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The Resist Movement - Standing Against Donald Trumps Bigotry

Updated on August 15, 2017
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I write about what is important to me. I attempt to be as honest and relatable as possible. I want to change people with my words.

The Resistance


Why Resist?

There is so much happening in our world today, which is cause for us as people to draw each other closer instead of tear apart and separate ourselves. The Resist Movement grew from our inherent understanding of community and unity; it stands against Donald Trump and the racism, bigotry and division which he represents. We, as humans, are repulsed by the hate of white-supremacy and it is within our very nature to rebel against its apparent control/dominance. It is all a veil, it is all fake. Humanity is far superior to those white persons who claim to have any form of superiority as the result of his skin color, genetic make-up or ancestral heritage.

I want the world to know that most of America is not like Trump. Sadly, people who are vile like him have stolen our Democracy from us and overtaken the government with their bold-faced lies and blatant denial. The Resist Movement stands to show that we are not like them and we will not stand for this. I, as a ‘white man’, find that it is particularly my responsibility to speak (and act) in the contrary to this foolish ‘supremacy’, from which I benefit daily at the expense of everyone else.

When I saw the white-nationalists and Neo-Nazis in their khaki pants and white polo’s pressing-up against the riot police in Charlottesville, VA last week, it became clearer to me just how privileged I am as a white-male in this society. If those had been black people, or people of any other race for that matter, pushing against the Police officers’ shields, they would have been treated much more harshly. Then, today I watched as the president of our country defended the hatred of these white-nationalists and I felt disgusted… So, this is what we’ve come to? This is what we are willing to accept as the head of our country?

Be a part of the Resistance

'Resist' Smokey the Bear Premium Tee - Black (Large)
'Resist' Smokey the Bear Premium Tee - Black (Large)

One way of showing your unification against Donald Trump and white-supremacy is to wear clothes that voice what you stand for.


Donald Trump truly has gone too far this time: Even the GOP is speaking out against his devilish reluctance to rebuke the murderous acts of white-supremacists and Nazis in Charlottesville, VA. Is it cowardice? Is he truly that weak? Is he that concerned about their votes? I don’t think so. I think he is a white-supremacist himself and he is proud of what they have done. If you watch closely, you will observe that he wouldn’t call the white-supremacist who drove a car into a crowd of people, murdering 1 and injuring 18, a terrorist. Notice how he subconsciously associates himself with the white-supremacist portion of the crowd in Charlottesville, instead of the rest of those who were present in counter protest. He made it clear as he spoke today, having to excuse himself after saying ‘us’ instead of ‘them’. He also had to catch himself when talking about the statue of Robert E. Lee: Initially, he phrased his sentence to say that it was a very important monument, but then he caught himself, stating that ‘they think’ it is a very important monument.

We are the Resistance!

I am blessed to live in a beautiful country, full of people of every color. I love it that my neighborhood is full of people that don’t look like me or dress like me. It is beautiful. It is like looking at a lush garden, instead of a solitary flower. I don’t want the white-supremacists to take that away. I don’t want a white nation. More importantly, I want all of those beautifully different people to have an opportunity in this country and to be treated fairly and with respect.

It simply isn’t right that those (on the right) in power have misrepresented black people and people of all other ethnicities the way they have. Our subconscious minds have been engrained with the groove of lies that they’ve fed us for so many years. It is in our culture. It is in our society. It is in our commercials. Everywhere we look… there it is. People with white skin are made to look super-important, when those of color are portrayed as unfeeling or inhuman characters.

It is time to overcome the lies that we have so innocently accepted. We did not have a choice, as babies and toddlers, what we would be exposed to; and what most of us were exposed to was the filth of racism. We do have a choice to reprogram our minds today. I wasn’t born a racist, but I quickly inherited racist thoughts and racist ways. This was difficult to acknowledge and accept at first, but I couldn’t change myself until I did.

The thing is, ‘white’ people don’t win with white-supremacy. It is a false premise and it only divides that which was meant to be united. We are united. The sciences have shown us that we have a collective consciousness, a unification that goes beyond what the eye can see… but, we don’t need the sciences to tell us that: We know it. It is within the very fabric of our nature. When someone like Trump spews such filth from his pedestal, it is natural for humans to Resist. This is the origin of the Resist Movement. We stand against the hate of white-supremacy, under all its little masks. We stand in unification with the world against violence, oppression and suppression.

Humanity will win. We’re winners. It is in our nature to stand for Love and it is in Love’s nature to make us strong and courageous. We will win against the evil that Trump represents. We won’t allow him to abuse humanity and this planet the way he has been.

This rant of mine might leave you thinking, “Well, what can we do that will have any effect?”. That is what I was thinking too, which is why I wrote this. All we can do is what we can do today. We can talk about it with our friends and family. We can make it natural for ourselves to speak against white-supremacy, so that when we are confronted with a situation, we will stand confidently for what is right. If there is a protest in your area, attend it. If not, consider organizing one. Stand up for people. Love people. Be kind to people. Sometimes that is all we can do, but it is a lot. It is a lot more than you might think. Any seed that is planted and cared for will grow – so start planting!

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