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Religion and America: How Hypocritical

Updated on June 12, 2010

 When it comes to our nation and religion, there is never a clean, cut and dry perspective. There are some things that are a little hypocritical.

Here in America every person is supposed to have the right to practice whatever religion he/she sees fit. This right was one of the reasons that many have immigrated here from their totalitarian governments. Yet an awkward thing seems to happen. In certain situations those rights are ignored, sometimes backed by some of the highest offices in the land.

It brings on a little confusion.

Some may say, " Take religion out of schools." Okay. I see that point. You don't want to focus on one religion when so many of the students and their families practice their own way. But then those same folks will reject the traditions of teachers/staff and some students, such as dress. Huh?

So you want to support the individuals by not allowing talk of any specific religion however you want to take the right of the individual to adhere to their religious traditions. How hypocritical.

Unless the person is actually preaching their religion they should have the right to abide by their religious traditions.

Another situation that is odd is wanting the Ten Commandments removed from govermental buildings stating that, "it wasn't fair to represent just one religion", and "their should be a seperation of church and state". Okay. Point taken. You feel a lot of folks from all walks of life enter these buildings and it may seem a bit biased. Understandable.

Then the turn around: In elections for a branch of goverment, both local and national, religion plays a role in the campaign and voter decisions. Huh?

So it's not good to represent religion within government property but it's okay to involve religion on the folks who will be occupying these properties. How hypocritical.

Why does it matter what religion a candidate is?

Those are just two examples of how religion and America clash. Everything is looked upon in a hypocritical way. There are far too many practices in this country for us to be sensitive in one instance and totally asinine in another instance.

The 1st Amendment gives us a right but their are laws that completely ignore that right. How hypocritical.

I feel everyone should have the right to practice what they see fit. Who am I to judge.

Just because someone practices a different religion, that should not be a basis on their character. Each person should be looked upon as an individual and their religion as a part of their individuality. What's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander.

So if we are going to be a "free country", it is time for us to limit our opinions of each other's choices. You may not like and/or agree, but at the least respect it.     


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    • TrinaLynne profile image

      Trina Lynne 8 years ago from Philadelphia, Pa


      Thanks for reading this hub.

      It's quite ashame that certain people have your frame of mind. The Founding Fathers were of different denominations and the purpose of having freedom of religion was because where they originated it wasn't allowed. Why put freedom of religion in the constitution if people aren't allowed to practice freely.

      As far as the immigration comment, all of our ancestors were immigrants at one point. This is something people forget. In Canada and America, people migrated from Europe and elsewhere to these countries. And now you want to deny others the opportunity to come here.

      Also, please do not show ignorance to the traditions of other religions.

      Most people think like you because they do not further their knowledge of things unknown to them. These people that you would deny their rights are not much different from you. What matters is the heart of a person honey.

      By the way, I'm Muslim and cover my face occasionally.....Totally not a robber dude.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 8 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      TrinaLynne, although I am not an American Citizen but a"Fourth Generation Born Canadian" I am influenced by the American Government,as one of its closest neighbours, and whatever effects the USA. whether immediately or down the road will ultimately effect me here in Canada.

      Both Canada and the USA's fundamental religious beliefs were founded upon Christian beliefs. We are seen in the world as Christian Nations. Yes we promote freedom of Religion even free expression, for all who come onto our land to live, North America is known as the "Land of the free,and the home of the brave." Why though are we permitting these foreigners, with their alternative beliefs to dictate to our governments,federal,state/provincial, and local, wheir wants their needs,while trodding on ours. We are the people who helped build these two great free nations, yet it is our rights and freedoms that must now suffer, so that the new immigrant population can feel welcomed and comfortable, rather than they fitting into our already established culture and ways of life. ie. Sikh men are permitted to wear their turbans, and if desired can walk around carrying their cereminial daggers, a weapon if it were you or me. Also Muslim women walking around with their faces covered, like some robber. What's that? If they want to be a part of our society, then fit in. If not then go back to where you come from.


    • TrinaLynne profile image

      Trina Lynne 8 years ago from Philadelphia, Pa

      LRC thanks for your input. I agree, not incorporating religion into government is easier said than done. You can't allow individuality and than be against it because religion is involved in politics.

    • LRCBlogger profile image

      LRCBlogger 8 years ago

      some interesting points of view. One thing I would point out, our founding fathers had vastly different religious views. Some were Deists, others protestants, I believe only 2 were catholic. I think they seperated church and state because they knew that their was a lot of potential conflict. My opinion is this: Let people practice their religious beliefs, however, just don't incorporate religion into government (easier to say than do)


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