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Resistance and Persistence

Updated on February 25, 2017

Political Editorial

Hilary Clinton said to the DNC members in video message on February 24th:

"And everywhere people are marching, protesting, tweeting, speaking out and working for an America that's hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted."

"Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country."

Ok, she said a lot of things, but I pulled these two lines because they are the root of my pain.

If Hilary is wanting an undivided country, why is she promoting protesting? I can understand if Trump were doing something evil, like allowing South Vietnam to fail…oops my bad that was the Democrats 1974. Or blocking emancipation…darn my bad again, Democrats again. Or imposing immigration restrictions…wait scratch that. Trump is trying to impose restrictions, but so did Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Regan, and the beat goes on.

Hilary suggest that by Protesting, tweeting, and speaking out that in some way this will bring hope, inclusion and show how big-hearted the DNC is. Really?

I mean there is nothing wrong with protesting, tweeting your disagreement, or even speaking out. It is our right to do so. Heck, during the demonstration wear a plastic vagina…wait they did that already…what I meant to say was make a fool yourself if you want. It is your right.

Meanwhile, in the real world where psychedelic drugs aren’t clouding the mind; where logic and discernment dominate a White House for the first time in eight years; where we have adults not seeking their own way but the way of the people; where practicality dominates over sociopolitical thinking, you have Trump trying to protect us from those who might bring us harm.

The President is not trying to ban immigration. He is not trying to stop good people from entering this country. He is trying to keep the bad ones out. He is also trying to deport those that came here illegally, not the legal immigrants. The media is spreading a false message by defending those who crossed the border illegally.

“Families will be torn apart.”

“There will be mass deportations.”

“The military will be used.”

Homeland Security Secretary Kelly, defend the immigration policy by declaring there would not be, “Mass Deportations” or military use. The immigration laws, along with appeals, will go unchanged. The law is simply being enforced.

The DNC just don’t get it.

Which brings us to the second part of her message that I find questionable, Resistance and Persistence.

Spoiled children do that. They stomp their feet and cry and carry on until they get their way. Spank the brat.

How is that statement helping the country unify?

How does protest, or “resistance” bring a country together?

It wasn’t meant to unify.

It wasn’t meant to bond.

It was meant to continue a division that is growing wider as more lies and propaganda spew from the media and people like Hilary.

Lenin/Marxist hoop-la seems to be DNC’s/Hilary’s M.O.

Does “Become ungovernable” and “This is War” sound familiar?

Socialized Medicine? Re-distribution of wealth? Occupy?

And now we can add resistance.

What does she mean by that—Resistance and Persistence? Keep on doing what they are doing? Fight to the end? Never give up? So nothing gets accomplished and when, and if, the DNC gets back in power the Rep. “Resist” them?

It’s a constant no win situation for the American people.

What this country needs is time to heal. Take a step back everyone. Breathe and settle down.

Besides, resistance is futile comrade.

Do you plan on Resisting as Hilary suggest?

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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 14 months ago from Florida

      Another well written article, a little info, a little humor, goes a long way.