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Relief of Poverty in Haiti

Updated on June 1, 2010

Posterity is watching

Can I ask you a question? Have you heard of posterity? I bet you have. Now what do you think that posterity does? The answer is simple; watching you at all time. It does not only watch you but, also keeps record of all that you in a storage device that cannot be destroyed. The information in this device is readily retrievable at all time.

Of all the fears of man, fear of poverty and lack happens to be the most motivating factor behind most of the things we do for material benefit. We work because we don’t want to be poor. I want to assume that we can do anything legal (some people even do illegal things) just to avoid poverty. Now, if we can go this extent just to avoid poverty, what then do you think we can do for someone that helps us alleviate poverty at the time we are most handicapped? Am sure you will say anything. Not just anything but doing anything with all our heart, body, spirit and soul. Forgive for the use of synonymous terms here but, you should understand that am only trying to drive my point home.

Why We Need To Donate

We all need someone to lean on. We have all benefited from donations in one way or the other. Even the most influential man today has received aid at one time or the other (whether solicited or not). Or what do you call the gift that was presented to your parents on the day you were born?

Most of us tend to think that nobody sees us when we make donations. And this has made a lot of people loose out of the numerous blessings that come from giving. You can’t beat it, there is more to giving than receiving. I love the way Zig Ziglar puts it “you can get all that you want if you simply help enough others get what they want”. Some of the benefits you get from giving are;

Peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes as a result of giving has never been and cannot be equated with any material thing. You experience inner beauty when you help put a smile on someone’s face.

Achievement of our collective goal; we all clamour for a better and suffer less world. And if this is our collective goal, then your donation will help move us one step in the right direction of making this world a better place.

Good health; good health no doubt go with peace of mind. Avail yourself of the opportunity to get good health that peace of mind is offering by making donation that can help relief poverty from Haiti.

You will agree with me that these benefits cannot be bought directly with money but, indirectly with your donation. So, save lives today by making your donation. Here is a link provided by Google through this link, you will find reliable ways of donation. Note that there scammers pretend to be a genuine NGO helping in Haiti earthquake.

Your donation matters a lot, help save souls!


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