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One of The Worst President In History

Updated on June 12, 2020

Almost four years ago, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States by the choice of some of the people. He promised his supports he would bring back factory jobs and would reduce the national debt from 18 trillion dollars under Trump administration the debt has it has risen. If elected President I will go to Washington and drain the swamp of government corruption. Instead of draining the swamp Trump jumped in. Trump made the American people believe that he was Mr. fixer and the best negotiator in the world. Nothing but the smartness and the best people will be in my administration, Trump brought in inexperience people and family members.


Trump believes being president gives him the authority do say or do anything he wants.

Donald Trump is a bad leader, turning his back on the people who elected him president . Trump told the American people he was going to fix government corruption in Washington, bringing the best people in. Trump never drain the swamps in Washington, before he jumped in. Trump promised he would bring back manufacturing jobs and replace Obama care with something "wonderful". Trump said he was the best could negotiator in the world, what happened to the deal with China?

Trump is one of the worst presidents in history, he is rude, obnoxious and insensitive to the poor. For almost four years, he intimidates anyone who goes against him, mainly people of color. The President of the greatest country in the world is a disgrace worldwide, no one trusts him. In 2017 Donald Trump took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, to the best of his ability. President Trump has violated the Constitution by asking a foreign to Investigate an American to benefit himself in the 20/20 election.

Over the last three and a half years, Republicans refuse to hold Trump accountable for his actions. Donald Trump believes that the rule of law doesn't apply to him because he is the president. Trump told the American people he could stand on the streets on Fifth Avenue and shoot anyone he wants without consequences just because he is the president. During the Mueller report, Republicans had already made up their minds about the Robert Mueller report, months before the report was released. Republicans would never go against the president, knowing he was guilty of obstruction of justice and collusion.


When will Republicans omit to themself that president Trump is not fit to be President of the United States? Republicans sat back and watched President Donald Trump violate the constitution by asking a foreign adversary to investigate the former vice President Joe Biden. Abraham Lincoln Republican Party no longer exists, it has become the party of Donald Trump, a president who has no respect for the rule of law. Republicans are as guilty as Donald Trump they are defending and protecting a president who blames Democrats and the media for taking the Coronavirus seriously. Donald Trump the 45th president of the United State has no credibility or class was acquitted by Republicans who refuse to put the people and their country first.


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