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Republicans Censure Democrat For Use Of The Word 'Uterus'! Legislating Female Procedures Involves Female Body Parts!

Updated on July 21, 2021

The Man Who Caused A GOP Frenzy!


Florida GOP Says You Must Not Mention Body Parts!

Two weeks ago, on the floor of the Florida House, Congressman Scott Randolph (D), said, "If my wife's uterus was incorporated, we would be talking about deregulating it". The GOP had a meltdown and demanded that the Congressman be censured. And so it is! Body parts must not be mentioned on the floor of the House in Tallahassee. Suppose Randolph had used the words 'breast', 'nipple', or any number of other body parts from which he could have chosen. Is it just the body parts of women that disturb the Republican legislature or are male body parts equal opportunity offenders? The ACLU wants to find out. They immediately bought the rights to . The website is currently taking comments on this issue.

Further thought on the subject led to this conclusion: I cannot ever remember any legislature ever trying to pass laws that regulate procedures involving the body parts of men. Therefore, the mention of any male body parts would never become necessary. Granted, men have both 'breasts' and 'nipples', but if Republicans would never legislate or regulate medical procedures that involve any male body parts, the discussion never has to happen.  They would not dream of debating insurance coverage of male impotency drugs, such as Viagra. Would any of those legislators ever propose that insurance payments for the drug Viagra be disallowed as part of a deduction to Federal or State Income taxes? While there are many who believe that drugs for male impotency should not be covered by private insurance, the subject never comes up. However, those who believe that birth control should not be a benefit broach that subject endlessly.

The Money Goes Where?


Legislation To Regulate Women And Their Bodies Is Obscene!

It is not the obscenity of body parts that should be discussed. Those words are not obscene. What is obscene is the attempt to control a woman's right to choose. That is the only obscenity! How dare anyone tell a woman that she cannot choose her own destiny, the path that her life will take or what legal medical procedures she may have performed! Abortion has been a settled legal issue in the United States since the mid-1970's. Those that disagree with the decision try to re-litigate it everyday. If they disagree with the decision, they are free to abstain from seeking an abortion. They are not free to impose their will on others. Every discussion involving pregnancy termination inevitably turns to God and the Bible and religious beliefs. It is entirely inappropriate. In a country that is supposedly not a theocracy, religion is playing to a larger and larger audience. For those who are not members of the acceptable religious persuasion, that is worrisome.

On the national level, a government shutdown looms because of markups. The funding of Planned Parenthood is one of those markups. Give me a break! I am weary of the Christian fundamentalists holding women hostage. Planned Parenthood provides needed basic medical care to mostly women. Birth control, cancer screening, etc. are all women's health issues. These idiot Congressmen, one of whom is Mike Pence, to whom I will not be kind. You believe that you can hold us hostage to your archaic view that women do not deserve the medical care they receive! How dare you?

It doesn't matter whether I am a Christian or not. If I am, I am probably not one that you would want to know, because I am not your property and will refuse to allow you to have authority over my body. My breasts and the breast cancer that I may not find until it is too late, are none of your business! My uterus and the birth control that I may seek are not your business! Close Planned Parenthood and I won't be able to get the birth control I need. Close Planned Parenthood and I will not be able to get the mammogram that I need! Close Planned Parenthood and I will not be able to get the pap smear that I need to preempt cervical cancer!

You are so busy legislating my body and my body parts, that you fail to see that you are imposing your 'Christian' will upon me. How about this? I don't give a ---- whether or not you are able to get an erection! I do not give a ---- if you are impotent! Legislate something that is more near and dear to you than my body; your own body parts. Consider for a change that impotency drugs should not be covered by insurance. Any insurance policy that covers those drugs should be disallowed a tax write-off. How about equal treatment under the law! Your inability to achieve or maintain an erection will not kill you, while my inability to get basic medical screenings WILL kill me.

Mike Pence, I want to know if you take ED medication! If yes, It is costing me money because of your federally funded health insurance! John Kyl, I want to know if you have ever had to have surgery for a penile implant! If yes, That surgery cost me money because of your federally funded health insurance! John Boehner, why are you always crying? Are you taking ED drugs and having an adverse reaction? If so, You are costing me money! I could continue, but just tell me how rude you think it is that I ask? How dare someone question the medical care you receive for your body parts! Pretty obscene, huh?

How much money could we save on our premiums if those drugs were NOT benefits? Billions every year are spent by insurance companies on erectile dysfunction drugs. How much money could be saved if penile implant surgery were not a covered medical benefit- those surgeries cost about $20,000 each...

Let's see how polite you are when male medical choices are limited! How polite are you when your body parts are discussed and legislated?


The Lies Just Keep Coming!

From Crooks And Liars in an blog post by David, titled:

Pence still attacking Planned Parenthood, says budget deal "not good enough".

"Let me explain. I'm pro-life. I don't apologize for it. I also think it's morally wrong to take the tax dollars of millions of pro-life Americans and use it to fund abortion providers."

"You know the federal funds don't do that?" Amanpour pointed out.

"They tried to make this about women's health," Pence said of Democrats. "It wasn't about that. Planned Parenthood's clinics focus mainly on abortion."

Pence's statement is similar to a claim made by Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ) last week.

"If you want an abortion, you go to Planned Parenthood, and that's well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does," Kyl said.

The truth is that in 2009, 96 % of the organization's activities were dedicated cancer screenings, STD or STI testing, counseling and education, or pregnancy testing and prevention.

"What was clear here, this administration, and liberals in Congress were willing to shut the government down to continue to fund abortion providers in this country," Pence added.

The Indiana Republican made it clear in a recent speech on the House floor that it was Republicans who were willing to see the government shut down if Democrats didn't "respect our values."

"If Democrats here in Washington would rather play political games and shut down the government than support our troops, defend our treasury, and respect our values, then I say, 'Shut it down,'" he said.

Pence apparently believes that "respecting his values" means that all must be legislated into "following and obeying his values".


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