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Ben Carson and Herman Cain . One For The Money . Two For The Show .

Updated on March 8, 2015

Ben Carson for President 2016.

The new Herman Cain and the usual path to Presidential politics.

Read this article in order to foresee the future, because a new version of Herman Cain is in the works and his name is Ben Carson,the new darling of the right wing nut talking heads and one of the guys who will take the party so far to the right during the primaries that it will make it impossible for the Republican nominee to win the national presidential election.

Another one bites the dust

So the Cain train seems to be arriving at it's final station,after this last revelation of a thirteen year extramarital affair of the candidate with a woman that appeared on the scene with hard proof of the relationship,phone bills with Cains number on it, airplane tickets etc. The man hasn't to date been able to come clean and tell the truth .It's almost funny to see him trying to spin what is really in front of everybody's eyes.Looking back we should have taken as a flashing alert the fact that neither his wife or any member of his family has ever been seen with him, I guess most of us naively believed his now nonsensical explanation that his wife and family were at home so he could have a sane place away from politics to go to.My theory is that his wife and him must have come to terms with these situations and made peace with each other and knowing this would eventually come out they decided that she wouldn't play the role of Dina Mc Greevey standing next to him being humiliated when it all came out .Now what's left to be seen is who will inherit his political capital,who benefits from here on ,or rather who still has enough political life left in him or her to even benefit from it,so if we eliminate the obvious candidates at this late stage in the race those votes will have to go to either , Romney,Newt,or Ron Paul, this last one not because he has any chance of winning the nomination but because his following is the most loyal convinced and principled and he will probably continue longer than the others.So I guess we should expect to hear next about his big contract with the fox group either on radio , cable or both. which is the elephant's cemetery for republican candidates.I.E Sarah Palin, we hardly knew ye.You can call it Karma or whatever i'll just say that if you spit up it will fall on your face , and the party that spent so much money and political capital to destroy The Clintons for his philandering have in the past few years experienced so many instances of worthy political figures imploding due to character or moral shortcomings you would think they'd learn their lesson, but don't hold your breath, because they really believe in the Limbaugh rule that no matter what your weaknesses or sins are you should still preach to others your holier than thou viewpoints.

Seeing his tactics against his other opponents it doesn't seem imposible he was behind the cain debacle.

When the Cain stories broke and there were many speculations as to who could be behind the destruction campaign against Herman Cain, the suspects were many, including ,the democrats,the Perry campaign,the Romney campaign, the "Librl" mainstream media, etc...but as the campaign progressed we have seen one individual who has based his relative succes in remaining the front runner of the republican primarie on character assasination and outright lying about his opponents' possitions while telling us very little of why he should be the nominee of his party to run agaist obama other than the presumed fact that he is the only candidate that can defeat him.Don't get me wrong, I don't believe for a minute that Cain was a serious candidate, and eventually he would've dropped out anyway,but we have seen that if there's one individual running for president that has no moral principles ,or principles period that would prevent him to do anything considered dishonest in order to win the nomination that individual is Willard Romney.


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    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 3 years ago from Uruguay

      Another one of the right wing nut talking heads' creations of little benefit to the country or even the GOP.

    • wetbaknproud profile image

      wetbaknproud 3 years ago from new jersey

      Ben Carson is the New Sarah Palin ,and Herman Cain ,no doubt he will Make millions with this gig and Faux News' help.