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Respect for the Presidential office is not the same as Respect for the President

Updated on August 26, 2009

I can only have respect for a president who clearly shows his respect for the office and the people who put him there by living up to his political views before he got there.One of the reasons he got into office in the first place is because of his views of vital interest of the voters.Or at least that's what many people believe. The truth may be that we let our party leaders or the candidates handlers who have him running for office determine what to say to those who are registered voters so their candidate will win no matter what the personal beliefs of the candidates running.That's why I haven't had respect for any president since John F.Kennedy. He and Abraham Lincoln were two of the best presidents we've had.Sure they had their faults ,just as we all have.But they stood up to their handlers and said what was on their mind no matter the consequences.We all know what those were sadly enough. Barack Obama may be the first black president.Although I woudn't be to sure about that. Abraham Lincoln made all the slaves citizens of the Federal Government with the fourteenth Amemdment.Which has been subverted by making anyone a FEDERAL UNITEDSTATES CITIZEN who accepts the benefts of a FEDERAL EMPLOYEE by getting a social secuity number.with which FEDERAL EMPLOYERS are required to get from FEDERAL EMPLOYEES in order to deduct INCOMETAX from their FEDERAL EMPLOYEES.Not only INCOMETAX ,but SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES,MEDICARETAXES,STATE AND CITY INCOMETAXES,and any other WITHOLDING may request your FEDERAL EMPLOYER to deduct from your pay,or even whatever the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT may garnish.

The fact is if your a UNITEDSTATES CITIZEN you a voluntary slave of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

Don't blame Abraham Lincoln .He was trying to keep the union together ,which England very much was trying to break up in order to recapture the colonies and the land it had lost.

Lincoln had he lived probably would have restored our civil Government.As it is we are living under a militarily controlled CORPORATION which was incorporated as the UNITEDSTATES in 1867.

The CORPORATION is owned by privately owned foreign banks and England.Although I don't personaly know which banks.I would say all of them include western world countries,and by extention even eastern coubtries as well.It seems we owe money to everyone.It should never have happened and corruption and fraud in high places is at the root of it.

Now you know why I have little or no respect for the Presidents we've had lately or even the office for that matter.

It's sad ,when American citizens are made enemies of UNITEDSTATES CITIZENS.

The unitedstates created by the founding fathers still exists because not all the people are UNITEDSTATES CITIZENS and there still is a government of,by,and for the people.However few of us there are.

We should all realize what has happened and try to repair the damage done to our freedom.

The FEDERAL government would have no revenue if it weren't for the states providing it.

My mistake ,if it wasn't for the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS providing it.

Government, recognizing the millions of unemployed to be voting citizens, who, through

public largess, might be permanently attached to the new course the Roosevelt

administration had embarked upon, proclaimed it the duty of the federal government to

feed, house and clothe all unable to care for themselves. "The people must not be allowed

to starve" had a kind-hearted meaning, which all politicians readily approved.

This was the artificial expedient adopted by declining Rome, of treating poverty as a national, instead of as an individual concern, with vast public works for the unemployed,

Americans wiling and able to work for themselves should not have to be held back by government taxes to the point where they cannot even make a living for themselves much less provide for their families.

Ron Paul would have made a more than respectable president. I respect him.


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    • BobbiRant profile image

      BobbiRant 7 years ago from New York

      Very very informative. I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks.

    • americanized profile image

      americanized 8 years ago

      wow that was truly educational i think you might be on to something. I feel as if we are just puppets they make all these promises and we believe there is hope than they set us up for the big kill like pigs to slaughter.I hope they get it together before it is to late .But i believe the end of time is near and that this is just the beginning.I believe Obama had great intentions but he to is just a puppet

    • dusanotes profile image

      dusanotes 8 years ago from Windermere, FL

      This is one of your very best Hubs, Someonewhoknows. In fact, I venture to say it is one of the best Hubs I've read on Hub pages. Congratulations for hitting the nail on the head. I think the foreign bank that really controls the U.S. today is the Rothchilds in England, or is it Goldman Sachs, a Jewish bank. Thus, so much help for Israel. You are a very impressive writer, and keep it up. Don