along?

MUSA: That is the thanks I give to a great statesman.

CALYPSO: Me a statesman?

MUSA: Wait… please don’t walk off on me and hold the line. This is what the government briefed me to tell you soon after you finished the speech before any other information hound comes to you: They are inviting you to contest in our new free election.

CALYPSO: Tell them I can’t. That would contravene my theory that everything should happen naturally.

MUSA: You do not have to suit the talk to action my friend. You philosophers you are almost like a new species. Here is the briefing.

CALYPSO: Am listening but make it quick.

MUSA: Okay, it has been shown that the government of the new USA leans more to democracy than technocracy. The reason is simple. We don’t have enough expertise and have only a handful of doctors, scientists and a leading class of businessmen to carry this new country along. Even if we embraced the tempting technocracy along, it would bring a slow death if we do not invite the west to implement for us. This would denote a new Scramble.

The brief continues by saying that, technocracy is not ideal for it requires the crème de la crème to make policies, regulate and implement. While makers of policies are available, the regulators and implementers lack unless we offer these to democratic institutions. Which tells us that only democracy that combines some technocratic ideas with federalism like that of the United States, can work for us. We may one day transition this technocratic democracy a step further by making our federal union a transnational one like that of the Euro Zone. It is just like your speech has just noted, the transition need be natural and progressive. No outside forces should come in the way. End of the argument.

CALYPSO: But does that not compromise the possible benefits of pure technocracy over a technocratic democracy? Most governments in the world today combine a professional workforce with their political demagogues who may be as stupid as anything and yet they still run what they don’t know are technocratic governments from the waist down. The head is made up of politicians while the waist comprises of workmen and women with expertise.

MUSA: Seems you are caught between perfect technocracy and democracy my great friend?

CALYPSO: It is because hitherto I have been a defender of technocratic models that my president clings to. I find it hard, even after my speech to forsake that perfect model. It shows that a capitalist government can best work under a wholly professional arrangement. The president might be a banker, the VP an agronomist, the civil servants, as they are now, experts from diverse professions, and the people, professionals of their own.

MUSA: You can’t support such a model, because it has challenges. For example, technology is on a forward match all the time. Do you think the so-called perfect models will keep up with this expertise? There might be a single astrologist who will remain to explain the Theory of Relativity, but what happens after he dies?

CALYPSO: In fact that has been the major hindrance of most technocracies. They know that there are three things that come before success: lack of money, failure to have experts up to date with changing technology, and too many independent institutions not contributing to the economy. For technocracy is selfish. It leaves aside the idea of federalism and continues that of mere transition from one level to another mathematically. It is cold progress. It forgets the soul of the country: the people.

MUSA: Yet it amazes me that you continue to defend the idea.

CALYPSO: Only as far as I’m concerned.

MUSA: As far as you are concerned. To me you are a dreamer, if you don’t mind my saying so, though you may be the greatest genius in Europe.

CALYPSO: Now that you mention it, I will give you my work today to review. I have published a thesis on technocracy as the best form of government for a united world. It shows how the great armies Europe once had- I don’t mean the current ones that only know how to operate automatic machinery, but those of World War II that had no drones to rely on, but tunnels to face the enemy from. Sorry enough, these were the only forms of technocracy in the entire governments as far as we knew. The colonel grew to a commander and the lieutenant to a major for both brawn and experience. An infantry battalion commander could order around twenty thousand troops because he had a scientific mind to exercise control.

He learned his art in school of war before going to the field. If only the rest of the government institutions should be able to extol the example of the army. They work like robots and yet manage to show intelligence. Why, what has been the greatest country on earth to date, forgive my bias, the US, has had most of its presidents ex-army officers.

So technocracy, if it was not as idealistic as it sounds, could be our new perfect model for institutional governments across the globe.

MUSA: It is okay that you have now acknowledged it.

CALYPSO: Acknowledged what?

MUSA: Defeat.

CALYPSO: If this was not Skype Reloaded I could be slapping you across the face.

MUSA: Modern magic of communication cannot prevent you from showing a weakness, nevertheless, of pragmatism.


MUSA: That is why you can manage to straddle two opposing philosophies at the same time.

CALYPSO: But now am your man.

MUSA: For a day.

CALYPSO: That reminds me I have a plane waiting for me for China. Am sure we’ll meet there en-route to the New World summit in Manila?

MUSA: In a few days time. I will get an opportunity to slap you proper. That is for declining to stand in our next elections for one.

CALYPSO: Tell them I won’t stand.


I can now overhear them. It might be a diplomatic trick. For the lion I killed. Let me listen…

MUSA: we might just persuade him before he goes to China lest they persuade him instead. Our president will dial him right now. They say there is no hurry in Africa but they will see. Surajo?

SURAJO: Yes, Please.

MUSA: Place a call to his Excellency and connect him through to me. I have something to brief him about.


MUSA: And before you go, remember to file my papers for my anticipated visit to the People’s Republic. We don’t want to go to Manila before we have resolved issues with Washington. I am meeting Calypso and the Secretary of State of the United States there. Otherwise china will be celebrating.

SURAJO: And you are sure you’ll avoid the Chinese officials?

MUSA: I’ll try as much as I can not to, if necessary. I want to confront them on neutral grounds in Manila. Now get down to work and wire me when the President gets through.


SCENE 1: Office INT. Washington D.C., United States. Morning

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Mr. Secretary of state we have got arresting news that Russia and Syria have joined forces to prepare for war. This means that that country has reneged on its promise to stop atrocities at once.

SECRETARY OF STATE: That is beside the point. Our main fear is that China is now the richest country in the world by both GDP and GNP. The news has just reached me now from the stock markets this minute. What do I tell my president now?

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: All we know is that we saw it coming.

SECRETARY OF STATE: You think fast, Mr. Ambassador. That is the truth. Put your thinking caps on please as I sip my espresso.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Ok, tell His excellence that we saw it coming a hundred years ago and all we need to do is go on as if nothing has happened. The point is that it is now official that that country is above us. Though we have relaxed our muscles on economical interaction with that country and lifted certain nonsensical embargos, we have never gone soft on that country. And we need not go now.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Is that seriously what you want me to tell Him? If I do, I will get my sack right away. I have never got such a matter of fact advice before from a world diplomat.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Well, I guess that the moment of truth is here with us now. Here is my analysis. Go to H.E. the President and dissect every fact behind the story to the bone. Tell him that we cannot compete at the same level with governments that rely on political and will of the people to run. Ours is an economic model democracy. Though not exactly the technocratic European model, there is no way that China won’t suspect that our policies lean more to the European side. Thus, take the bull by the horn; allow it its demands but never go soft on it. If it is at a UN meeting, we can continue to lobby our partners to act on our side as we have always done since World War II. We can also try to do what Russia has been doing since losing its super power privileges by opting out of talks or taking the opposite side automatically. Finally, though we enter into trade with the Far-east, it is only on an equal footing. Thus, Mr. Secretary, take my word: United States will stand firm to protect its freedom of expression and integrity. It is now like it was during the Lincoln times.

Don’t go soft on the enemy.

SECRETARY OF STATE (Grunts): Enemy. My God, the way you talk, oh boy, just another day in the life. Reminds me of the days of the Cold War.

UN GOODWILL AMBASADOR: What were you then?

SECRETARY OF STATE: Doing what majority of all White House boys have always done in their lifetime:


SECRETARY OF STATE: What else but the naval force, ha, ha, ha, ha!

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Let’s hope this your royal precedence of going to the navy before becoming statesmen works out in the wake of the Chinese manifestos.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Your talk about the East makes me jittery.


That’s the president’s call. I have been waiting for it.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: All the best mate. You now talk like a person in a dream.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Go for it. I’ll send you wire later on the conference.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: (OS) is what I am seeing to be believed? That a bailout is a bailout not a triumph? And that from a disillusioned Spanish follower on my social media account. Ha, ha, that reinforces my belief that you can’t extricate yourself from the masses. They know that technocracy works…

SCENE 2: Same as Before. Morning


UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Hallo, is that you Mr. Calypso?

CALYPSO: Sure my friend the UN Goodwill Ambassador. You keep the world at peace.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: It is good of you to call on this day when bailouts have overwhelmed us.

CALYPSO: just heard that the technocratic Spanish government has collapsed for the second time this century. 90 years ago it was about its financial institutions, now it is the government.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: And that time they said that ‘Spain is not Uganda,’ history books tell us.

CALYPSO: interesting parody Mr. Calypso. And now look at the mark Uganda has made in 90 years.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: That reinforces my belief that human beings are equal everywhere. Who knows where your country will be tomorrow?

CALYPSO: And do you know I advised Spain to take the path they have taken and fallen?

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: That was a recommendation, a mere pointer. The government had employed technocratic rules as early as 2012 when its banks were about to go under and it sought help from the EU.

CALYPSO: And now this news has changed my belief completely. You know what?

UN GOODWIL AMBASSADOR: Yes...Goddamn this line is breaking when Messiah is speaking to me…Sorry Mr. Calypso, how are you to save the world if your tone is anything to go by?

CALYPSO: You persuaded me, no matter my changed views, to take the mantel of the New USA, right?

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: And you declined my offer.

CALYPSO: I have decided to run.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Can I believe my ears!

CALYPSO: Believe it or not.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Why the change of mind to these good news?

CALYPSO: After the Spanish disappointment, the little hope I clang on towards technocracy have disappeared. Now I know you believe in technocratic governments and you think I can tow the line on your behalf, not mentioning the West, right?


CALYPSO: You look disappointed. I don’t know whether it is my Skype line.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: I am alright. Please do continue.

CALYPSO: Am willing to stand for president of the New United States of Africa as long as I have control and not the UN.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: We are willing to listen as long as you stand. What matters is to put a man on our side before China and Russia move in. We can negotiate later whether to place a technocratic government or not after your election.

CALYPSO: So this is the UN’s idea? It smells fishy to me and almost makes me loose hope.


CALYPSO: Look, sounds phony because we are speaking over the phone. Why don’t we meet?

Un GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: No! That will not happen. You change like a chameleon and who knows, a new development might change your heart as you cross the Atlantic to here. Let’s settle it right here over the video phone.

CALYPSO: Alright, fire along.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: What I want is to have somebody that I can believe at the helm of a reinstituted continent that bears the world on its shoulders. You are more than a man. You are an institution yourself. Your president briefs me frequently and tells me that she relies on you more than she does on her cabinet. You have a progressive mind. You change but you do not completely disown your former views. It is like technology that changes to another model but never loses value or identity. No matter what you might say to the contrary, that is technocracy for you.

CALYPSO: Label me however you will but you will have to sacrifice some of your points when I finally stand.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Sure I will what now?



SCENE 1: INT. Hong Kong, China Motherland. DAY

LANG: Welcome, just received intelligence that the British secretary could not make it?

SECRETARY OF STATE: Yes but that does not change anything. I am here to represent the British-American angle on trade, in any case.

LANG: Then I won’t change my tack. I’ll speak as if the British were here. I can’t change a line of my pre-planned speech.

SECRETARY OF STATE: You sound like a robot.

LANG: Ha, ha, that is not surely a compliment? Now, now, this has been the Falklands of the East. Now we have them.

SECRETARY OF STATE: You Chinese had always the knack to joke with us. It was the British to fall for a cheap trick. So you could not be satisfied that Hong Kong-since 1997 I guess-those dark ages, ha, ha,-could not one day be your piece of pie? Now it is not even ‘one country two systems,’ it is ‘one country one system’: there is my compliment.

LANG: Why not, why not? For fifty years we played our chess well to reclaim Hong Kong from independence to becoming a piece of our land.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Now you are rich for it.

LANG: You turn blue with envy saying that sweet phrase. Which reminds me: let’s get down to business. You are here for the merger on business that we drew in Liverpool with the British the other day?

SECRETARY OF STATE: You are right.

LANG: Let’s get down to it then. We Chinese are busy bees; never want to lose a moment.

SECRETARY OF STATE: (sarcastically) Without doubt the Chinese studio has surpassed Hollywood with its string of white lies.

LANG: Ha, ha, you joke. It is calculated economy I tell you. We don’t sleep twenty-four seven.

SECRETARY OF STATE: And you don’t rely on technocrats to run your affairs yet your people are technocrats themselves.

LANG: Right, most of our people are career persons. We work like robots, each on his career. Now for a piece of buffoonery: Do you want me to give you my honest view of your technocrat governments?

SECRETARY OF STATE: Fire along no problem.

LANG: Official-to-official. Your technocrats are just shadows of our two billion people who are now working their lives away never sleeping. Because you have long relied on your inheritances and so-called aristocracy privileges, to earn your daily bread, you think it wise and learned to put technocrats to run your affairs while you sleep. You never hinted that you were imitating us but you actually were. Only that yours are policy making technocrats whereas ours are innovative, practical ones.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Hold Mr. Lang. You don’t mean to say that you manifesto-chocked government of the People’s Republic is a hoot close to a systematic technocrat one?

LANG: (Bangs table with fist) Far from it! Our propagandas are only honest masks that we are after all human. Nobody can expect a businessman to run affairs of the country quietly. The blackguard will steal. Read Marx and you will see why die Capital was so distasteful to the thieving west. We need men of flesh and gore to shout to the masses for honest votes even if they cannot put two plus two together on paper.

Now to business, you were saying…

SECRETARY OF STATE: Here is a surprise for you: Read it and get back to me in two days.

LANG: Stay! We don’t indulge in long waits. I’ll give the answer right away.

SECRETARY OF STATE: What! You knew it all along! And you talk to me here so much at ease.

LANG: Yes we knew your rejection to our trade deal would come one way or another. We had surmises that the British-American sense of pride would turn to coldness and even dramatic vanity towards us. As we lick our wounds, we have received intelligence that Africa is not 100% behind you.

SECRETARY OF STATE: We have already signed contracts there. In the last ten years, most governments are now civil and have technocrats at the helm.

LANG: I fear your math did not work out well this time round. An African, whether a technocrat or not, will always renegade on his promise. There I tell you, money and bribery comes first. Your technocrat will become a dictator in a sheep’s flock very soon. The projects we did in Africa at the beginning of this ending century were done under economic professors like the one who was president of Kenya in the 2000s. He was your technocrat I guess but while he soothed your sympathies for aid on one hand, he gave us all the contracts you craved for. Mind you, we have quite a huge population of our oriental population in the backwaters of Africa. They have, indeed, surpassed your colonial expatriates there. Where are you now?

SECRETARY OF STATE: Reality is different my friend.

LANG: That puts the West in a tight position. You’ll roll with us, that’s for sure before long, for a more unified world.

SECRETARY OF STATE: I guess my time is up. You better read between the lines of that document to know where you went wrong. For we are right. The West will win the Second scramble for Africa.

LANG: That has been an old Western sympathy. Then what can account for the millions of dollars that have secretly disappeared in Swiss banks? Here is my regards as you steam back to good old east coast.

SECRETARY OF STATE: surely you don’t mean it?

LANG: you sound so ironic. All my apologies. Here is my regards as you steam back to good old England.

SECRETARY OF STATE: you even forget am not an Englishman! Thank you very much Mr. Lang.

LANG: So long: we’ll see each other again in a personal capacity, eh?

SECRETARY OF STATE: We’ll celebrate together in a café in Paris. Neutral ground isn’t it, ha ha?

LANG: You and your Parises. Paris is outdated. The new place now is Manila. Ha, ha. EXIT

SCENE 2: Same as Before. Night

MUSA: Well met my friend.

LANG: Welcome to our democracy in the east.

MUSA: Seems like you have become a democracy already?

LANG: Ha ha ha. It is a term that the west prided upon for the past 300 hundred years since the establishment of America.

MUSA: Now what makes yours a tenable democracy?

LANG: Why, has that official left...You see, before you came I was talking about the role Hong Kong and Macau played in 2047 and 49 respectively. Since 1997, many in the west could not believe that a system of one country two systems could co-exist.

MUSA: Well?

LANG: Don’t you see the connection?

MUSA: There’s a hint but I can’t quite trace it.

LANG: This is what I am coming to: Hong Kong finally accepted to become one country one system as long as we relaxed our socialist grasp. So you, see, it is as if we borrowed a piece of their system and they borrowed ours. Seen the connection?

MUSA: But that’s not democracy per se.

LANG: What is it Mr. Know it all? he, he!

MUSA: Why, I guess it is a masque on democracy that won’t last if you ask me.

LANG: Say what you will but what I’ll ask you is to prove me wrong that we cannot work together to form such an alliance just like we did with Hong Kong.

MUSA: Er…you see…

LANG: Leave them alone. The west is dying a slow death. They say that civilization began at the Mediterranean region but the truth is that it began in the hinterland of China and here it will reincarnate again. And here it’ll end.

MUSA: But the ‘Wealth of Nations’ shows how countries around the sea have their claim to beginning civilization. Italian, Moroccans, Egyptians, Spanish and the Grecians had the expansive market that’s the Mediterranean. So you can’t convince me that civilization began in China.

LANG: I can see you know your history.

MUSA: Economics rather.

LANG: So you’re a technocrat?

MUSA: Not quite.

LANG: You know what I’ve just told the American Secretary of State?

MUSA: Yes?

LANG: We in the east are the natural technocrats. Your idea of technocracy is just plastic and for saving face. We work like robots here without labeling ourselves any technical term like technocrats. To give an example of your ‘Wealth of Nations’, division of labor for us works better that your western systems.

MUSA: On the latter point I beg to differ with you.

LANG: Well, go ahead, prove me wrong.

MUSA: First, the west is superior in dividing industrial labor to make the nations rich. Every technician has a specific part to play. In total, there is the manufacturer, the distributor and consumer. None plays the other’s part. But here in China, though you specialize, everybody can do everything.

LANG: That is not true, but go on, ha ha. You can argue? Ha ha.

MUSA: Secondly, you are not quite an industrial society. You also farm like us. Agricultural societies lag behind because there is no immaculate division of labor.

LANG: Exactly. And that is why we need to work together to tame the beast.

MUSA: The beast?

LANG: The west.

MUSA: How?

LANG: Can’t you see that we can turn your and our Agricultural miracles and turn them into an industrial turn of the screw?

MUSA: How?

LANG: You seem tantalized. All you need is to import workforce from us. It will consist of highly experienced agricultural engineers who will teach your people the ‘technocracy’ of modern agriculture. Your implementers will be the cream of society. Those who say they can never touch a hoe. Well, will give them tractors and bulldozers to see if they won’t get down to work. And the laborers will be the educated university students. Then the distributors and retailers will be the current uneducated labor class. Because distribution is all politics. And no one can do political economics better than the casual laborer whose chief goal is to earn and make profit. There you see a new form of technocratic model from the orient!

MUSA: I never heard such an idea before.

LANG: Continue smiling but my dear Mr. Musa, that idea of mine is the only way to progress. You do not have the industries to start with.

MUSA: But most western nations have already sent their multinationals in the continent. We may as well start there.

LANG: That is nonsense. Take our example. We never began anywhere. We progressed without needing any external help.

MUSA: But then you wish to help us?

LANG: Through an evolving system that capitalizes on agriculture, once the backbone of your economy.

MUSA: And how is that to translate into industry.

LANG: (standing up) Exactly! Hit the nail on the head by creating division of labor in mechanized agriculture.

MUSA: I still can’t trace the relationship of this being an industry.

LANG: Maybe you need a manifesto.

MUSA: You Chinese and your manifestos.

LANG: You don’t believe in them?

MUSA: Politics is dead.

LANG: Come out clean. You were colonized and never got to know that Russia and China existed because they colonized no one. We woke one day like sleeping dragons and awoke the world, too, to our crouching glory.

MUSA: But your manifestos caused the Cold War.

LANG: Russians. But they brought us to where you are. The problem with you is that you only see the negative side of politics.

MUSA: What is there to see than a beautiful country in progress? Beyond that?

LANG: You have to see a wonderful land that is as civilized as the so-called cradle of civilization. Why, Genghis Khan was far more civilized in his own time than monarchs in the medieval times.

MUSA: Am not so into history.

LANG: So you need proof?

MUSA: Not exactly but I got your point.

LANG: Well, I’ll still persist. Marco Polo, the most daring and enterprising European ever, risked his life over steppes and tundra of Asia Minor just to see the great Kahn. There is your proof.

MUSA: Now you’re boasting.

LANG: To persuade an African you have to have a sweet and cheap tongue. Now, coming to think of it, do you think that any Western diplomat would be talking to you without putting on an air?

MUSA: On that I have to give you the thumbs up. It is quite true.

LANG: They only task the language of condescension. How will the world progress if we don’t all talk on equal terms?

MUSA: (softly). Between me and you, I believe that they are even misguided these westerners. Did I say that?

LANG: Ha, ha, I don’t have to say anything.

MUSA: But you are also cursed people. You only use numbers to rule the world.

LANG: There you’re wrong. We don’t use numbers blindly. We make every boy and girl who is born into the Motherland productive. When it comes to division of labor, we are way ahead of the west. Look at other huge countries with large populations. Most of the people there count as heads but not as workers. There you get the difference.

MUSA: But half a century ago you tried to stem birthrate.

LANG: We never tried but we succeeded. This is why we are lucky enough to have a vast land that has just enough people to populate it with each person having an equal piece of land to live.

MUSA: How do you envision the state of Africa with so much diversity more than the Chinese at its midst. Half a century ago in 2012, the Nigerian state made a dramatic announcement to limit the number of children people should have.

LANG: Of course that is a decision that independent states should be left to deal with. Just like we started with one country, two systems, so should you progress, step by step, without forcing a country into doing something it can’t handle. It is not as if we are running the Greek marathon towards a united world.

MUSA: Speaking of Greece, that reminds me that there is the Calypso question.

LANG: He may run if he wishes but if I were you, I would be looking for a Chinese to run in his stead. He has lived in your continent it’s true but he has never uncorked your soil with bulldozers like we have done. Development is our synonym in Africa as it is their antonym. Prove me wrong.

MUSA: You have a tendency of talking like a robot.

LANG: You know what, the British representative did not come for the talks today and so I talked to the American secretary as if they were together. I did not remove a single word of the script I had prepared for them. So prove me wrong.

MUSA: I don’t know what you mean.

LANG: He killed the lion.

MUSA: Sure he killed the lion.

LANG: He killed the lion of Nairobi yet he has the guts to unabashedly stand in the race.

MUSA: It is because the world wants him to stand to neutralize regional, tribal and political petty politics. It is a philosophical question.

LANG: Learn from us that a philosopher will never rule a nation.

MUSA: The more you speak the more I - is it agree with you?

Lang: I can see my sweet tongue is doing wonders, eh?

MUSA: You say a philosopher can never rule?

LANG: What the world needs is a fire and brimstone left or center politician with just enough workmanship in him to change the world. Otherwise, this will lead to total disarray. People will choose to become technocrats but technology will outpace them.

MUSA: Well…

LANG: That brings me to the point. Can we leave together for Manila?

MUSA: That’s what I want to avoid. The Secretary of State wants to see me. But after our conference today, you can be sure that the monetary kitty you promised us, as well as, your persuasive ideas for the continent places you in our favor.

LANG: Shake my hand my friend. So you are now unofficially on our side.

MUSA: I guess.

LANG: ‘I guess’ is not in my vocabulary. Make it official.


It takes two to tango as our friends the Russians would say. Please sign here.

MUSA: Please don’t bring the Russians into the context. They have the literature, the ballet and the atomic bomb, but they do not have the politics.

LANG: I tell you. No other people have better politics than theirs. Well, that is for another day. What you need is to sign here. You look dumbstruck already!

MUSA: I never expected this seriousness.

LANG: We know there is no hurry in your continent but here we like things done fast.

MUSA: Ok, actions speak louder than words.

LANG: Just put your signature across that document. If it is not from you conscience, then let it be from the conscience of you great forefathers of nations. They always double-spoke the west but gave us the deals.

MUSA: Hell, there is my sign.

LANG: Good fellow well met. Now we can go to Manila. I hope you are meeting him just to save face isn’t it?

MUSA: The Secretary of State?

LANG: Who else? But you don’t have to answer. I hear your Mercedes has arrived.


Musa: (sotto voce) now I have sold my soul to the east. What will I tell the west yet I want to impress them both? Maybe I am not the right man for the job. Bu what do I say?


SCENE 1: INT. Manila, the Philippines, Day.

Manila (All representatives of all governments have congregated here to resolve what has been dubbed as the Africa crisis. Before the meeting, Musa and US Secretary meet on the fringes).

SECRETARY OF STATE: At least now we have a compromise looming before us.

MUSA: That is the way of the world my dear Mr. Secretary of State.

SECRETARY OF STATE: On whose side are you in MR MUSA?

MUSA: Why, am stuck in the middle. Contrary to what we were thinking, these Chinese guys are a force to reckon with.

SECRETARY OF STATE: That is remarkably gross of you. We on our part have nothing to fear from them.

MUSA: Sure. I saw on television your president gave a speech on how the US will not cower under oriental domination.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Our affairs will run as smoothly as they always have been. What we are seeking for the New USA is unmitigated democracy.

MUSA: But they say that you seek technocratic democracy.

SECRETARY OF STATE: That’s mere hear say for a diplomat like you.

MUSA: You study my face as if I’ve committed a crime.

SECRETARY OF STATE: I know that soon as I left him, you met him. Me I discussed trade with him. What did you discuss?

MUSA: Also trade. I evaded the tentacles of cheap politics that he tried to stretch every other while. You know how persuasive he can be, don’t you?

SECRETARY OF STATE: And did he try to coerce you with endless manifestoes?

MUSA: Sure he did. I said I’d study them at my own comfort.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Make sure you don’t touch them or even glance at them before Manila.

MUSA: There is one thing I need to confide in you that I can’t stomach anymore. It involves the most important man in the world right now.


MUSA: He says that he killed the lion and therefore he is no better than a foreigner. A Chinese can do better at the job.

SECRETARY OF STATE: But that is just symbolic. Technocracy looks for reasons and objectives, actions and deeds to provide solutions. And I can assure you that Mr. Calypso is the man for you. You have our full backing. He will redefine democracy for you. It will become a democratic technocracy but in the future it might become a pure technocratic state. You have the United States model to work with. It has proved to be the greatest on earth. All you need is to go step by step and never force anything. And mark my word, only a philosopher has the guts to focus on a pedantic progressive path. He experiences no setbacks because his mind is clear. Mr. Calypso is the man for you.

MUSA: I can hear the voices of the delegates within. I guess we should be leaving. You now have my full backing for all the Chinese statesman tried to persuade me.

SECRETARY OF STATE: So he tried to ingratiate himself on you too?

MUSA: Just like he did you in trade you can be rest assured.

SECRETARY OF STATE: did you notice something mechanic about him?

MUSA: He he he. You mean this robot-talking style of his?

SECRETARY OF STATE: it is the only memorable thing about him. He talked to me in third person as if the other politician from the UK was beside me.

MUSA: Can that be the secret to their success, this mechanical ways of theirs? I hear they have no culture. They live on toil.

SECRETARY OF STATE: The Chinese have no culture outside their country’s boundaries. They look for the cheapest means of survival staying about ten of them in a room just to save. And they don’t rest.

MUSA: Yet their culture has flourished like no other in the world today.

SECRETARY OF STATE: They have wonderful ballets, beautiful watering places, great ancient temples and the like. It might be the most wonderfully preserved culture in the word but it is only suitable for tourists. It is not productive if you asked me.

MUSA: But I like to go through their mass media. They advertise their country’s cultural treasures so well that I feel nature calling me. Once I even thought of retiring there and spend the rest of my life in one of the serene northeastern provinces.

SECRETARY OF STATE: I also have similar ideas sometimes but nothing will ever make me like the country. Politics maybe?

MUSA: No, your antagonism is just clashing ideologies.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Perhaps. Their language also makes me sick. How can these people live on ancient symbols for all time?

MUSA: We are the laughing stock I can assure you on that footing. Their ching-ching syllables can mean more than your trying to find words like ‘technocrat’ and ‘democracy’ in your vocabulary to form a sentence.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Sure, they speak the language with ease but does that language of theirs have vocabularies in it. It seems to me too easy, almost like a tapper-patter of a dove’s passage.

MUSA: I’ve stayed in Myanmar twice where I lived with some Chinese and I can tell you that it is the most difficult language to study after Arabic yet the easiest to speak for a western man.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Here are the delegates. Now we part. Remember your promise?

MUSA: I hate to leave you just when our gossip was getting cordial-yeah, am fully behind you.

SECRETARY OF STATE: As you are the first guest speaker, reiterate the major points on democracy.


MUSA: Dear Presidents, diplomats and government representatives: What we have before us, I fear your excellences, is a new scramble for Africa. We are still licking our wounds after the UN almost made us united. Though it would be for our good to become the next U.S.A, we have realized that we are a continent with a lot of variegated peoples, almost like nowhere else in the world. With our century of tribes not mentioning clans, we fear to tread on the toes of each other lest animosity breathes out. This just after only raising the first flag of the so-called the new USA. It is true that most governments now in the continent are technocratic but politicians still emerge from them in broad daylight. My fellows in South America can give the best example. Some of their presidents renounced priesthood to become dictators for life. What would prevent ours from doing the same when they get a chance though they are the so-called technocrats?

SECRETARY OF STATE: I say, your excellences and all esteemed guests, let the ball roll as it has always had. The globe won’t change with a new scramble, I fear.

LANG: That has been an old Western sympathy. Then what can account for the millions of yuans that have secretly disappeared into lobby groups in Africa to force their governments become technocratic for fear that we might take over their governments. And what about the wars that the US fought long ago in places like Afghanistan and Airaq. Airaq, they call it to prove that we are fools and that we don’t know that the English term is Iraq.

SECRETARY OF STATE: That is outdated. Speak for now or lest hold your peace Mr. Lang. We are for soft power just like you are, after all.

LANG: (Heatedly)

(OS)UN Goodwill Ambassador intervenes.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Then it was Russia, now it is China. Let me remind you dear delegates that we wont’ stomach everlasting parleys between two countries any more. Our planet’s future is at stake. What with global emissions now reaching catastrophic levels…but that is beside the point. What we mean is that Africa is not under recession and therefore does not require technocracy. We at the UN found out that long ago. Now, can we have suggestions on how to enable Africa to become the next, independent USA without technocratic forcefulness?

SECRETARY OF STATE: Let it go its own way. If it follows capitalism or communism, the chess game for the west to intervene is now over. All we need for this meeting is to find policies.


SECRETARY OF STATE: By it I mean Africa as a continent and I don’t blush.

LANG: Beg pardon. Thought it was a dog or something.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Well, he, he, let sleeping dogs sleep. Let’s get to policies.

LANG: Policy number one that I would recommend Mr. Secretary is to limit power greed in the new country made up of some one billion plus people.

SECRETARY OF STATE: The next thing is to ensure that political parties are banned.

MR BLACKS FROM THE UK: But that is an ideology don’t you see my learned friend?

SECRETARY OF STATE: Sure but political parties cause dissent and animosity. The UN should arbitrate as the overlord over democratic states made up of only two or so parties.

ALL BUT LANG: The best democracy of all time has been Germany and the US. We take the word for that.

MUSA: Acknowledged.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Acknowledged. You raise your hand Mr. Lang.

LANG: I accept but am sure that my government will find its way out of this mire of westernizing Africa again.

MUSA: But that is not colonizing Africa. People prefer democratic governments that are free to do whatever they feel like any day. The US system is unanimous between us.

LANG: point of order.

UN GODWILL AMBASADOR: Go right ahead Mr. Lang.

LANG: I mean to strike a compromise in that spoils of Africa will not be shared as it has always been between the east and the west. The world will have to go to a ballot and choose the best system that suits it. This may come after Calypso wins or loses the election. We should advocate for a systematic rule that occurs from natural causes. We, on our part do not support technocracy if it is imposed. It should come from within.

SECRETARY OF STATE: but democracy forecloses freedom. So no imposed rule is implied.

LANG: Let me finish: Africa, we can’t deny is also heading to technocracy which we can’t prevent. So, we have decided to cultivate a popular trade in Africa, agriculture and help the people become wealthy through it. We aim to introduce division of labor in mechanized agriculture where the bourgeoisie no longer controls everything. Every educated person will have to contribute to make agriculture an industry just like it is in China. Then the new country will no longer have to lag behind from relying on poor economies based on agriculture.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Is that what you seek to put into the ballot?

LANG: Sure. Not now but maybe later. What we foresee now is a Chinese defeat in these proceedings.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: It is gratifyingly unashamed of you as the world’s super power to accept the nature of events so casually. That is what the US and Russia should have done in their glory days too for united nations.

SECRETARY OF STATE: With all due respect to my Chinese counterpart, I don’t buy his assertion for a cent.


SECRETARY OF STATE: In a couple of years, Africa will be talking the oriental language. That is how their underground mechanizations work. My fear is that their biding will work.

LANG: It is as if we were barbarians to hear you talk about us.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Not quite, but it is always true that where there is some unanimous resolution, some external force will always try to stand aloof. Only that your aloofness will work just like your economic miracle of the 2000s worked against our wildest imaginations. That’s my fear.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: Hold you fears for a better tomorrow. At least now we have a new democratic state in the offing. Any development that will come after this will be on ‘as-is’ basis, going by the ideological sentiments of virtually every speaker around here quoted from our friend Calypso: ‘states should not formulate laws. Rather, laws should evolve as society progresses.’ I beg to end the meeting.

(OS) A news flash comes on voiceover decoder. Everybody turns their heads to the west, where (with reference to Manila); the imaginary Africa should be situated.

UN GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: (I tremor) News reaching us dear delegates is that the genius from Greece who once advocated for no-go ideologies to his technocratic president has decided to hold a conference. Says he won’t accept the election results that have put his rival behind him. He says that he is speaking as a democratic philosopher who will not believe that people have chosen him for president of the new USA over the only local candidate. He says that under Socrates, there is no truth in that. It hints of a corrupt system. It works against nature. People have been forced to elect him because of globalization and not because they like it. He insinuates that he won’t stand even in a rerun.

General hush in the room as the voiceover of the Ambassador fades.

Mr. Musa: (Grunts) Oh boy, and the reign of the technocrats now begins proper. 2094 is it?

And Musa wakes up…to 2012



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