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Restricting Immigration is an American Tradition

Updated on June 16, 2016
RJ Schwartz profile image

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, and the rights of the people.

American Presidents have been restricting entry into America for decades; in fact each and every one of the men who held the highest office in the land recently have used the power of the office to block certain classes of people from being able to immigrate here or to keep certain classes from being deported. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President, has made it public knowledge that he intends to do some of both if elected and for it he’s being demonized. Mr. Trump has said he will deport illegal aliens; he simply intends to enforce existing immigration law and add safeguards such as a border wall to help with enforcement. He also has spoken about restricting immigration of Muslim’s for a “cooling off” period until our Department of Homeland Security can put in place procedures that will allow for them to be properly vetted as a safeguard to American citizens. Yet, Mr. Trump is being called every name in the book, compared to the most evil men in world history, and even abandoned by the leadership of his own party, all in the name of political correctness.

The Law is the Law

The current law under section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 clearly states that the President, when finding that ANY class of aliens into the United States WOULD be detrimental to the interests of the United States, can for such a period as he deems necessary, SUSPEND the entry of ALL aliens or any class of aliens as both immigrants and non-immigrants, or impose any restrictions on those classes that he deems appropriate. The written law for the proposed actions by Mr. Trump is quite clear and quite legal, despite the media pundits claiming he will not be able to make it happen. The current administration, as well as Mr. Trump’s opposition, namely Hillary Clinton, actively disregards U.S. Law in their speeches and actions, seemingly demonstrating a dereliction of their sworn duties, yet the world remains silent.

All Presidents Have Done It

President Obama has used this power six separate times while in office as did former President George W. Bush. President Clinton also used the power six different times. President George H.W. Bush only used it once and President Reagan used it five times. Jimmy Carter used it once, and his use was exactly like the proposed ban Mr. Trump is campaigning on. Former President Carter signed an Executive Order which invalidated all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States in response to the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1980. President Reagan took action on barring any illegal aliens who attempted to land on US beaches from the high seas and later another barring any Cuban nationals. President Clinton barred some classes of citizens from Sierra Leone and Haiti. President Obama has used his power to bar entry to groups which supported Syrian or Iranian human rights abuses. He also used his powers to block deportations of over 5 million illegal aliens, much to the dismay of many Americans.

It Goes Back to Eisenhower

The practice of the American President having the final say on immigration issues dates back to President Eisenhower, who made provisions to allow for small groups of refugees to enter America with their adoptive parents. Every President since then has at one time of another made a statement on immigrations reform, with the actions by Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama being the most impactful. Most previous executive actions by Executive Order, on immigration before President Obama’s actions were fairly narrow. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 was signed into law by President Reagan, after it passed through Congress with strong bi-partisan support. Although this act was intended to fix our immigration system, it ended up making things worse and more illegals poured across the porous Southern border.

Playing Politics

The answer to the question on why Mr. Trump is taking so much heat for his actions remains to be discovered. Most likely it lies in the fact he is targeting Muslims. The current administration as well as Mrs. Clinton are tied very closely to the Middle East, which is primarily Muslim. The Clinton Foundation gets tens of millions of dollars from Middle Eastern donors and she’s politically on the hook to insure their interests are met. President Obama has a long documented history of Muslim support, has Muslim Brotherhood members in high positions in his administration, and by the belief of many is a Muslim himself. The actions of these individuals demonstrates that Muslims come before Americans – or that their own personal fortunes and fame come before those of the American people. Under the guise of compassion and love for all people, they continue to allow people who are not interested in assimilating into America to come here, legally or illegally. By the continual dilution of mainstream America, they are orchestrating a shift in our national identity, one which they intend to steer toward the Democratic Party. If they are allowed to continue this ploy of selling America to the highest bidder, natural born citizens will see their voice disappear, which would suit the Progressives just fine. Hispanics, Muslims, and all of the other groups they falsely claim to support are being used as soldiers in the front line of their war on this nation. The black community is in shambles because of decades of abuse by the Democratic Party, with most promises unfulfilled, poverty still at very high levels, and racial tensions at a level not seen in 50 years. The Democrats have “used them up” for the most part and are now cozying up to fresh special interest groups to exploit.

It's Obvious

Donald Trump poses a bigger threat to the established system than either Party has ever encountered. He doesn’t have a “handler” with foreign ties. He doesn’t have a cult camouflaged as a religion as a guiding principle. He doesn’t need to be constantly placated with donations from across the world to keep up his lifestyle. But, our media and the sheeple who follow it have been lined up for the slaughter and they are being fed anti-Trump pills along the walkway. Most of them truly have not read a single thing that Donald Trump has actually written about policy. Most of them rarely do their own fact checking; instead accepting what the mainstream media tells them. When Obama says “anti-gun” they run out and protest; even though the shooting was done by a Muslim extremist, they blame Republicans and gun laws. When illegal aliens rape and murder citizens and keep coming back after being deported, they shift the narrative to call Trump a Nazi for wanting to build a wall. Obama keeps saying over and over how Islam is the religion of peace, usually right after another Muslim terror event, hoping to convince people of the false fact. So, in summary it seems as if Mr. Trump is being hammered for following the law and sharing the truth and Hillary is getting support for being a liar, accepting foreign bribes, and being un-American. Yep, that sums it up.


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  • Credence2 profile image

    Credence2 20 months ago from Florida (Space Coast)

    Greetings, RJ, there is no crime in being white, you know. It is just that our realities and perceptions of the environment around us are different. I appreciate the fact that we can chat with each other calmly and not shout, I can learn more about your side of the ideological ledger as I can tell you how I am seeing all of this.

    So, for a little background, I born in the Bay Area and raised in the Denver metro area. I am a veteran Air Force officer, but not retired military. So, I have been willing to defend the US of A. I am a retired federal contracting officer, having lived in Colorado, Virginia, Southern California, Montana, Hawaii and Florida, boastfully have traversed all 50 states with the exception of Vermont, Wisconsin and Alaska. So, I have to be a 'yankee doodle dandy'.

    My problem with the GOP is that they have no solutions to the problems, in regard to these areas that you speak about. They once had a chance with a fellow by the name of Jack Kemp that spoke about 'urban enterprise zones'. Many of us liked him as a guy that was trying to make ideologically conservative economic ideas work on the ground to improve the economic situation in inner city areas. The GOP need more like him, instead of attempting to discredit and disenfranchise minority groups as the answer, today.

    I told you why I found Trump unpalatable in a forum thread. The GOP does not have a good record of taking interest in the things that concern the Black community. So, why should we believe Donald Trump?

    I question just how many illegals are holding down entry level jobs?

    Capitalism has certain rules, one of them is that capital is going to go where there are the least costs and greatest potential for profit.

    Having companies to stay here and pay wages in excess of what they have to, is in defiance of that principle. You just as well have the planet stop turning on its axis. These are empty promises in the face of new economic realities. What we need are massive job training efforts and reorientation to prepare and retrain workers into new fields and disciplines that are in demand in this century. Even Fred Flintstone had his rock quarry job outsourced. The preeminent idea of the assembly line manufacturing in the beginning of the last century is gone today. No one is going to pay top wages and benefits in a global economy for those that just puts one widget upon another. Now, you have to be able to work to maintain the robot or program it, a totally different skill set. The old jobs are not coming back, Trump needs to level with people about this basic truth of the new economy.

    Many of those in the working class have found Obamacare beneficial. I have heard mixed reviews on the program. Opportunities have been limited for some time and I think that the problem goes beyond ideology and political party. And, without a major shakeup they are going to stay that way. WE have always had trouble with the old Reagan adage, 'A rising tide lifts all boats' as I only see the yachts rising......

  • RJ Schwartz profile image

    Ralph Schwartz 20 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Well, I do admit to being white, but that's it. People in Idaho are pretty straight forward - although they call themselves Republican I'd say most are closer to Libertarian in their lifestyle - stay out of my business and I'll stay out of yours. I'm not a native of Idaho, having lived in Milwaukee and Pittsburgh for most of my life but spent many years in Louisiana and Texas as a young man. I've pretty much seen all types and they've influenced my definition of mainstream America - Regular people of all types who believe in this country, are willing to defend it, and care about providing the next generation with a stepping off point to achieve success.

    I'm an economist and a marketer, not a sociologist but I'd expect any program that benefits everyone - a robust job market, fair enforcement of the laws, and improvements in the education system would be good. I see your point in your last statement, but no matter what ideas a Republican has offered they cannot get a chance to even try them as the areas are Democratic Strongholds; Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, etc.

    I know you are against Trump and I am not going to change your mind, but so far he has been very positive on his approach - creating incentives for companies to move into cities again to create work for blacks, etc. His immigration policies will clean out the illegals taking the entry level jobs, construction jobs, in many areas again creating a foundation to enter the workforce. It's no secret that people turn to crime when they can't find a job, I'd do it if I had no other choice, so jobs defacto would help reduce crime. Trump's overall plan to keep American companies here instead of leaving adds the second tier to the employment laddder - allowing entry level experience to translate into a job in a factory or other place that provides buying power and a wage level to support a family.

    Trump's focus might not be directly addressed to black people since all people under Obama have seen their opportunities limited - over burdensome regulation, Obamacare, and other things have hurt us. When the working class wins, the black community wins also.

  • Credence2 profile image

    Credence2 20 months ago from Florida (Space Coast)

    Nice article, but I disagree as you know that I would.

    RJ, is it only people that live in Idaho, WASP's, that are mainstream Americans? What is a 'mainstream American'?

    Lets go back further before 1965 when Immigration law clearly favored WASP's. You might mention some of this in your article.

    What have the conservatives offered as alternative to the 'abuse' that we 'unwitting' Black folks have been subject to at the hands of the Democrats over the last 50 years?