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Remember 9/11

Updated on April 7, 2011

Remember 9/11


by Tinamarie Matsil on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 3:47am

Today is 9/11 . the day that sticks in everyones mind, so i dont have to tell you to remember,  what I would like to bring out however, is tha no matter what we think 9/11 was, a purpitrated take over for a significant amount of time, to bascally scare the shit out of americans and let them be so scared that we loose site of who we are.  or we generally believe that it was a terristic attack and that we always have to be on the alert. Either way our loved ones were put in the line of fire.  Those people died out there that day.  Firemen and police gave their lives to try and save people.  Who knew those buildings would collapse?  I was listening to 101.5 the other day and they are building up for this day of remembering. A man came on and said his father was dying when this occured but he had stated when this happened and the buildings collapsed and the rescue effort was just like it felt in pearl harbor, and the patrioism was just like that. i remember people flying our flag and they were trying to show that they love this country.  i love it too.  this is by far the best country because of our freedoms.  people are letting our freedoms go.  We are letting the government and corrupt people on a small government take over.  if 9/11 was meant to scare the pants off of us,let the government just take control, why cant we use it for the opposite?  Everyone see's the corruption on a local national level, but nobody is willing to stand up  if they do they stand alone and get shot down.  We should remember this day and honor those people who died , not to have died in vain, but to resolve not to let anyone, and I mean anyone come and take our freedoms away., because that is what it was all about in the first place. our freedom.  Look and pay attention to what is going on.  health care bill says we have to have microchip in 36 months, if you dont believe me, prove me wrong.  Harresment of good citizens by our own police that are meant to protect us, except we are treated like the criminal in alot of cases. 

Drusgs are running rampade, think about this, we are getting set up again.  Homeland security was on World news and pushing for the microchip.   i do remember 9/11 and intend with every inch of my heart to honor their memories.... we should be angry as a nation and stand together not to let our freedoms die. all the rival gangs and all the rival churches and all the rival people have to band together at this critical time to stand against tyrrany.

Please for our childrens sake,  reserch who is running in our governments. get to the polls and vote, because they end up making the decision for us and then we get corrupt people in government.  i know economy sucks right now, but dont push it aside because i know you ae tired, so am i.. dont be too tired tio get involved with this, make it a priority or we as a naton are gonna lose.  i don think it is too late yet.  but it will be.. remember 9/11 , at that time, our country was prospering wasnt it?  We got set up and its working .. we have to undo wht they did somehow. Well that is what was on my mind, i dont have the answers just alot of questions but i know we have to band together, that is one thing i know.  Keep well and think about what i said and God Bless us all.


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    • primpo profile image

      Primpo 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      Thanks muhammed, I know you understand my mind

    • profile image

      Muhammad Al Nashed 7 years ago

      Dear Tina

      you are person who love freedom,the right meaning of freedom not by scaring for domination .

      i wish all people read what you wrote and understand it good.