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Respect for individuals with handicaps

Updated on June 19, 2013

Individuals with handicaps deserve respect and consideration for their feelings just like anyone else. Many times individuals make statements which degrade and insult individuals with handicaps. We as a country need to not only respect individuals with handicaps but not make insulting or rude remarks when in ear shot of conversations being conducted.

Recently there was a report of an individual who made a statement in a restaurant they wanted to be moved as they did not want to sit next to a table with a handicapped individual. They asked their waiter to move them to a different table and the waiter basically said he would not and the individuals chose to leave the restaurant. The waiter for his refusal was supported by the restaurant which in and of itself seems to be rare. While this may take place in locations we do not hear about the incident and the response of the waiter deserves recognition for his stance.

We as individuals get confronted with situations and when they occur we must ask ourselves how we would feel if we were in the position cited in the previous paragraph. We must have the conviction and courage to stand up for other individuals when remarks are made that is not only rude but lack common decency. Individuals with handicaps regardless of what it is need to be treated just like anyone else.

We as individuals are measured by our character in how we treat others and how we conduct ourselves during our daily activities. Each day we cannot avoid individuals with handicaps whether it is at work or going to the grocery store. It is how we react to these individuals that can make a difference in their lives that day. When we see an individual with a handicap we have no way of knowing what they are going through or have gone through to get them where they are when we see them. Individuals with handicaps today have great resources which have the objective of making their lives better. Each of us can make a difference in the lives of a handicap individual by just being there and caring when the opportunity presents itself.

Sometimes handicaps are not always visible and this is why we must respect others as we would want to be respected. It is hoped that the individual who made the remark about changing tables has thought about what they said and how the waiter responded and why. Individuals who make such remarks do not embarrass others to which they have targeted their remarks they have embarrassed themselves. I am sure that others in the restaurant saw the incident and will remember the individual (s) involved. It is hoped they have asked themselves if this is how they want to be remembered as an individual.

Individuals with handicaps deserve extra respect. Each day they must live with their handicap and know not only their limitations, if any, but what they can do. The talents we have as individuals whether we have a handicap or not are only limited by our efforts. Many individuals have been a role model for the things they have accomplished as they did not let their handicap restrict who they have become. We as individuals have our own handicaps though we may not recognize them they do exist. Our abilities and limitations are handicaps only if we let them.


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    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I do believe that handicapped are due our respect and our consideration. People seem to forget that they have feelings. Up and interesting.


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