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Republicans Want 51st State

Updated on January 6, 2014

Republican Representatives

Rep. Adam Brown of Illinois
Rep. Adam Brown of Illinois | Source
Rep. Bill Mitchell of Illinois
Rep. Bill Mitchell of Illinois | Source

What is this country coming to? Instead of working together, the Republican party began to divide and concur in 2008. Now, almost 4 years later, the fight is still going on. The latest in the ridiculous effort of dividing and conquering borders on ignorance.

States Rep. Adam Brown and Bill Mitichell, want to take their toys and go home and not let anyone else play; but seriously, these men have decided that Chicago is "too liberal" and they don't represent the rest of the state. The solution, kick them out of the state and make them their own state.

They claim that Chicago's values and policies do not represent the rest of the state and therefore they should be their own state. Making Chicago stand alone and allowing the other 101 counties in the state to stay a part of Illinois. They are so serious about this that they have pushed a referendum on the issue. They feel that the Illinois state government is controlled mostly by Chicago Democrats.

However in 2010, a number of Republicans were swept into office thanks to the Tea Party movement. And according to Rep. Brown and Mitchell, they are doing this because their constituents are constantly asking them too.

Who Will Follow?

This type of ignorance can lead to no good. That's like Rick Perry wanting Texas to secede. It makes now sense and just creates more division.

In reality, Texas could be the next to do it, but I don't believe the Republicans would be too happy with it. Texas is predominantly controlled by the Republicans, so what if the Democrats tried to do the same as Illinois and separate San Antonio and the southern region from the rest of the state? Republicans would fight it to the death because there is a lot of oil and gas in the southern region; especially with the new developing Eagle Ford Shale.


  • Do your job in helping strenghten the economy.
  • Do your job in helping our children get a better education, so that we don't have to have all the tax spending programs for the poor; which a large majority comes from the lack of education that leads to low paying jobs.
  • Work as hard for the office you were elected too as you do planning vacations.

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  • Pikachusif profile image

    Pikachusif 6 years ago from Castelia City, Unova

    I say! The utter nonsense! I mean really, where do they get these people?! From Walmart?!

  • barryrutherford profile image

    Barry Rutherford 6 years ago from Queensland Australia

    I thought Australia had become America's newest State